DACs Amplifiers and HI-FI Players on AliExpress

AliExpress online sales page is a great option when Purchasing Audio Electronics products. We can find everything from inexpensive speakers and headphones to high-quality amplifiers and DACs. In the following article we analyze the most popular products from the Asian brand FiiO and explain how you can find them cheaper on AliExpress.

Origin and products of the FiiO brand

Despite being of Asian origin, Fiio is one of the most popular brands when it comes to sound electronics products. Its products have become a reference worldwide thanks to research and innovation. In its extensive range of products we can find portable amplifiers, high fidelity players, external sound cards, headphones. Next we will analyze its most outstanding products.

FiiO X7II: high-end portable player

This is one of the newest brand MP3 players, and while not cheap at all, it can be found on AliExpress for a very good price, as you can see in this link. The FiiO X7 II is the update of the previous model Fiio X7 and improves its already great functions. This new model has a 3.97-inch touchscreen, high-resolution sound, WiFi connection 2.4 / 5 GHZ and Bluetooth 4.1, compatible with aptX for better sound and better sound transmission with low consumption.

It is a very powerful player with a high-end 8-channel DAC chip that guarantees excellent sound quality as it offers low distortion and noise. The device’s memory is decent, it has 2GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage that is expandable thanks to its two micro SD slots that accept cards up to 256GB. It also has an AM3A amplifier so you can listen to your music at full power.

Finally, it has a coaxial, optical, line and 3.5 and 2.5 mm jack output. So we can connect our player to amplifiers, DACs, Hi-Fi devices or different types of headphones. Its battery can achieve 8 hours of continuous playback.


FiiO X1II: a high quality player at a reasonable price

We know the previous player is out of reach of all pockets. So if you’re looking for a cheaper option, we recommend the FiiO X1II. It’s the second generation of this model and it has good sound quality for a cheaper price, as you can see here. It has dual bluetooth 4.0 that allows you to send and receive a signal at the same time (so we can use bluetooth remote control) and is controlled with a touch wheel. You will not have any capacity problems as it has a slot to insert memories up to 256 GB and its autonomy reaches 15 hours of playback.

FiiO DK1: Charging the player dock

With this charging station, which is compatible with any FiiO X-series player or any other device with a microUSB connection, you can transfer data between your computer and your player, charge it or connect it to amplifiers, speakers and other audio outputs.

FiiO E10K: Portable DAC, amplify the sound of your music

With this amplifier and DAC you can improve the performance and sound quality of your Headphones and reduce noise thanks to its filters. Its size is small, so it can be easily transported. Its new PCM5102 chip improves the filter and reduces delays with better bass.

FiiO K5: Player Docking Amplifier

Not only does this dock allow you to charge your MP3 player, it also works as an amplifier that improves the sound quality and performance of your FiiO player. It is compatible with X series players and uses a microUSB port to connect it. It has various audio outputs with a TI TPA6120A2 high fidelity amplifier. In this search, you can buy it alone or with other branded products.

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FiiO RM1: remote control for bluetooth devices

It is a remote control with bluetooth that can be used with FiiO MP3 players or with bluetooth devices with Android system. The best thing is that these players can be connected to our remote control and thus to other Bluetooth devices (car radio, Bluetooth speakers). It comes with a small adapter that allows you to use it on the steering wheel of your car and control your music more easily. At the moment you can only find the DK1 charging station or the K5 amplifier together on AliExpress.

FiiO K1: compact amplifier and DAC

This compact amplifier fits in the palm of your hand, is one of the smallest on the market, and allows you to effortlessly increase sound quality and performance. You can use it as an amplifier for your headphones or as a DAC if we connect it to a computer. It has a USB receiver that decodes USB audio and a DAC chip. It doesn’t have a battery and doesn’t need to be charged, so it’s perfect to have with you at all times. An ideal gift for music lovers.

FiiO ATH-MSR7 headphones: professional and high quality

FiiO brand headphones are a good choice because, as a brand specializing in sound, we can expect excellent quality. Such is the case with these Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 headphones, which are not only of high quality but also have a neat, understated and elegant design. They are ideal professional headphones for listening to music with padded and soft surfaces that conform to your ears and head. It has high resolution 45mm speakers, airflow control in the earbuds, resonance cancellation system. We only found them here on AliExpress, in a pack that includes the third generation X5 player and headphones.

FiiO FH1 headphones: compact and lightweight

If you are one of those who are looking for high quality sound in a compact headset, we recommend these FiiO FH1 high fidelity in-ear headphones thanks to their Hi-Res audio certificate as they can reach 40 Hz with a stable sound and of course. Its sound can reach the quality of over-ear headphones as it can eliminate external noise thanks to its ergonomic shape that manages to seal the sound input and isolate external noise.

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How to Buy FiiO Products From China Safely

If you want to buy FiiO products from a fully trustworthy store, we recommend doing so from their official AliExpress store, which you can access through this link. However, as you can see here, there are a lot more stores on AliExpress that sell their products. So we recommend that you use the links we left throughout the article that will guide you to find different sellers. This will help you spot the best deals and save money.

What do you think of the Fiio branded products? Have you bought any from AliExpress? We’d love to hear your thoughts, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below with your shopping experience.