GENEVA Watches – Cheap Alternative to Replicas

While looking for cheap Chinese watch brands, we came across Geneva, a watch manufacturer that mainly works in the women’s market and has several collections with an emphasis on colorful wristwatches, although on the other hand they do not forget, if to a lesser extent, the Geneva watches for men with more classic designs and for more formal occasions.

Geneva is a low-cost Chinese brand that specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of analog watches that imitate Geneva watches, the Swiss brand founded in the late 19th century. The average price of their watches is around 10 dollars on AliExpress, where you can find almost 20,000 different models. Bored of looking at the clock? Don’t worry, this won’t happen to you. To make your search easier, just follow some of these steps in this tutorial or click here if you’d like to see them now.

Where can I Buy Geneva Watches?

There are a few online shopping platforms where you can buy Geneva watches. Amazon, Ebay, the used market, AliExpress of stores will not be neglecting it. The main thing is to choose the one who will give you the greatest confidence. In the case of AliExpress, there are quite good prices for cheap watches within this Chinese brand. All you have to do is choose a good seller and the model that you like the most.

Geneva Ladies Watches

Lots of people say Geneva is a brand that specializes in women’s watches and they’re right. They mainly manufacture both classic and casual women’s models in different colors. One of the main features is its bracelet, which can also be the color of your choice. Buckle closure, don’t forget.

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Do you like this watch? It costs 4.55 $ don’t think you’ll see the prices much higher … hey, i recommend you type in Geneva women search and sort the results by price another trick is to sort through sales. So you know which models have been bought most often. Surely with more sales, there will be more reviews to read to make sure your watch is the ideal one.

These two in the following picture are top sellers, for example. Unisex quartz watches for 3 $. And we mentioned watches for women and men, but there are collections for both sexes that are very good.

Geneva unisex

We’re talking about two models with more than 10,000 sales … If you like it, I think you should order it now. They are 3 euros !! But on the other hand, don’t be too hasty. There are so many different models and vendors that you may see repeated references, some will have the same value, others will have a small difference.

Geneva Men’s Watches

I’m quite surprised because I didn’t know the Geneva men’s watch collection. When I found out, I quickly took a look at the men’s models and there are some that can pretend to be big brand watches. And we bought them for 10 $ and they practically pretend to be a Geneva watch, so if you are a collector of these accessories it is inevitable that you will try one.

Geneva men

Arm yourself with patience and view the Geneva Men’s Watches catalog on AliExpress. I say about patience because you won’t get bored looking at it, there are almost 2000 different models.


Geneva quartz and plastic Watches

You can also search Geneva watches by the material they are made from. On the one hand there are the quartz watches and the classic and luxury collections and on the other hand the plastic watches, which are rather casual and sporty due to their striking colors.

Without a doubt, there are 3 shops that I would trust and order Geneva watches. Of course, I should like some of the models in stock, but that won’t be difficult for me as I will be expanding the collection based on watches from Chinese brands. By the way, if you want to find out more about other Chinese watch brands, we at AliexBA recommend some of them very cheaply.

The top Three Geneva Watch Stores on AliExpress

I wouldn’t look any further. Three salespeople with over-the-top reputations and historic sales to trust. Some of them would, without a doubt, be my favorite shop for Geneva watches.

  1. Shenzhen YKS (3 crowns)
  2. Feitong (3 crowns)
  3. Shop from Aukyes Inc (2 crowns