There are many Different Shipping Methods available on AliExpress and they will vary depending on the destination country and the time in which we want to receive them. Usually sellers always offer free shipping (or it’s very little worth money) that our packages arrive in around 3 or 4 weeks with no customs fees. But many of you have noticed that There are new shipping methods, one of which is called “AliExpress Premium Shipping” and promises that your packages will arrive in 7-15 days. Today we explain to you how this shipping works, whether it is reliable and how you can find products with this shipping method

AliExpress Premium Shipping: This is How this Shipping Method Works

For a few months now, AliExpress has been developing new shipping methods that are handled by the website itself. In this way, AliExpress has managed to sign a contract with certain transport companies around the world that offers better delivery times and service, as well as lower prices. These methods do not work in all countries because, as mentioned earlier, negotiations are conducted with local freight forwarders, while AliExpress conducts internal negotiations with Chinese shipping services (China Post).

We recently compared the different shipments that AliExpress processes, but one of the doubts that raises the most doubts is what is known as “AliExpress Premium Shipping”. The word “Premium” can give you a clue that this is a priority program that We will receive our shipment in less than 15 days from your home country.

However, this shipping is done via private couriers such as DHL, Fedex, Seur, TNT, etc. As we have commented on other publications, these couriers always charge customs duties at the time of delivery. Thanks to the processing of AliExpress, however, this shipping method costs less than if we choose the private courier directly when choosing the shipping method on AliExpress.

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Benefits of AliExpress Premium Shipping

So we can essentially summarize the advantages of this shipping method in two points: We receive our orders in record time and the shipping costs, although usually not free, are usually significantly cheaper than the direct choice of a private courier service. Another advantage is that for very large parcels, the customs costs for the private courier service can be lower than for the state postal service.

Disadvantages or why not Choose this Shipping Method

The main disadvantage, as mentioned earlier, is that you will have to pay duties and taxes on almost all shipments that you receive through a private courier company. So if you don’t mind waiting, it’s better to buy with free shipping to avoid surprises.

How to find Products with this Shipping Method

Currently it is not possible to filter AliExpress products received via a specific shipping method so we come across this shipping method by chance. Below is one case where we find a product where we can choose AliExpress Standard Shipping. To do this, however, we had to display the list of shipping options as you can see in the image below. You can also see the different options by selecting the “Shipping and Payment” tab.

When viewing, we can choose from AliExpress Standard Shipping (shipped by AliExpress processed and sent by state mail), AliExpress Premium Shipping, EMS, or DHL. As you can see, the delivery time with AliExpress Standard Shipping is quite short for our country. So if you’re in no hurry, this might be a good option. You can also check if AliExpress Premium Shipping, although priority shipping, is much cheaper than EMS or DHL.

Other alternatives to AliExpress Premium Shipping

However, if you want to get your orders in the shortest possible time, here are some alternatives that you may not be familiar with. AliExpress is working to shorten its delivery times and that’s why we’re getting our orders faster and faster.

AliExpress Standard Shipping with fast delivery

As we explained earlier, there are several different shipping methods that are processed by AliExpress and one of the most famous is AliExpress Standard Shipping which has become the best alternative to China Post. It’s a certified shipping method with a tracking number. But thanks to agreements with various shipping companies, AliExpress Standard Shipping is sometimes even faster than private couriers.


For example, in UK the postal company is responsible for managing these shipments and sometimes they can arrive in less than 3 weeks. In Latin America, MailAmerica manages AliExpress Standard Shipping shipments, which means shipments arrive much faster. If we add that we certainly do not pay customs duties, it is clear that AliExpress Standard Shipping is a good alternative.

Local Shipping with Delivery in 72 hours

More and more suppliers have local warehouses outside of China. This shortens the delivery time to just 72 hours, i.e. 3 days. Also, because we receive our order from a local warehouse, we avoid customs problems and make returns easier. All you have to do is filter your search by selecting the country you want to receive your products from. We explain how it works in our guide to AliExpress local shipping and easy returns.

Local delivery from Spain with AliExpress Plaza

What’s more, reading us from Spain gives you yet another way to find products from the best Chinese or international brands with national shipping without having to filter anything. On the AliExpress Plaza platform, you have all the advantages already mentioned: delivery in 3 days, no customs duties and the ability to return your products. You will find all kinds of products and brands as we explain in our guide on Aliexpress Plaza.

Fast shipping 10 days from China

Another novelty is that thanks to the new agreements between AliExpress and some airlines that carry out express deliveries, we can now receive our orders from China in record time too, so we can receive our products in 3, 5 or 10 days by filtering the search through Selecting “Express Shipping”. It is hands down one of the best alternatives to AliExpress Premium Shipping, although it is not available in all countries. You can find more information in our article Fast shipping in less than 10 days on AliExpress.


In short, is it worth choosing this Shipping method?

The only reason we think it might be a good choice is because of the slow reception time. So if you are looking for express shipping to get your order in record time, choose AliExpress Premium Shipping as other private couriers are cheaper. If you’re in no hurry and want to avoid spending more money, then opt for classic shipping methods that don’t run the risk of being stopped. Please see our guide to AliExpress shipping methods for all the information you need to know about other shipping methods.

More Tips and Tricks for safe shopping on AliExpress

On our blog we have a section with a great variety of tutorials where you can find articles as interesting as this one you have just read. When you start shopping on AliExpress we recommend starting with our final guide on AliExpress: What is it? How do you buy Here we explain everything you need to know before you hit the buy button.

And you? Do you find this new shipping method called AliExpress Premium Shipping interesting? We’d love to hear your thoughts, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below with your experience.