How do I Buy DESIGUAL Style CLOTHING on AliExpress?

Desigual isn’t the most popular brand on AliExpress. Did you notice it too? We can imagine that you have already noticed, as there are no original clothing from this Spanish brand. It is impossible to find products of this brand on AliExpress today because, unlike other brands, it is not available on AliExpress.

But luckily there are other Chinese manufacturers selling thousands of cheap but white-label Desigual-style products that, due to their resemblance to the ‘mother-clothes’, leave no one indifferent to kerchief designs, vivid colored prints and the incorporation of graffiti and embroidery.

How do I find cheap Desigual-style products on AliExpress?

The usual procedure to find Desigual clothes on AliExpress is as always: enter Aliexpress Spain (important that this version of the web is, and if it is from the mobile application, even better, even better, more discounts) and enter the keywords for Desigual, which are usually the following:

Or you can try general terms that define Desigual’s style, such as “flowers”, “stamps”, etc.


It is important to know that these garments are NOT Desigual. They are simply made by companies in China without entering the world of piracy. The only common characteristic that AliExpress’s Desigual clothing has with imitations is price. In both cases, the clothes are infinitely cheaper than the prices of Desigual Spain on their website or in the store (even more expensive).

By entering these keywords, we can find products and stores like the following. We encourage you to take a look as there is a wide variety of bags to choose from. You can also search in the handbags section of AliExpress yourself and of course take a look at the seasonal dresses!

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There will be so many different models that other Chinese white brands can sneak in as well. They might not be the best option for you, but they are cheaper too. You already know that the cost of producing and avoiding the deal with the middleman make Chinese clothing at a low price.

The best stores to buy are…

With so many products and so many vendors out there, it is ideal to consider several considerations in order to choose the best deal. We recommend that you follow these three premises, which we explain below, and then refine your search according to your preferences and the money you want to spend 😉

  1. Reputation of the seller: Finding a business in a medal is not the same as finding a business in diamonds or crowns. Track the market and see if a seller is rated well by various buyers. This can be a good indicator of your purchase, but don’t forget that there are also new sellers who don’t have a review because they haven’t had that long time to get reviews.
  2. Number of sales– To see if a seller can be fully trusted, review their past sales. The more transactions you have, the more security we are given.
  3. ORPinions and reviews from past users: Another way to ensure that the item you are looking at is reliable is to refer to the opinions and reviews of previous buyers. Draw your own conclusions from the comments and / or write to the seller. Most of them answer you very quickly!

Based on this, I have selected four top review and sale stores that once had Desigual-style products and that also have some good comments on their transactions. You can click directly on the name and access the personalized online catalog.

All of them have 3 crowns which is the second highest rating that AliExpress can give.

Commercial center

NOTICE Due to their short time on AliExpress, there may be less reputable sellers. So write directly to Chinese stores to ask questions.

The Best Selling Scarf

Not exactly Desigual style, but I recently ordered this lovely scarf for € 6. I was impressed with its price and also that it had over a thousand sales. I got home in 15 days. What is precious :)))))