FROZEN ORDER on AliExpress

From time to time, one of your orders on AliExpress may change status to a Frozen Order or a “Frozen Order”. Basically, the frozen order status can occur for three reasons, and all with the aim of protecting you as a customer.

  1. The seller is being investigated by Aliexpress for unsafe activity.
  2. That the payment you made is being verified by Aliexpress due to some anomaly.
  3. If there is a problem with the order after the “dispute pending”. If you write an email to Aliexpress, the order will be frozen and the seller will not be paid until a solution is found to fix the problem.

Most often this happens when AliExpress closes the store (temporarily or permanently) for the seller, paralyzing their activity. When the store is finally closed, the money for your purchase will be refunded in a few days.