Find Cheap POLOS by TOMMY HILFIGER Style on AliExpress

We’re updating the article because something has changed on AliExpress and replicas have literally “flown”. Now there are virtually no counterfeits of Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger Polo Shirts, and the few that remain come from sellers who have run two newscasts with no ratings and where buying is an absolute lottery.

However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t find polo shirts on AliExpress: although there are no more fakes, AliExpress has thousands of models of polo shirts of very good quality and at a very low price, as you can see in the category of polo shirts .

How to find POLO SHIRTS by Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Fred Perry and Lacoste on AliExpress

To find the best polo shirts for value for money (i.e. good and cheap), I recommend that you start with this link, the category of polo shirts that I talked about before. If you’ve clicked you’ll see that I’ve already filtered your search and ranked it by number of sales, which is almost always the best first step to find great deals on AliExpress.

Polo shirts from Lacoste and Hilfiger on AliExpress

The Chinese polo shirts on AliExpress amass thousands upon thousands of sales so you will have no problem telling a good seller from a bad one, but just in case you’re new to AliExpress, I’ll be a quick reminder to you.

How do you know if you can trust a seller of Fred Perry, Hilfiger, etc. style polo shirts?

As an example of a recommendable polo shirt, we can take the first polo on the sales list, this polo shirt sold by the New Fashion Clothing Flagship Store for $ 9:

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As you can see in the picture, it has over 5000 sales (which is brutal) and still has an average rating of 4.7 which means it is delighting buyers. In addition, this shop has no fewer than four rating diamonds and is almost three years old. Instead, we could put this other Hilfiger style polo shirt on the other side of the coin:

Cheap polo shirt but no sale

It may be worth a few cents less than the other, but be aware that it didn’t sell a single unit and therefore has no rating. Additionally, this store has five medals, which is well below the previous store’s four diamonds on the AliExpress rating scale.

Is It Crazy To Buy From Someone With No Previous Reviews?

No, it’s not either: AliExpress has very strict control over the transactions that are made through its platform and when you make a payment it freezes the money until you confirm that you are happy with the product you received . Only then do you transfer the money to the seller.

But anyway I recommend if you can choose a seller and product with proven experience because:

  1. They make sure that the quality of the product is good (many buyers checked it out before you did).
  2. Well-known sellers often send their products faster (this is partly because of their good feedback).
  3. And if you have a bad experience, a reputable seller will do whatever they can to keep it and refund you / send you another product with no question if you don’t leave a bad review. On the other hand, having someone with nothing to lose can lead you to open an argument and waste your time.
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Are you very into returns? Then look at the local return icon

Did you notice that some products have this symbol underneath?These are the products that have a local return. This means that after receipt you have 14 days to return it by post. As soon as it is received by the relevant warehouse in Germany, your money will be refunded except for the shipping amount.

How do the sizes work on these cheap polo shirts?

Going back to the seller with thousands of reviews for example, if you scroll down on the product page you will see the size correspondence table of this particular seller. And as it says above (even if it comes out in Portuguese), remember that Chinese sizes are usually smaller than Euro-American sizes, so don’t just trust the M or L, better measure yourself at home with a meter and do the math You exactly your size.