HOW to AVOID FRAUD on AliExpress

This article was written in the early days of AliExpress. Although then he has only improved his platform and it is very rare for them to scam you, it never hurts to give you the article for more information.

At AliexBA, we don’t just analyze the best products you can buy on AliExpress: we’ve been shopping on this site for years. Over time we have learned a lot about how this famous website works, so today we bring you an article full of recommendations on how to avoid scams on AliExpress.

How an AliExpress Seller can Scam you

When we know how the AliExpress buying process works, it is almost impossible to get scammed. First of all, payment details (either by card, Mercadopago, Western Union…) never reach the seller’s hands and the payment process is fully protected by security systems such as Verisign SSL, which encrypt all AliExpress transactions.

Therefore, the seller can only cheat us in what he can do himself: to make claims in the shipping of the products and unsuspecting buyers who miss the protection time. We’ll explain the most common ways a seller can scam us.

Submit different products to the advertised

It is true that some sellers mistakenly or knowingly send something other than what is advertised. In general, this can be easily resolved by opening a dispute and attaching a photo of what we received. If the seller doesn’t give in, let the days go by and AliExpress will automatically mediate the dispute and come up with a solution based on the evidence.

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Provide a Fake Tracking number

While this is not that common, there are still sellers who provide a fake tracking number. You will think the order has been sent, but one day it appears to have been delivered and you have not received anything. In this case, as we explain in our guide to learn how to follow your AliExpress orders, we will have to open a dispute that justifies the package being delivered to someone else. This is best justified with a letter from the transport company ensuring that the package was not delivered to you, but this is sometimes impossible under data protection law on the page that shows the city to which the package was delivered.

How to avoid Fraud on AliExpress

As you can see, the nature of the scams are not very mysterious, they are quite simple and can be solved by claiming AliExpress. But the best thing is to avoid being scammed. That’s why we’re giving you a few tips on how to shop safely on AliExpress.

1. Try to buy from highly rated sellers

In our article “Reputation Sellers: Is It Bad To Shop At These Stores?” We explain that not all sellers have to be bad without a score. All sellers were new one day and became popular thanks to buyers who trusted their business. However, if you see products that the seller has few real photos on, then their ads are not very detailed, etc. It is better to find the products in another store. In our guide to finding reliable sellers, we explain how to find trustworthy stores on AliExpress.

2. If the product is too cheap, guess

In addition to being a new seller, if you find that their products are too cheap compared to other sellers, then you should definitely remember that the seller made a mistake (and then canceled the orders) or that it did is a fraud. While this type of business, with no reviews and with very cheap products, was quite common years ago, it is very difficult to find today, so we can have calmed down on this point.

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3. Read the product description to buy

We often believe we have been scammed, but when we read the product description we see that what we received actually matches what was advertised. Therefore, it is important to read the product description carefully and see the characteristics of what we are buying: dimensions, materials, colors … These are data that will help us to get an idea of ​​what we will receive.

In addition, it is also very important to check what other buyers are getting from what they have received by accessing the Reviews section within the ad. If the seller has not specified something in the ad, we can always send you a message to clarify before buying.

And if the Seller misled me, what should I do?

With all this information, you can now avoid and resolve scams on AliExpress in case you find yourself in any of the situations discussed earlier. But we want to emphasize something: it is very important to be aware of our orders and if we find that they do not arrive within the order protection time, we need to open a dispute or extend the order protection time.

Lots of people let the time go by and when they want to use it. AliExpress grants a protection time of 60 days. If this protection time expires and we do not claim it, our order will be closed because AliExpress assumes the order has arrived but we forgot to confirm receipt of the order. Most often, AliExpress sends us an email to let us know that the order protection time has expired.

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Even so, the best thing to do is to open a dispute and provide all possible evidence: photos, screenshots … And if the seller fails to provide the reason for the dispute, wait for AliExpress to step in to resolve it Find. To learn more about AliExpress’s dispute settlement system, click here.