Find CONVERSE ALL STAR Cheap and Original

Converse Chuck Taylor, Jack Purcell, Heritage and Star Player, High and Low, Normal and Winter… As you can see in this simple search, Converse is one of the most popular brands on AliExpress right now and finding a cheap Converse model is not at all difficult. And they are available for women, men, children and babies.

And the best is that we’re not talking about replicas: Converse is one of the few western brands (not Chinese) that are sold in Original AliExpress and at a lower price than the stores in our country. In this and this shop, for example, the Converse All Star high and low has been available for around $ 35 for a long time. They are several years old, have hundreds of sales, and have an excellent reputation making them the perfect store to do your shopping for.

These Converse are so cheap! But are they really original?

Short answer: almost certainly yes.

Until recently, to tell the difference between originals and imitations on AliExpress, you had to look at a small icon: AliExpress put this action in place, and sellers who participated in the program agreed to return a product up to double the price if it was found to be non-original. It was to fight replica sellers who used the word “original” with all the peace of mind.

However, in the past few months, this symbol has disappeared because AliExpress no longer considers it necessary as fakes allegedly disappeared two years ago. By now, all of the Converse you see on AliExpress should be 100% original. We still had some doubts about the originality of products like Salomon shoes, but these Converse are authentic because:

  1. They use the logo openly
  2. They are categorized as Converse by AliExpress itself and labeled as a “Top Brand”.
  3. They have been sold for years (if they were replicas, the moderators would have removed them a long time ago)

Of course, just in case you’re buying from someone with a good reputation and good reviews. It shouldn’t cost you because, as I said, there are a number of good salespeople out there.

And what’s the difference between a fake Converse and a “white label”?

If you’re looking for Converse Shoes even cheaper than the $ 30-35, don’t worry, we have a solution for you. If you read the blog regularly, you will know that we usually speak of “white brands” or “cloning” when it comes to “legal counterfeiting” of a brand. In this particular case, the shoes are very directly inspired by the design of the Converse, but are not considered counterfeit as they do not imitate the identification mark (which makes replicas illegal):

Well, as you can see in the picture, on AliExpress you have Converse Clones for only $ 10-15 from reputable sellers like this or this one. If the links don’t work, just search for “canvas sneakers” and see the results.

And what is the quality of the Converse-style white labels?

In general, the opinions on the private Converse brands of the two linked stores are very good, I’ve had a few of them and they are the same as original Converse. But of course the fact is that for only 15$ or 20$ more you can have the original Converse All Star… It’s quite a dilemma. Which one would you choose? The white label 15$ or the original 35$?

Reminder: How to Find Reliable Sellers on AliExpress and How to Determine My Size

If you read Aliexba regularly you will know the advice we always give to know if an AliExpress seller is good. It is important that you look at three things before purchasing; the seller’s reputation, the sales achieved and, ultimately, the customer ratings. These three things will give you enough information to determine whether or not the seller can be trusted.

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Reviews are most useful in deciding who to buy from as they will provide you with clues as to product quality and size. If there is a problem with sizes, consumers will usually report (or complain) in the reviews and advise subsequent buyers to choose a size larger or smaller than usual.
Sellers usually use the American shoe sizing system. If you are not sure about your size, the seller always provides a conversion table in the product description. If you don’t know how it works or need the exact conversion, take a look at our “How to Find My Size on AliExpress” article.

The alternative: Amazon

Like I said, you are unlikely to find them at a better price than AliExpress. But if you don’t want to wait for the product to cross half the world, maybe you should pay a little more to get the shoes sooner. And when it comes to fast deliveries, it is essential to mention…


You can’t go wrong with Amazon: It’s the online shop par excellence and the reference for all other electronic stores. Their customer service is exemplary, prices are very competitive and shipping is almost always free and / or within 24 hours. And of course their products are always 100% original, unlike on eBay, for example.

At Amazon, like at AliExpress, there are also external sellers, but here they are much more controlled and the minimum that they get two negative reviews in a row will close the store (that’s right, I know people who sell on Amazon to whom they have the Shop closed because they didn’t answer any questions over a weekend).


Even if you are Prime, you have free 24-hour shipping

If you have Amazon Prime, remember to look out for the Premium / Prime icon to identify the products that have free shipping within 24 hours:

Cheap Converse shoes on Amazon

In short, where do I buy the Converse?

Now it’s up to you to decide which of these stores is best for you. It’s actually very simple: what do you prefer, pay less and wait longer for your shoes to arrive? Or pay more and receive your Converse right away? We hope this guide on how and where to find cheap, high quality sneakers has been useful to you. For more advice, see the Tutorials section of our blog for articles focused on making better purchases on AliExpress.