Find CHEAP Chinese WATCH Brands

Few people know this, but Chinese Watches on AliExpress have little to envy other, much more expensive European brands. As you hear it, Chinese brands are gradually making way for their quality, and most importantly, their very competitive prices. In today’s article, we’re going to see a compilation of the best watch brands that you can find on AliExpress.

Best Chinese Watch Brands in 2023 

1. Reef Tiger

Type: Analog, automatic and sports watches

When we talk about Reef Tiger we are talking in capital letters of quality watches that are in no way inferior to well-known luxury brands. They may not be cheap to start with (compared to other AliExpress watches), but by purchasing one of these watches you are investing in a watch for life.

In addition, this brand offers designs for men and women, from classic to modern, but all with a very elegant and stylish point (inspired by brands such as Longines, Cartier, Rolex …). Your wrist won’t go unnoticed.

2. Pagani design

Type: Analog, automatic and sports watches

Pagani Design also specializes in making high quality watches inspired by luxury brands such as Rolex.

Again, the prices are higher than usual on AliExpress, but that’s because it’s one of the best Chinese watch brands. So if you are looking forward to a good watch, Pagani Design is a very good option too. You can be sure that it will be difficult to find watches of this quality and price in a physical store. Oh, and it ships direct from UK from the official store, so you can have it at home in three days.


3. Seagull

Type: Analog, automatic and sports watches

Sea-Gull is one of the top 3 highest quality mid-high-end watches on AliExpress. This brand offers men’s and women’s models made by such elegant brands as Cartier, Omega, Rolex… It is difficult to be satisfied with a single model.

4. Light

Type: Analog, automatic and sports watches

Lige has mid-range watches for both men and women, which are also sold by luxury brands such as Rolex, Duometr, Hublot… Despite tighter prices, the aesthetics of these watches don’t look cheap at all. Although the machines are not as good as the previous two brands, these watches are perfect for everyday use as they are extremely tough.

5. Currency

Type: Analog, quartz, and sports watches

Curren watches are meant for men and women looking for a more affordable middle class. Like Lige, they are great to wear in any situation without unduly worrying about damage. However, despite their price, they are waterproof. Having a detail with someone, or buying and changing several, is a great option if you are one of those who is bored with wearing the same model over and over and you don’t want to spend a lot either.


Type: Analog, quartz, and sports watches

Megir is a mid-range brand of Chinese watches that is also used by other luxury brands such as Rolex, Hublot, Tag Heuer, etc. Here you will also find ladies’ watches with very elegant designs for every taste, from classic to modern.

7. Naviforce

Type: Analog, quartz, and sports watches

Naviforce has middle and lower middle class watches in its catalog. It has many models, both for men and women, and has very good reviews.

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With very different but affordable prices, its external appearance is of very good quality.

8. Sinobi

Type: Analog, quartz, and sports watches

Sinobi is also one of the top watch brands on AliExpress, and we at AliexBA love it.

There are models that are inspired by Danniel Wellington (the fashion watch among the influencers), Flagship Heritage, Rolex… If you haven’t tried any of these watches, don’t stop because, despite the price, you will be amazed by the workmanship and design.

9. Skmei

Type: analog, digital and sports watches

Skmei is one of the most popular low-end watch brands on AliExpress for their low prices and trendy designs. It has many models for youth and children in the style of Casio, Swatch, Baby – G… Unlike the previous brands, Skmei watches don’t usually come with a box, but if you are looking for very affordable watches then take a look at this brand because you won’t be disappointed.


Type: Analog, quartz, and sports watches

CRRJU has many models of middle and lower middle class watches for men and women. His official store has a lot of sales and positive comments, and you can have a good time, too, with all the options that are there.


Our experience buying Chinese watches, both the most expensive and the cheapest, is very good. It is very rare for them to have any kind of fault, at most you will need to change the battery. In our opinion, AliExpress is undoubtedly one of the best places to buy watches: it has excellent suggestions for all tastes and budgets.

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And the most pleasing thing is the price: for the price of one watch in any local store, you can buy two or three. Our advice is that if you have a brand name watch that you’ve seen out there, check out all of the stores listed above, as while they have their own designs they also pick out many models that are inspired by other better-known brands though much cheaper.