GUIDE Order CANCELED Status After Shipping

To save you time: If your AliExpress order was canceled before or during shipping, the best way to contact the seller is to go to this section and click “Contact Seller“. Most likely, he will give you an explanation for what happened. If not, we’ll discuss all possible cases and what to do to get the refund.

“Order canceled” status after shipping

It can happen that the shipment has already left the seller’s warehouse and suddenly “Order canceled” appears in the shipment tracking. In these cases, the message “Except for parcel handling in the sorting center” is usually followed up. This can happen for several reasons: It could be that the courier (in China) did not pick up the order or the shipment was sent back at Chinese customs. The latter often occurs when buying counterfeits.

Again, it is best to contact the seller and ask what happened. To contact him, you just have to enter this area (your order list) and click on “Contact seller”. If they give you a new tracking number and update it when you place your order, you won’t have to open a dispute.

But if he doesn’t answer, doesn’t answer, or you have the slightest suspicion, don’t hesitate: open a dispute (here) and AliExpress will refund all of your money.

Order Canceled Automatically

As you can see at the end of a purchase, there is a maximum “turnaround” time for the seller to dispatch the product. One of the most common reasons an order is shown as canceled is because that deadline has not yet been sent, so the order was automatically canceled.

In this case, the money will automatically be returned to your account (without opening a dispute), but you still have time to prevent the shipment from being canceled, which can be of interest to you, especially if you have redeemed a coupon or discount and don’t want to miss the opportunity.

What you should do is contact the seller (you can do this from here) and ask them if they have a problem with the delivery: it could be a shortage of stock or you are buying at a complicated time like Christmas, Sale or New Years chinos when most sellers are temporarily closing and you can buy but not ship their orders. In this case, you can reorder the product and, as the withdrawal date approaches, extend the processing time so that the seller has more time to ship it and it is not canceled again.


On the other hand, if you’d rather get your money back or don’t trust the seller, your best bet is to request the order cancellation or wait for the prep time to run out. At this point, AliExpress will cancel the purchase and initiate a refund process that will take a few business days to complete.

Order Canceled by the seller

Sometimes the seller finds himself out of stock, unable to ship your order, or simply not wanting to. In this case, he can unilaterally cancel the order without giving a reason and your money will be automatically refunded. However, the seller is penalized for canceling the order, so they sometimes ask you to cancel the order. Now let’s see if you should.

What do I do if the AliExpress seller asks me to cancel my order?

There are times when the seller does not want to send you the order because he saw that you got the product very cheaply with coupons. In this case, you will usually be asked to cancel the order for “other reasons” because if it is canceled he will be penalized.

You should know that you are under no obligation to accept the cancellation of the product and we advise you not to do so if:

  1. You think you have a good price and you don’t want to give it up
  2. You are in no hurry to receive the product (because I may end up canceling it and the refund will take a few days to get to you)

If you don’t accept the cancellation, enter here and tell him you won’t cancel and if he wants to cancel. In most cases, the seller insists a little, but sends you the product. On the contrary, if you find this product at the same price from other sellers and you don’t want this to go on forever, click on “Cancel Order” and select “Other Reasons”: And a few days after the order was canceled, you will receive the refund.

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Order closed due to “security issues”

Another possibility is that the order is shown as “closed” for security reasons. The most common is the famous “We have to cancel this order due to security issue. Please place the order again or remove the coupon and try again. »

This usually happens when you are trying to use a welcome coupon but have requested delivery to an address previously used. AliExpress considers this a scam (you create multiple accounts to use the welcome coupon multiple times) and is canceling the order. If you want to complete this purchase you will need to remove the welcome coupon by ordering it again.

Another reason for the cancellation is that there was an error message while trying to pay and AliExpress is asking us to verify our identity and card. This happens when the platform has doubts as to whether we are the owner of the card and account. Although this is not customary, if necessary we need to apply to Alipay and send the documentation. For the full list of errors, see our article on AliExpress Error Codes.

Other reasons for cancellation

Finally, there are two other reasons why an order can appear “complete”. The first thing that happens less and less is that AliExpress can freeze an order if it realizes that the seller is unreliable. As more and more stores are reviewed by sellers, it is becoming increasingly difficult for AliExpress to close a store and freeze orders today.

Check out our Guide to Trusted AliExpress Sellers for tips and recommendations to help you find out if a seller is trustworthy. It is also possible for an order to be canceled if AliExpress is pending payment. In this case, the platform will give you a few days to make the payment, but if you don’t pay, the order will be canceled without you having to do anything else. Just let the payment term run. The seller can see if there are any pending orders, but they cannot send them. He can therefore send you a message reminding you that you have not yet paid for your purchase.

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Do I have to request a refund?

As we told you, it depends on which of the above cases you have: whether the cancellation was made before or after delivery by the seller.

If it says “The seller has sent your order” and at the same time it says “Order canceled” in the follow-up, then you have to act. We recommend doing this:

  1. Talk to the seller for an explanation
  2. If these don’t convince you, open a dispute (here are the step-by-step instructions)

However, if the seller has not come to place the order and the message “Closed” appears, an automatic process of refunding your money will begin. You do not have to do anything.

If you paid by card, you will receive the balance on your card as a refund and, in general, for all payment methods, the refund will be made through the same payment system that you used. However, in our AliExpress Refunds Guide, we explain in more detail how refunds work for each payment method. You can track the status of your refund by entering the details of your order and accessing the “Payment” or “Finance” tab where you can see 3 dots. When all 3 are already orange, the return process is complete and in a few days you will have it in your account.