Find ZARA CLONES in AliExpress and SHEIN

Many of us fell in love with Zara Clothing because it allowed us to access the latest designs without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, this multinational’s prices are no longer what they used to be. How much does a shirt cost now, before you bought two (same quality).

But don’t worry, we have the solution: the Zara clones from AliExpress.

What are Zara Clones?

Remember that this type of clothing is completely legal as it does not copy any logos or identifying marks and the materials can sometimes differ from the originals in the store (although we already tell you that this is not noticeable to everyone).
On AliExpress you can find legal Zara clones between 40 and 80% cheaper than the original clothing and with a very similar quality.

Best AliExpress Stores in 2023 

Remember that all stores have a lot of clothes from different seasons. We recommend that you go straight to What’s New on each store to see the latest additions.

1. Official Tangada Store

This store is undoubtedly number one on our list: very good quality clothes, with lots of sales and reviews with real photos and with the latest models.
Tangada’s clothes have nothing to envy to the original by Zara. But you will not only find Zara clones, but also many Shein-style models, which are also not that popular.
Additionally, the Tangada store is 11 years old approving which makes it a safe bet for your shopping.

2. Amy Women Store

If you are looking for something in particular, don’t hesitate to look it up in Amy and if you don’t have it already, don’t get lost because it will most likely be available shortly.
In Amy, you’ve organized all of the news by month to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Among all the clothes you will also find a clone from other Inditex stores.


3. Official TFMLN Shop

In this store you can stock up on the full range of dresses, tops, two-pieces, etc.

4. Official KPYTOMOA shop

KPYTOMOA has free returns on all of its items. Lots of clothes to get a good background for the wardrobe and with all of that bestseller available from other seasons.


BBWM WOMAN has free returns on all of its items. This shop is famous for the amount of cloning of faux leather jackets (perfect guy, lined with lambskin,…).

6. WXWT shop

WXWT Store offers free returns on all of its items. The WXWT store is also one of the most reliable stores to buy Zara clones on AliExpress.

7. Bling Blingee

Bling Blingee offers free returns on all of its items. From this store we were surprised by the amount of clothes they have for both summer and winter. So, if you want to think about the new outfits that you will be wearing for the new season, this is your business.

8. Official VUWWYV Shop

VUWWYV does not offer free returns. Great variety of models and quality. While there’s no free returns, the prices are a bit tighter and you can orient yourself by people’s reviews and the measurement charts.

9. KarolyDora

KarolyDora offers free returns on all of their items. In this store, you have clones of Zara clothes, as well as clothes of different styles.


XIN TAO does not offer free returns. While there aren’t any free returns, there are tons of new season clones out there.

How to Find Clones by Category


Most of the accessories from Zara are very trendy, even if the prices for costume jewelery seem a bit high. There are a multitude of clones of Zara earrings on AliExpress, which are up to 80% cheaper than the originals (both from this and previous seasons).

In the accessories section you will find the biggest price difference between the original Zara clones and the AliExpress clones.

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Zara’s necklaces had one too boom very important and frankly they seem essential to wear a complete look. Here you will find a good selection of necklace clones from Zara’s, also from previous seasons.


Midis, short, long, flowery … It’s hard to choose one. Finding Zara clone dresses from this season and previous ones is very easy on AliExpress. If you are looking for a specific model that you cannot find, then you can also try to locate it from the photo.


Here you can see a selection of trousers, but we recommend that you look directly in the stores we have selected above and look in the respective categories.

Flip flops

When cloning sandals, please note that the material may differ from the original. So better check the seller’s description for what they are made of. If the price is too cheap, it might not be leather (although many of Zara’s original sandals aren’t either).

Zara Home

The truth is, Zara Home clones still resist us, it’s not easy to find on AliExpress. Although there are no clones as such, you can find plenty of inspiration products to decorate your home with in the same elegant style of Zara Home. We leave you here a selection of items inspired by this brand, such as decorative figures, glass and ceramic vases, artificial flowers, leaves, etc.

Our opinion

We’re really fans of this type of clothing, and not just because of the savings. Has it ever happened to you that you really like a piece of clothing from a new collection, but it is completely sold out in the store or on the web?

Well, with the Zara clones from AliExpress you no longer have this problem: if a seller of those we suggest below has a sold out item of clothing, you can look for it in another store and you will surely get it. Plus, you no longer have to wait for sales to buy what you love as you have the cheapest collections on AliExpress all year round.

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How to find Zara clones in Shein

In Shein it is also possible to find Zara clones, but not as easily as in AliExpress, as you cannot search for keywords, and there are no sellers specializing in Zara clones (Shein is a seller herself). For this reason we have developed a browser extension that allows you to search for clothes by images in Shein.

Buying Tips

Free returns on many items of clothing

So far, if you had doubts about buying clothes on AliExpress because you didn’t know how they would fit, you can forget about buying clothes that are labeled “Free Returns“. This way, if something you’ve bought doesn’t meet your expectations, don’t worry: you have 15 days to return it to the seller for any reason and AliExpress will refund the money to your account.

Trick to hit an Item of Clothing

Our advice is that if you like a clone but don’t have a free return, try it on at a Zara store first to see if it really suits you. Although the clothes are not exactly the same, it will help you get an idea. You can also see real photos of buyers and of course you should always check the measurement chart (although measurements are usually the same as Zara’s, you shouldn’t trust them).

Fast delivery

In addition, AliExpress delivery times have improved significantly, and many of the garments will arrive at your home within 10 days (a little longer than it takes if you buy them from the Zara official website).