When Checking the Status of your order on AliExpress, you get a “Customs Clearance Complete” message and not sure what this means? Now we will explain it to you and tell you how long it will take for the package to arrive.

What does “Clearance Complete” mean on AliExpress?

All orders that arrive in your country must go through customs. This process is known as “customs clearance“.
If you see “Customs clearance completed” in the status of your order, you can be sure that the package has successfully passed this check and you have less time to receive it at home.
Sometimes you write to us at the word “Customs” in horror, but the “Customs Clearance Complete” status is harmless. If you want to know which order status is a bad signal, see AliExpress Package in Customs.

What are the Next Steps?

We will see the following states your order will go through after customs clearance is complete:

Accepted by the logistics company

As soon as your package has passed the customs clearance cheaply (and if it is an economical shipment such as “AliExpress Standard Shipping“), the national post office in your country will accept the order and take care of delivery to your home.

In EE.UU, the courier company responsible for most of AliExpress shipments. Orders with “AliExpress Premium Shipping” are delivered privately (via UPS, DHL, Fedex).

Arrival at the distribution center

In mass distribution centers, the parcels are classified and distributed according to zones in order to later take them to smaller centers and from there to your local post office.


Arrival at the delivery center

Your package has already arrived at your local post office and is being prepared for delivery.

Delivery man begins with the delivery of the order

What you have been waiting for: Today you will receive your order at home.

How long does it take for an order to get Home after clearing Customs?

While we cannot tell you exactly how many days it will take for your package to arrive at home, our experience has shown that it usually takes no more than 2-5 days for an order to clear through customs.

What are the Reasons for the Delay in Delivery of your Order?

Keep in mind that major pre-Christmas campaigns that AliExpress runs annually, such as 11/11, Black Friday, and Cyber ​​Monday, may delay orders longer than expected as the courier companies end up overflowing.
Also keep in mind that the country will completely paralyze for a month during the Chinese New Year and this is usually a cause of delays in AliExpress shipments.

This is the main holiday in China and although its date varies each year, it usually always falls between January 21st and February 20th. If you have any questions about your purchase during this time, we recommend that you contact the seller directly. It is a very good idea that if you want to place an order on a specific date, allow enough time for the purchase to avoid any surprises caused by possible delays.

Although AliExpress logistics have improved a lot in recent years, don’t dare to wait until the last minute with your purchases.

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Can I Open a Dispute if my order does not Arrive on the expected Delivery Date?

The estimated delivery date is indicative and while it is likely to be met, it is not certain that you will receive your order during this period. When this date expires, AliExpress automatically generates a message in your order status: “Package is still on the way, don’t worry, we will deliver it to you as soon as possible“.

If you’re trying to open a dispute, AliExpress won’t let you: it will claim that your package is on the way and will be delivered as soon as possible. To open a dispute, you need to wait for the protection time of your order to end or it has already expired.

You now have 15 days to open a dispute after the protection period of your order has expired. This is the really important date and you must be careful not to miss it.