Guide to Finding Cheap TIMBERLAND BOOTS on AliExpress

If you are looking to buy an inexpensive pair of Timberland boots and have thought about them, go in AliExpress, this guide will be useful to you. Today we are going to talk about the types of boots you can find in this online store and if they do not convince you, we will point out other platforms where you can find good discounts on Timberland boots.

Real Timberlands used to be easy to find on AliExpress, but they have only recently disappeared. With this in mind, we’ve rewritten the post to show you some alternatives, whether you’re looking for Timberland-inspired boots or looking for original branded boots. You will also learn how to find reliable sellers and how to determine your size using the conversion tables.

Are there original or imitation Timberlands on AliExpress?

This is the most common question. As of today (mid-May 2016) there are no original Timberland boots on AliExpress. I firmly believe that the first time I wrote this article there were Original Timberland boots on AliExpress, but the truth is I can’t be sure as I didn’t take any screenshots either.

The fact is that there are currently none, and I’m sure: since Nike, Adidas, Converse and Co arrived on AliExpress, the symbol for guaranteed authenticity has been introduced. So now if you are looking for Timberland on AliExpress and you doubt the results are original, all you need to do is check if it has this icon below:

Authentic clothing on AliExpress

And the replicas?

There is no denying that replica marketing has been slowly declining since AliExpress began to apply stricter counterfeiting. And by imitations, I mean those that imitate the entire original product, including the logo and any identifying marks.

Instead, I recommend that you consider white label alternatives. In fact, unlike other sneaker models, the Timberland-style boots you see on AliExpress are not even replicas, but are Chinese brands inspired by Timberland models. In return, we have the advantage that they are worth ridiculously high compared to the $ 120 or $ 150 that they cost in stores: between $ 20 and $ 70, depending on the material from which they are made.


How to find them: the best cheap shoes and boots search

Since it is a private label, sellers have extremely long descriptions and for some mysterious reason do not use their brand name as a differentiator. Because of this, it is quite difficult to find boots of this style. If you do this search you will also get some results for these type of boots which, as we repeat, are not replicas, but Timberland inspired Chinese Boots. For example, the ZNPNXN store is growing a lot and has some Timberland style boots too. I noticed that among the types of white Timberland boots (which you can see here) we can distinguish three types on AliExpress:

Type 1: Timberland style Boots with a VERY different logo from the original

All models exist and they are pretty similar to the originals, but the manufacturer didn’t want to bother to imitate the logo and has launched one of its own. They are “White Label Timberlands“. These deliver very good results and in most cases are made from high quality materials. The only difference is that because they are not recognized brands, they cannot raise prices.

Cheap Timberland Style on AliExpress

If you don’t want to spend too much money on boots but want a high quality Timberland style, this is your best alternative. These boots typically cost around 30-50 euros (34-54 dollars). The brand below is one of the best known, it’s called “Classic Fashion” and although no seller uses the name (why do Chinese manufacturers seem ashamed of their brands?) It is sold by many stores on AliExpress.


Type 2: Timberland-inspired Logo Boots

There are fewer and fewer of these: you have a logo that is very similar to the original. I can’t tell you what Chinese brand it is, but keep in mind that it isn’t even close to Timberland, although it may seem like it at first glance.

Timberland logo fake

As you can see, it doesn’t look too much like the original Timberland logo which looks more like this:

Type 3: Those without a logo

For those who prefer not to have any visible logos on the boots. Like the previous ones, they usually have very meticulous finishes. I bought these brown boots about a year ago and they give me very good results. As with the boots mentioned above, these are priced somewhere between 30 and 40 euros (34-45 dollars) as they are practically the same, but with no logo.

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Boots without logo

There are all models, exactly the same as the previous ones. In my opinion, these are the best: They are almost identical in quality to Timberland, only without a logo and only pay around 40 $ for it.

The same sellers usually have pairs of both this model and the previous one, you just have to choose the ones you want when buying.

This is how you can tell whether the boots are made of real leather

Another thing to look at is the material of the boots. Depending on your budget and taste, you can choose between real leather or PU, i.e. artificial leather. We recommend that you check two things before buying anything on AliExpress.

The first is that you look at the tab under the product that says the material:

Leather woodland

In this one you can see that, as the name of the product suggests, it is made of real leather, although it contains parts made of PU (plastic). You can trust what the seller is telling you, but I recommend you take a look at:

  • The reputation of the seller – Make sure the seller has a good reputation. If you have a low reputation, it could be for two reasons. The first (the most common) is that you are facing a new business starting in AliExpress. By not giving them time to sell too many units, these stores have not had enough time to build their reputation. These stores will almost always have badges as you can see in the example below, the seller’s overall reputation will increase as the detail rating is very good.

If the provider has a low reputation and the rating parameters are in the red, you can be sure that the provider is not trustworthy.

  • Contact sales / seller – The sales figures are not very conclusive data, although it is always better if someone has bought the Timberland style boots before. If you are dealing with a seller who has not generated a sale of the product you want, we recommend reaching out to the seller. He can send you photos and get you out of your doubts.
  • Reviews (2) – This is important as you can see what previous buyers think. This is very useful as they not only comment on the quality of the product but also let you know if it is better to buy a size up or down.
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How do I determine my size on AliExpress?

This leads us to how we determine our size on AliExpress. As you will see, most sellers are using the US system of sizes. For this reason, we leave you a conversion table below in case you don’t know how many feet you have in the US size system (M is men’s size and W is women’s size).

Conversion table to determine your size on AliExpress

Another thing to look out for is that the sizes can vary based on the manufacturer (it’s not all that common for this to happen). For this reason, it is highly recommended that you also check the seller’s size chart on the product page. For more information on sizes on AliExpress, we recommend our guide.

Are boots not convinced on AliExpress? Timberland offers on Amazon are an alternative

A cheap alternative to buying Timberland boots is Amazon. There are very good deals on this online shop, although we have to admit they are rare. Discounts of more than 50% (in the case of Timberland) usually only apply to certain sizes. For example, you only have 3 sizes left in stock. While these deals are difficult to find, we encourage you to take a look as you might get lucky and your size will be one of the deals.

Timberland boots on Amazon discounts