Cheap ADIDAS Superstar SHOES on AliExpress

Well, as is the case with Converse, Salomon, Asics and other brands, it suddenly seems like Original Adidas Superstar is in AliExpress.

They cost around $ 45 and are original (we’re pretty sure of that) for the following reasons:

  1. They use the Adidas logo and name openly
  2. They come with a box (the replicas were awkwardly packed)
  3. They are stores that have been open for almost two years and have amassed sales. They are not the typical ones who open to sell all sorts of imitations before they close.
  4. AliExpress itself highlights these products as “top brands”

In summary, and as we said with the Puma Creepers, we would be very surprised with so many labels if they weren’t original.

We will soon be purchasing a pair of these shoes to personally test their quality. In the meantime, we leave you some real photos from the reviews. The most iconic sneakers of the 80s are back in style! Yes, we are talking about the mythical Adidas Superstar that many of you surely wore in your teenage years. Well, those lucky ones who still have a pair of Superstar sneakers in the back of the closet, it’s time to take them out because they’re the latest trend! In fact, with their rounded toe and three side stripes, these Adidas shoes have stayed true to their origins almost four decades after their introduction.

adidas-superstar-special-edition-cheap originals gold outlet price

In today’s post, we’re going to give you some tips on how to find the best Adidas Superstar. AliExpress, as you know, is an ideal place to find cheap Adidas shoes, but first you need to be reminded (although many of you already know this very well) that AliExpress has both branded and replicas made in China.

Speaking of silver, fake Adidas superstar. Hence, it is important to follow this guide to learn how to distinguish them. We’ll also talk about the pros and cons of buying them from not just AliExpress but other similar platforms like Amazon and eBay as well.

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How do you know if the Adidas Superstars from AliExpress are authentic or replicas?

To search for originals on AliExpress, just enter “Original Adidas Superstar” in the search engine. AliExpress. One thing to keep in mind is that as you type in, you will see both the original superstars and the imitations, and it’s entirely possible that the search results will change on a daily basis. The Adidas Superstars at AliExpress are like the Guadiana: they appear and they disappear.

We call these sellers Express shops– Sellers who open a store and sell as many replicas as possible before the AliExpress address closes. And often they close it before buyers have had time to leave a review. So if you see stores that match the description, you are sure to encounter one of these sellers.

But hey, if you’re lucky, you type “Adidas superstar“In the search engine you will find dozens of original sellers at better prices than below, we hope 🙂.

cheap adidas superstar womens

As you can see, it is not very difficult to tell the originals apart. The product description not only contains the word “Original” or “100% Original”, but the price is five times higher. In addition, the originals mostly use the unmistakable seal that AliExpress created a few months ago to guarantee the authenticity of a product.

If a product bears this seal, you can be sure that it is an original product and if the buyer does not receive an original product, the seller is obliged to return the money. In short, imitations are too cheap. Use this guide to make the best possible purchase on AliExpress.

And which of all the Chinese salespeople is the best?

One of the things that AliExpress most distrusts is the quality of its products. This is why we insist so much that it is always preferable to bet on a seller who has already had some feedback. In addition, we recommend that you contact the seller directly if you have any questions: they will be able to provide you with all the necessary information first hand before processing your order.


The number 1 rule for those of us who shop on AliExpress is to check three things:

  1. Number of sales.
  2. Reviews.
  3. Buyer ratings.

If there aren’t any with reviews, I’d buy anyway (in the unlikely event the purchase goes wrong, AliExpress will refund your money). To do this, we need to sort by sales by clicking on “Sales” and seeing if any of the results have stars.

Having at least one review means the seller has been on AliExpress for at least a couple of weeks since the time to ship was, the buyer received it and gave it a good review.

AliexBa Recommendation: Read the Reviews

Perhaps the most important step is to see what buyers who have already received it are saying. To do this, you need to click on the stars and you will see the following.

Not only do we have several who confirm that the superstar Bamabs have arrived and everything went well. Another reason to look at the reviews is that when buying online it is always difficult to determine which one size because you cannot try the garment on beforehand. Because of this, you either know very well what size you wear that particular brand before you buy, or we encourage you to contact the seller / read the consumer reviews.

By the way, in some cases, buyers upload real photos as soon as they receive the product. If someone has uploaded any, it gives you a very useful feature to sort the results so that you only get photos:


Real photos of the superstar from AliExpress

For more advice, see the Tutorials section of our blog for articles focused on making better purchases on AliExpress.

Can you recommend other stores to buy cheap Adidas Superstar?

If you are struggling to find Adidas Superstar on AliExpress, you think they are too expensive, or you are not convinced by the sellers, keep in mind that there are other ways to buy these cheap sneakers.

Amazon: Originals and at a very good price

In case you are wondering where to buy Original Adidas Superstar at the best price, our advice is very clear: Amazon.

As much as AliExpress sells original Superstar, in some cases they are more expensive than Amazon, if it does, I don’t think it’s worth buying them in China if you have them sooner and cheaper (or the same price) be able. when you come back from the corner. Even more so, if they are a little more expensive I would still recommend buying them on Amazon.

At Amazon, they are between $ 60 and $ 90, depending on the size and desired model:


In short: where can I Buy them Cheaply and in Good quality?

We believe that there are four basic options when looking to buy cheap, high quality Adidas Superstar from an online store. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so it depends entirely on what you think is the best deal. One thing is clear, if you want your shoes as soon as possible, Amazon and Asos are without a doubt the platforms we recommend the most.