Definitive GUIDE to BUY on JOYBUY

If you are in search of technology and other Chinese products at the best price, you will surely be interested in visiting JoyBuy page. It’s a marketplace: a virtual store where third-party vendors sell their products. The website acts as a mediator between possible conflicts between seller / buyer and offers the buyer more security. It is difficult to find reliable Reviews about JoyBuy as it is not as well known as AliExpress or DHgate. In the following article we are going to analyze the reviews of other buyers, their purchasing policies and many other factors for you to see if it is trustworthy.

How do I Buy from JoyBuy? Is it a reliable site?

Although JoyBuy is not yet very well known around the world, JoyBuy is part of, one of the best-known companies in e-commerce in China and the main competitor of AliExpress. JoyBuy describes itself as an online sales platform that aims to offer original and high quality Chinese products at the best price. Next, we’re going to tell you how it works, but if you have any other questions, please go here for more information.

Here’s How to Start your Search for Reliable Products on JoyBuy

As with AliExpress, there are thousands of sellers on this website who advertise their products in the international market. Getting started with the purchase is very easy, we just have to register for free with JoyBuy and add products to our shopping cart. Before starting the search, ideally configure the page according to our country and currency so that we can see the different shipments and features depending on the country of destination.

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Then we can start looking for reliable products. We recommend using keywords in the search engine and using the filters offered by the website. First of all, we can filter the products according to the number of sales (using the “Best Match” filter). If we see “Joy Collection” in the seller box, it means that the products are being sold directly through the website. Most of the cell phones on this site are sold by the site itself with no intermediaries.

How to Recognize whether a Seller is Trustworthy: Evaluation system at JoyBuy

In contrast to other Chinese marketplaces, JoyBuy only works with sellers whom it has full trust. Therefore, we have no way of looking at a seller’s rating, we can only see other buyers’ ratings regarding their shopping experience.

In fact, on JoyBuy’s own help page, we found the requirements stores need to start selling on their portal: a down payment of $ 5,000, brand approval to sell their products, and all kinds of papers. You can see them from here too.

In short, while we can’t see a seller rating, we can give sellers a vote of confidence based on the rigorous selection process they go through.

Payment Methods at JoyBuy

One of the most appealing features of this site is the ability to pay with PayPal, one of the most popular payment methods for shoppers to shop online. You can also pay with Visa or MasterCard, American Express, YandexMoney, QIWI cards. You can find more information about the payment methods on this website on this website.


Shipping and Customs at JoyBuy

This is perhaps one of the most controversial points on this website as it has been commented on many pages that sellers state the actual purchase value of the product and if we intend to purchase technology it may mean the package is being held at customs. But many Spanish buyers say the order arrived with no complications or surcharges.

The customs question is also influenced by the shipping method. For shipments to UK, sellers usually use the Belgian Post or NL Post (when buying mobile phones). These two shipping methods avoid European customs, as the company sends the packages to its branch in Belgium or Holland and from there they are forwarded to the next country in the European Union.

How long will it take to receive my order?

After you have paid for your order, there is an order preparation time of up to 7 days. If the seller does not send the order within this period, the order can be canceled. In fact, the site promises to be able to cancel the order at any time as long as it has not been delivered to the carrier.

This is where the order protection time begins: We have 60 days to receive our order. The average reception time is 30 days, but it may take longer in certain countries or dates.

And if what I get is not what I expected, can I open a dispute?

As with AliExpress, if what you received is not what you expected, you can open a dispute for up to 7 days after receiving it. You can open a dispute from your JoyBuy account by attaching clear and accurate photos of the ordering problems and also the package label. At JoyBuy Website you have more information about the disputes in this online sales platform.

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How to contact JoyBuy Customer Service

If you have already bought on this site and have any questions, JoyBuy offers various contact channels, mainly via email and telephone.

Coupons and promotions: Benefit from JoyBuy Discounts!

Since the site is not yet a known site as it has only been online since 2016, JoyBuy offers good prices and also gives coupons for new users. You just have to go through the main page by clicking here and looking for the coupon promotion for new users or entering this link where after entering the confirmation code the page will offer us discount coupons.

In short, is it Worth Buying from JoyBuy?

In our opinion, if you’ve found a good deal on this website, don’t waste it, it’s a reliable site and paying with PayPal makes us feel more confident when buying. Remember, this is a very new site and has less experience than others like AliExpress or DHgate, but other buyers’ reviews show that we can trust them. And you? Have you already shopped at JoyBuy?