Cheap NIKE Shoes From AliExpress

Sneakers, pants, tights, jerseys, gloves, soccer and Basketball jerseys. You can find all this and many other products in the AliExpress Nike section. Unlike most brands on AliExpress, many of Nike’s products are original and sold at a much lower price than the usual stores.

You can find many models of Nike shoes for men, women and children. The Nike Roshe, Nike Air Jordan, Nike Janoski, Nike Air Max and Nike Huarache.

Cheap Nike Shoes on AliExpress: originals or replicas?

Anyone looking for Nike Shoes on AliExpress was interested in getting the famous replicas cheaply. On the other hand, there have been a lot of sellers of original Nike products lately, which is also a very interesting option. So the logical question is: How do we distinguish the real from the imitations?

Identification of original Nike Clothing and Shoes

For example, if we are looking for a pair of Original Nike Running Shoes, the best thing to do is to type in what we want + the word “Original”, ie “Nike Running Original” (click here to go straight to the search). Then I always recommend ordering by number of sales and if it’s a product that has got a lot of results (as is the case with Nike) check the “Top Rated” option.

That way, we only see those that have a high rating, and we also see them sorted from highest to lowest sales, which is always an indicator of product quality on AliExpress. Regarding the seller’s reputation, I would try to have at least one diamond if we are looking for an original product. But I would lower the bar if we are looking for a replica, because it is already known that the sellers of replicas on AliExpress usually don’t last long and therefore don’t build a reputation.

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If an AliExpress seller claimed in the description of the product that it was an original, he fundamentally undertook to deliver a truly original product. However, AliExpress recently introduced this symbol:


This badge is used by sellers participating in the Guaranteed Authenticity Program, which is designed to convince you that you have no doubts about the originality of their product and to agree to refund up to double the amount paid if the product turns out to be fake.

Some sports shops:

  • Best Sport Stores: Here you can find some Nike products (clothes, shoes etc …). Not only do they have this brand, but they also have Puma, Adidas, Converse and the Chinese brand Li Ning.
  • Olympic: Another store that has tons of original sports brands.
  • Relee Sport: This shop has been on AliExpress for a long time and also has some products.

What is the difference between a Nike replica and a white label?

When looking for Nike products on AliExpress, it’s not uncommon to come across replicas and white brands. White brands are very easy to spot as they are products that are inspired by Nike models but have a completely different logo. Below is an example of a Nike Roshe Run inspired shoe:

Nike senza il logo giusto

After we have the replicas, these can be a little more difficult to distinguish from the original products. Let’s continue with the Nike Roshe Run example. As you can see in the photo below, the shoes look authentic at first glance, and the seller states in the description that they are original.

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This seller can receive a very important penalty from AliExpress for using misleading advertising (obviously also for selling replicas).

Nike Roshe Run replica on aliexpress barats

Really the best indication that you are in front of a replica is the price. But be careful, at AliExpress you will also find extremely cheap original products. Therefore, if you have any doubts and want to be sure that you are buying an original product and not a replica, we recommend that you contact the seller. 🙂

In short, what is the quality of Nike Products on AliExpress?

It certainly depends on the seller, but by now we have already bought a lot of Nike dresses and were able to see and touch at least a dozen cheap Nike Shoes bought on AliExpress (white and original brands) and we were able to check most of the time, that the Nike products offered on AliExpress are of very good quality.

In any case, as I said, the main thing is to always look for sellers with products with reviews and to read what previous buyers (English, Italian, Portuguese) have written and see in the “Reviews” section Whether they have risen product photos.

Buying Nike products from Amazon is an alternative to AliExpress in 2023 

AliExpress has many advantages, but one of the biggest drawbacks is shipping time and maybe that they don’t have as much inventory as Amazon. If you are in urgent need of clothes or shoes, we recommend searching for Nike on Amazon as they have very competitive prices and a very wide catalog of products.

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We also have to say that in some cases it will be cheaper on Amazon than buying on AliExpress. But you have to look at that, because if shipping on Amazon is not free, the final price can rise sharply. Shipping is almost always free on AliExpress.