Guide to Understand the SYMBOLS in AliExpress

There are some AliExpress symbols, the meaning of which is not entirely clear. Therefore, in this tutorial you will learn to interpret the most important symbols on this website.

Symbols that give you advantages

At AliExpress, some products have certain advantages: faster shipping, they come from a recognized seller, they are easier to return. These benefits are usually advertised using symbols on the product page itself. Let’s take a look at them.

Local shipping symbols

Nationally dispatched items are sent to your home from a warehouse in your country, so they barely take 72 hours (or less). In addition to express shipping, there are other advantages such as easier returns or including VAT (when buying from Europe).

We can distinguish products with national shipments if the option to choose between different warehouses is displayed in the product file or if “Shipments from England or USA” are displayed.

Fast delivery icons

AliExpress makes arrangements with various transport companies to expedite shipping, even if we are shopping from China. For this reason, more and more products bear this symbol (with different numbers of days):

When a product is marked with this symbol, it means that it has the option of express delivery. For more information, see our article Fast Shipping in 10 Days on AliExpress. You can also filter your search to find sellers with fast shipping in 10, 5, and 3 days depending on the warehouse they’re shipping from (it can ship from a national warehouse or from China).


Free return Symbols

All orders sent from your own country are included in the easy returns policy. This means that you have 15 days to decide whether to keep the product or to return it. Some sellers offer free returns as long as the product is in perfect condition and unused. Without having to explain anything, it’s very simple.

You can search for products using this service by filtering your search with the “Free Returns” option, although this service is currently only available in certain countries. You have more information here.

Symbol of the top brand or the official store

AliExpress created a symbol to differentiate the best deals. This is the “top brand” icon that we find next to the seller rating.This seal is only awarded to stores with excellent ratings, known for their high quality or an official store of a well-known brand. Please see this link for more information.

Weird Acronyms: Prices, Tracking, Quantity

Many of you have asked us about various acronyms that appear on AliExpress. We clarify the most common ones below.

Acronyms accompanying the awards

We have received many questions about the meanings of some acronyms related to local currencies:

  • SVC: are the initials of the currency of El Salvador (Salvadoran colón).
  • ARS: are the initials of the currency of Argentina (Argentine pesos).
  • PAB: is the abbreviation for the currency of Panama (Panamanian Balboa).
  • UYU: are the initials of the Uruguayan currency (Uruguayan peso).
  • PDO: is the abbreviation for the currency of the Dominican Republic (Dominican Peso).
  • US: are the initials of the currency of the United States (US dollars).
  • VEF: are the initials of the Venezuelan currency (Venezuelan bolívar).
  • CLP: are the initials of the Chilean currency (Chilean peso).
  • PY6: are the abbreviation for the currency of Russia (Russian ruble).
  • PEN: are the initials of the currency of Peru (Peruvian sol).
  • MXN or MXN $: are the initials of the currency of Mexico (Mexican pesos).
  • BOB: are the initials of the Bolivian currency (boliviano).
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When you see the prices in AliExpress you will be given a number and then the initials of the currency in which they are presented. You can change your currency and country in the upper right corner of the computer or in the configuration section of the application. In some countries, prices are quoted in US dollars (US, USD, or $) even if you select your local currency.

Acronyms in the follow-ups

Some acronyms may also appear when following your order. We will explain the most common:

  • KN: It means china. It usually appears in the order tracking or in the same announcement of the product stating where it is being sent from. The word “China” usually appears, but it may have something to do with how you set up AliExpress.
  • CNESP: They are an acronym that appears in the tracking number when the package is destined for Spain.
  • Zero: It usually occurs when there is a translation error because the package is still in China and the translator cannot understand the tracking message.
  • CONDITIONS: It will appear in tracking when it is in the Chinese transit offices. Don’t worry, wait a few days for new follow-up messages to appear.

If you don’t understand the meaning of the various messages that appear while tracking your order, we recommend reading our guide to tracking status on AliExpress. There you will find the meaning of the most common messages.

Acronyms on products

  • 1 PIECE: It simply means the amount of the product. When you receive 2 PCS, you have added 2 pieces to your cart. If you received “PCS” it is most likely that you have AliExpress set up in English. Clicking on this link will take you to your language version.
  • MOQ: It means “minimum order quantity” which is the minimum number of products that must be ordered in order to place the order. This term does not usually appear on AliExpress, it is seen more often on Alibaba.
  • Fall: It can mean two things. The first is to import or drag a document to share with the seller or in case of dispute. It can also refer to “dropshipping”, which is when the seller sends the product to a third party and we act as an intermediary to make some money. We explain more in our guide to dropshipping on AliExpress.