ERROR LOGGING in or Using COUPONS on AliExpress (SOLVED)

In this article, we’re going to cover rare errors that can occur while logging in, browsing, or receiving coupons on AliExpress. They are different from the mistakes that occur when paying, which we talked about earlier. We explain how to solve some common problems and what we can do if our account has been deactivated.

I can’t Access my AliExpress Account

Check that you are entering the correct email address and password that you used to register. Note that the password is case sensitive and spaces are not accepted. If the problem persists, your best bet is to do one (or all) of these steps:

  • Delete cookies, change your browser, or try accessing them from a different device.
  • Recover our password in case you don’t remember it well and entered it incorrectly
  • If none of this works or a message appears stating that you are not authorized to enter the account, contact AliExpress through Customer Service Chat, which is now also available with a service in Spanish 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It tells me my account is not available, why?

Most likely your account has been deactivated. The reasons can be several, but the most common is that disputes are massively opened. It is also possible that if you detect a fraudulent move or break the AliExpress rules, your account has been deactivated for security reasons.

It is important to check the email associated with your account. You may receive a message explaining the reasons. If you have pending orders and cannot access your account, the only solution is to contact AliExpress through customer service chat as in the previous case.

I cannot follow other users

Another bug that can appear in our account is that we cannot follow other users (and neither do them). In this case we can continue shopping, but our account is partially blocked because it violated the rules of the internet.

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In this case too, the best solution is to contact AliExpress as only they can fix the problem and prevent it from going overboard.

Error getting Coupons or Playing on AliExpress

From time to time we also encounter issues when we try to play on AliExpress through the app or receive coupons for games like Cuponmania. Some of the messages that you may see are:

  • The service is not available. Please try again later.
  • For security reasons, this request cannot be processed at the moment.
  • To keep your account secure, please log in from a different device.
  • For security reasons, log in from a different device. (9001).
  • Reactivate your account to be able to place this order.

Sometimes it is solved by switching from the app to the computer or waiting a few minutes, but if it doesn’t then you need to follow other steps. There is no single solution as these errors occur for several reasons and you need to try several solutions.


Delete your app’s save data

It could be a bug in the application itself, so clearing the app cache and retesting sometimes fixes the problem. To do this, go to your account, click the configuration button and then you can clear the cache.

Uninstall and reinstall the app

Other users have also confirmed to us that they had to uninstall and reinstall the application in order for the error to go away. If you do this, you will have to log in again.

Open your account on another device

In fact, sometimes all you need to do is open your account on another device upon request. Sometimes it takes AliExpress a few hours to check if it’s a bug and remove the block.

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Wait for the IP unlock

There are many sites that you can block if they notice an increase in activity. It is an IP blocking and can occur when you share Wi-Fi with multiple people or when you are on a Wi-Fi for public use.

The solution is to wait a few hours for AliExpress to verify that you are doing nothing wrong. The IP will be unblocked and you can continue with your usual activities.

Stop using two Aliexpress´s accounts

If you have two AliExpress accounts or have opened more than one account on the same device, the platform may block you as more than one account per person is not allowed in order to avoid fraud when receiving coupons and discounts.

So, if you’ve received an error message and you have multiple accounts, you already know what the reason is. Some users confirm that this may also be because they have the same payment card saved in two accounts. Delete one of the accounts and wait 24 hours.

The solution to most problems

If none of the above worked for you, your best bet is to contact AliExpress customer service. We have two options: talk to an agent via chat or send a message.

If we decide to contact us by chat, we must first explain a little what is happening, they will try to answer us with something that will appear in the FAQ and if they do not resolve our doubts they will send us an agent, who can check the status of our account and help us.

How to avoid being banned on AliExpress

AliExpress buyers also need to adhere to a few rules: as mentioned earlier, to avoid being scammed with coupons and discounts, you can only have one account per person on the site, and this is one of the most common reasons they can block us. But there are also other reasons.

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On the website itself, AliExpress informs us of the rules buyers must follow, as you can see here. In general, these are very simple rules, but let’s go through them.

  • Unpaid orders: We can buy products and leave them unpaid in case the seller offered us a discount and this is the only way for the seller to change the purchase price but if we leave orders unpaid (and end up not paying them) with a Many times our AliExpress account can be blocked or deleted.
  • Manipulate seller feedback: If we try to change the seller’s rating in any way (either to your advantage or to lower your score) it may result in our account being suspended.
  • Blackmail the seller through rating: While leaving a negative product review is not a problem, AliExpress reserves the right to remove or block a review if it is excessive and viewed as a blackmail or threat to the seller.
  • Open false disputes: Sure, if the product arrived wrong or didn’t arrive and there is no tracking information, then it is time to open a dispute, but some facts, such as: B. a dispute that we did not receive the product, if we haven’t, ask for a refund if the seller has already done so by other means, opening too many disputes at once, or opening A dispute that is considered extortion (to obtain discounts or other things) when the product has actually arrived correctly, may suspend our account for fraudulent use of the account.