Given the multitude of questions you ask about AliExpress Refurbished Products, in this guide we will talk about what this condition means, as well as previous user experiences. We also tell you in which main categories and families reconditioned products are offered and what you need to look out for when buying an item with these properties.

Refurbished products can be customer returns of items that are essentially “new”, in most cases not used. It can also be defective products that have been returned under the guarantee and resold by the manufacturer after the defects have been remedied and their proper function ensured. Because of this, they are cheaper.

You can also find it with its English translation revised depending on the version and language you are using. In any case, it’s exactly the same. The first thing you need to know is that obsolete is not just used. That said, the product you are buying is not second or third hand. This is very important as it tends to cause doubts in users.

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What exactly is a Refurbished Product?

Refurbished condition corresponds to restored or repaired. In this case, a remanufactured product is a product that has undergone a transformation process because it was returned to the seller in its primary use or because it had a manufacturing defect and was sent to the factory for later repair.

Therefore, they underwent a technical service that resolved the original problem of the order. From this moment the product will be sold again, but with less guarantee. Manufacturers assure that after this process they go through rigorous controls to make sure the problem is resolved and the item is like new and ready for sale.



At AliExpress, it is very easy to know which product is refurbished. It is shown in the description. Take a look at the picture above. If this condition occurs, it is certainly 😉

Did the Refurbished Product Break or did it stop working earlier?

Not necessarily. Additionally, the item almost certainly didn’t stop working or is broken. Most likely it was returned because the buyer wasn’t exactly what they were looking for, a manufacturing defect that needed fixes or something like that.

In most cases the deficiencies are of very little concern. For example, a part is missing or has arrived with a minimal error or defect that can be fixed with a simple factory step. In this case, the manufacturer repairs with spare parts from its warehouse, corrects the defects and offers the product as “refurbished”. One of the advantages of buying a refurbished product is the price. Logically the amount will be less than the original amount, so in this case we can find real desire. Very cheap items available

Common questions about AliExpress Refurbished Products in  2023 

We know that when you buy refurbished, refurbished, or used products on AliExpress, you have some doubts. Because of this, we’re going to answer the most common questions you’ve sent us through the comments section below.

Should I Trust When I Place A Refurbished Order On AliExpress?

Following up on comments from AliExpress buyers who have purchased a refurbished product, most of them are happy with the purchase. It’s like everything. We cannot guarantee that 100% of the cases will be positive, but it does happen on AliExpress and on all platforms that sell with these properties. When it comes to choosing between a used or refurbished item, there is no color here. Manufacturers and sellers exchange parts for new ones. You repair and test it while an already used product comes from second or third hand…. you never know!


ALIEXBA TIP: If you have any questions about the status or anything else, please write to AliExpress sellers directly. Ask, ask them to send you pictures or whatever you need. This ensures that the repaired product reaches you in perfect condition. If you don’t know how to contact them, keep reading our tutorial on How to Contact an AliExpress Seller.

What Warranty does AliExpress offer for a Refurbished Product?

AliExpress conforms to each country’s local guarantee. However, since the seller is the one who has to provide the service, it is best to check the product description to see what warranty is offered. Most refurbished product sellers offer a 6 month warranty. If you want to know what to do if we have problems with our purchase, we encourage you to read our AliExpress Complaints, Disputes, and Returns guide.

So are all AliExpress Phones being Refurbished in 2023 ?

No, AliExpress is indeed popular because it offers technology from the best Chinese brands at low prices. These are original and high quality products. But refurbished or used products are also a great way to buy a cell phone from an international brand at an incredibly affordable price.

AliExpress flagship Refurbished products are cell phones and tablets

Hands down, the remanufactured bargains on AliExpress are cell phones. There are nearly 12,000 refurbished cell phone references on this great Chinese platform. And among cell phones, the most successful are the refurbished iPhones, which you already know are very expensive when they are shipped from the factory. Without a doubt, if you want a very affordable iPhone, this formula makes it possible. You can buy an iPhone 8 for less than 200 dollars!

Remember, sellers must warn consumers that the phones have been refurbished (so many transactions have been done this way that this store has been baptized with a multitude of names) and cannot be sold as new. Even if this is not the case, the manufacturer ensures that the device is fully functional and in perfect condition. It always includes all the accessories that it would originally wear, even though the box and packaging, for example, are not the original.


In general, this condition is usually available in electronic and computing devices. To view the best-selling and popular refurbished mobile devices, click this link. You may find a bargain. Without a doubt, the prices are on the ground compared to the brand new models.

Find the Best Stores and other Tips for Buying on AliExpress

For those of you who would like more information about sellers and how to find trustworthy stores on this platform, we invite you to keep reading our best sellers and stores on AliExpress article. Inside, you’ll find tricks for finding reliable sellers, as well as a selection of the best stores by category.

If you have any other questions, please see our tutorial section for more tips and tricks on buying on this online sales platform. Our essential read for anyone considering buying from AliExpress is the Definitive Guide to AliExpress, which will provide you with the answers to almost all of your questions in a compact form. If you have any questions about purchasing a refurbished product from AliExpress please comment and we will help you resolve it. You can also tell us about your experience (good or bad) with refurbished products.