It has been a little over 10 years since Electronic Cigarettes were developed in China. This system, which mimics cigarettes or pipes, is one of the alternatives to tobacco that is most common among people who want to quit smoking.

Some people asked us for an opinion on what the best electronic cigarette is, what price it has and, most importantly, whether there are electronic cigarettes on AliExpress and whether they are of quality. Of course, Chinese sellers have NOT forgotten a product that they made in their country, so rest assured, this online platform is where you can buy electronic cigarettes and customers can confirm that they are satisfied with their product. You can find them all in this search, although we’ll cover the different makes and models below.

How does the Electronic Cigarette work?

You are probably already familiar with some of the frequently asked questions about this electronic device, including the advantages and disadvantages of replacing the electronic cigarette with tobacco and the health consequences. Hence, we will focus on other important questions that have more to do with using and buying on AliExpress.

This alternative to smoking cessation consists of an electronic system that uses a battery to heat a liquid solution and convert it into vapor. The device contains a cartridge which is generally replaceable or refillable and can also be disposable. The main substances in the liquid are propylene glycol (70%) and / or vegetable glycerine (approx. 20%), nicotine in different dosages (between 0 mg and 54 mg / ml), flavorings and aromas.

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How could it be otherwise, they have sold many electronic cigarettes through AliExpress. For some guidance and to make sure you know the top selling models (since the generic search has 27,000 references), click here to see the top selling cigarettes sorted by sales from highest to lowest.

We’re talking about thousands of historical sales. According to smokers who bought these cigarettes on this platform, there are few complaints about the quality of these devices. It is one of the best selling products. There are no downsides to some of the better stores either. And one more important thing, the case when you receive the order is small, so you will not have any problems with customs at first.

And since there are an infinite number of references, we choose the best cigarette for us when we sum up the buyers’ opinion and the number of sales 🙂

The Best Electronic Cigarette on AliExpress

Without a doubt, the best electronic cigarette by value for money is in the Michael Cigs store. It is the top 1 of AliExpress. As you can see in the image below, it costs a maximum of $ 6. He has excellent scores and has made more than 11,000 purchases. In addition, the business has an excellent reputation, with a crown in just one year. If you like the product, the seller won’t let you down. And you know, the worst that can happen to you is getting your money back if you have a problem, but you already know how protected buyers are with AliExpress.


TOP– One of the best electronic cigarette brands is eGo, available on AliExpress.

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When you buy eGo, we collect a recommendation that a blogger shared with us, who pressed the button while charging the battery and nothing happened: “Most eGo batteries have the ‘5 clicks’ function for the cigarette to lock. That means you have to quickly press the button 5 times to unlock the battery which turns on or off »… you know!

Of course, there are other cigarettes from other manufacturers that may be just as good and have lesser value and sales. We just think it’s a good indicator to see what other users have been doing.

What does the Electronic Cigarette cost?

They also asked us about the price of the electronic cigarette. Among other things, you would like to know whether a device that later costs between 6/8 or 10 $ is reliable and competent in its functions or whether it is worth spending more …

In this case, we cannot find a premise for you to choose the most expensive models. Indeed there is a trend; the most successful are the cheapest. But not only on AliExpress. The same thing happens in other stores. There are models for less than 10 $, others that go a little further and some more expensive for just under 30 $. Oh, bulk e-cigarette packs are also available if you want to buy in bulk.

Do Electronic Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?

There is a bit of a dichotomy as some experts think it will help but claim it is considered a medical device. Others give priority to traditional pharmacological methods.

Where can you Smoke and where not?

According to current legislation in UK you can use the electronic cigarette in all NON sanitary work centers, bars and restaurants, but the final decision is always made by the person in charge of your location. Its consumption is regulated by law, although there are limited spaces that we remind you of now!


IMPORTANT! Its prohibition is established in the following areas.

  • Dependencies of public administrations.
  • Health centers and services
  • schools
  • Public transportation
  • Playgrounds and play areas or zones

AliExpress Seller of Electronic Cigarettes

After clarifying some concepts to consider and reviewing the Best Store, best selling Cigarette, and prices, we recommend four other very knowledgeable sellers who have excellent reputations. They also have a large number of sales under their belt which is something to keep an eye out for.

In this targeted search, you will also find accessories for e-cigarettes and other articles on this subject in order not to lose a second. Have you already decided? What’s the Best Electronic Cigarette For You?