The world of video games requires more and more precision and more professional control thanks to the great development of this industry. Because of this, the companies that are dedicated to manufacturing controllers are becoming more and more professional.

One of the best manufacturers of these devices is Gamesir. It is a company that offers a wide variety of products at different prices. It’s a brand that has been making specialized GamePads for games for years. So in case you’re thinking of getting one of these little consoles, we’ve rounded up the company’s best models and we’ll tell you where to get them at the best price.

GameSir t1S

This model is one of the newest of the brand and its quality is quite surprising. It is a remote control with classic button assignment (ABXY, R1, R1, L1 and L2) and includes two joysticks with integrated buttons (L3 and R3) as well as a vibration function.

The design of the T1S also includes the start, select, turbo and clear buttons. On the top of the remote control are the start button and the micro-USB port, which is used to charge the 600 mAh battery. This battery for a controller is pretty high, it gives us around 18 hours of gaming time without having to plug it in. It also includes a message about the status of the battery, which consists of four blue LED lights that go out when used.

Features and Connectivity

Before buying a remote control, you need to make sure that it is compatible with the devices that you plan to use it with. In the case of the T1S, you can use it for both Android and Windows systems as well as iOs and even with PS3. The remote control supports wired and wireless connections, this with Bluetooth 4.0 and 2.4 GHz WIFI.

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One of the functions that this command offers us is also the mouse mode. So the joystic can be used to move the mouse and click the L3 or R3. It can also be used for touch games with the same system. In addition, we can use it to adjust the brightness, vibration or turbo frequency.

M2 Gamepad for iOS

This GameSir model is designed for iOS games. It is a two handle controller with rubber structure to improve grip and make it more comfortable when we play for hours. This phone is designed for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV.

One of the great qualities of this remote control compared to the others is the incredible precision we can achieve. This is thanks to the fact that the speed of reaction is excellent and makes every type of game easier for us; be it from shooting, platforms or sports.

The design of this remote control is simple, in the central part it contains support for every iOS device. All you have to do is make sure it is securely connected to the phone and connecting it to the controller via bluetooth. Another interesting feature of the M2 gamepad is the joystick’s sensitivity, which allows us to play without putting too much strain on our hands or wrists.

Features and Connectivity

This model offers us a lot of very practical functions to improve our gaming experience. Below that we find the Apple-certified MFi iOS game controller, which was developed for games for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Tv. This also allows you to share games and results from your smart device and connect to our device securely.

Find it here

GameSir G3s

One of the most complete gamepads on the brand, the GameSir-G3s can without a doubt become our best addition to gaming. With this GameSir-G3s we can play on Android, iOS and PC and connect it to some consoles like the Playstation 3 and most smart TVs. All of this makes it a very complete gamepad and we can use it on almost any platform.

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The material that makes up this model is plastic and it is black although it is a different color. It comes in a variety of colors so you can choose what you like best. In addition to a beautiful design, the G3s is also very comfortable and functional.

The two handles of the remote control are quite long to make it easier to grasp and the shape is adapted so that we can easily reach all buttons when holding this model. The distribution of the buttons is the classic, very similar to that of the PlayStation 4: it has two joysticks, the cross, the 4 classic buttons (A, X, Y, B), the central button for switching on, the buttons: R1, L1 , R2, L2, the Start button and the Select button as well as a Turbo button and a Clear button.

On the other hand, the holder of the device is adjustable and is used to hold smartphones up to 6 inches without any problems and thanks to some small rubber bands on the sides they are attached quite well. The angle of the bracket can be adapted to the needs of the moment and fixed in such a way that it is very stable.

Features and Connectivity

One of the great things about the Gs3 is that it comes with the option to download an emulator for Android and iOS to get a long list of games for free.

The battery of this GameSir-G3 is quite generous, it can withstand a tough game day without any problems and is charged via a USB port.

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GameSir G4s

After all, the last model we’ll talk about is the G4s. It is a plastic remote control with a quality that fits all GameSir models. One of the differences from the other models we talked about is that it is more similar to the Xbox controls than the PS4.

In this way we have a joystick on the left and above, and a traverse of eight below. On the right side are the joysticks at the bottom and the AXYB buttons at the top. The latter also have colored lighting. In the middle we see the Select and Start buttons next to the Gamesir power button.

In terms of design, the G4s is made of high-quality plastic and mostly black, although it has some silver-colored details such as the crossbar, the rear buttons and two small areas in the middle part. One of the most notable features is the LED lighting so that we can easily see the buttons even in the dark.

In addition, the two handles for holding the controller are covered with a rubber-like material, which allows us to improve the grip and feel more comfortable while playing. Its size is very ergonomic, this also contributes to a better and fatigue-free user experience. If you are used to playing with smaller and less ergonomic controls, you will notice it immediately.

Another great benefit is its connectivity. You can connect to a device using either Bluetooth or a 2.4 GHz USB connection.