Cheap HAIR DRYERS: Why Buy From AliExpress

The hair dryer is something essential to us, and while it can last for many years, we need to renew it from time to time, either because our resistors are damaged or to get a dryer with better technology that won’t damage our hair. After buying my newest hair dryer on AliExpress and seeing the good quality, we decided to create this article to show you the best hair dryers from this famous Chinese website and why they are worth it. From the start, I warn you that you will not find the famous Dyson or Parlux brand dryers on AliExpress, but very affordable professional dryers.

How do you choose your Hairdryer?

There is a wide range of hair dryers, from the smallest, ideal to take with you in a suitcase, to professional dryers that are slightly larger and perfect when we have a lot of hair. The choice of one type or another is personal, but basically we will find three types the dryer according to their size:

  • Compact (travel) dryer: They usually have a retractable handle with which they can be carried in the case to save space. It’s also worth wearing one to the gym.
  • Domestic: They are the most common ones and are designed for the average user who doesn’t need great features.
  • Professionals: Ideal for styling and heavy use, they generally offer more performance, although their size also tends to weigh more. Its resilience is better and, in general, all of its components are designed to last much longer.

The energy there is also something to be observed. We currently find models on the market from 1000 to 2500 W, the higher the power, the greater the capacity to generate air and heat, but it is also important to be able to regulate this power and to have the option to switch between different heat and heat Speed ​​modes. For example, with brittle hair, it is better to use medium power and heat so as not to damage the hair anymore.

Many current dryers have new ones Technologies which help to protect our hair from the aggressiveness of the dryer. One of the best-known is ion technology: by releasing negative ions, the dryer counteracts the positive ions in our hair, thus avoiding static electricity and making our hair softer and shinier. There are also other technologies such as ceramic and tourmaline coatings that emit infrared heat more evenly and less damagingly.


Finally, it is also important to look at the Mouthpieces and accessories which contains the dryer, which help to get even more out of it. The most common ones are the concentrator (a very useful narrow nozzle for smoothing) and the diffuser (great for creating volume), but there are other very useful nozzles like the comb nozzle which acts directly on the root to provide volume on its own or the flower-shaped nozzle that distributes the heat less harmful to our hair.

How to Find Cheap Dryers on AliExpress

Finding dryers on AliExpress is very easy. Here’s a filtered search for the best sellers with dryers that garner hundreds of sales and very positive comments. In general, buying small appliances on AliExpress is always worthwhile because they are of good quality, include the latest technologies on the market, good building materials and, above all, because they are very cheap.

Boschen hair dryers: AliExpress’s bestseller

The best-selling hairdryer on AliExpress is that of the Boschen brand, and no wonder: it has the best image with a good price-performance ratio. The base price (excluding accessories) is around 15 $, and it has good performance (1800 W) and negative ion technology to achieve soft and less damaged hair. In the ad we find a great description of the finishes, all of high quality, and most importantly, we encourage you to read the comments of other buyers who rate it very positively.

Povos: a top brand

Povos has been on AliExpress for 4 years now and is popular thanks to its small personal care devices. With the dryers, how could it be otherwise, we also found quality at good prices, albeit a little higher than with other lesser-known brands. But without a doubt their dryers are a good choice, among the best-selling and most popular we find dryers like this one with 2200 W power, negative ion technology, 6 different powers and also a very beautiful design.


NewView: heavy-duty Iron and Dryer

This brand, which has been on AliExpress for more than 5 years and has managed to position itself among the best with the “Top Brand” seal that only the bestsellers receive, is characterized by its high-quality and affordable hair straighteners and shapers , and while there aren’t many models of hairdryers around right now, there is one that stands out for its high performance and low price.

It’s about this dryer. Its main features are: 2100 W power, 2 different heating and speed modes, instant heating, a maximum temperature of 180 degrees to avoid hair damage, and it is made of nano-titanium, a thermal conductor with excellent properties: it keeps the temperature stability and emits negative ions that eliminate static electricity. It also generates infrared heat, which makes drying faster and with less damage. This technology is present in big brand dryers like Babyliss, but the NewView dryer is up to four times cheaper so it’s worth it.

Flyco: reliable and quality

As you can see, these Chinese brands, already well known in their country and trying to get known worldwide through AliExpress, are a great option as they have very low prices and good advantages. Flyco, founded in 1999 and well known in its country of origin, has only been represented on AliExpress for a very short time, but has managed to position itself among the bestsellers during this time. His business has 3 diamonds and almost 99% positive feedback. In its catalog we can find a wide variety of dryers of different sizes and models, but all of high quality and with various international certifications.

This is one of their best selling dryers, a household dryer with 2200W power, 6 different speeds, double overheating protection and with anion emission technology that prevents damage to hair and eliminates static electricity. Finally, we also have to highlight the beautiful design that we liked the most on AliExpress.

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Guowei: cheap and high quality formers and dryers

Guowei is one of the brands of Chinese origin trying to penetrate the international market. In its catalog we can find this styling set and this professional 3000 W hairdryer with ceramic coating, which are among the best sellers on AliExpress, but there are also other very interesting models at a very low price, in most cases for less than 15 $. If you are looking for a travel dryer, we also recommend this brand, they have good opinions and hardly come to 10 $.

Travel hairdryer: also practical, very nice

I have to admit, I did not choose this dryer because it is the best value for money, above I showed you very cheap travel dryers, but this one is too beautiful not to be included in the article! It also comes in a nice box, so it can be an ideal gift for the little one or the first-time dryer for the little one. It has 1000 W power, 3 speed modes and is available in 2 different colors. The only point to keep in mind is that you will need an adapter to use it.

CkeyiN: powerful and affordable Dryers

Finally, we mustn’t forget the CkeyiN brand, a Chinese white label that offers small personal care devices very cheaply and with great functions. Your hair care products are getting a lot of positive feedback.

Among all its models, we liked this professional hair dryer with a beautiful design and a power of 4000W the most. It has three temperature settings and two speed settings to adapt to different hair types, includes 3 different diffusers and the price does not exceed 25 $. If you are looking for a powerful dryer that will allow you to dry your hair faster, this can be a great option.