How to BUY Cheap Football BOOTS on AliExpress

Nike, Adidas, Mizuno, Puma, Joma, these are just a few of the football shoe brands you can find on AliExpress at great prices. This online platform offers a large selection of shoe models, including cleats, multi-cleats (for artificial turf and soil) and of course football shoes. Now the question arises: are these originals or replicas?

Football Boots on AliExpress

Here are some examples of some Football Boots sold on AliExpress:

cheap soccer shoes from the brand aliexpress (nike, adidas, puma, joma, munich)

These are three different models randomly chosen from 1000 different references from original manufacturers, replicas and private labels. AliExpress offers alternatives other than replicas for a similar price. They are white Chinese brands with surprising models that resemble Nike football or Adidas shoes. In fact, this type of shoe has its own AliExpress category, you can see them all here, but below we explain which are the best.

List some Brands of Chinese Football Boots

What I would no doubt do if I wanted to buy football boots on AliExpress is to search for sales number. So I see the trend of the people. The more sales, the more comments and reviews to read, another important thing to check out the quality of the product that you are going to take home with you. The prices of these own brands are between15 $ and 30 $. There are some very tempting models that exceed 500 sales.

Soccer shoes

I think this can be a good alternative to imitation football boots, which can be more expensive and on top of that made from inferior materials as the manufacturers focus on imitating logos etc. and neglect the quality of the boot. Better in my opinion Find original boots at Amazon -or whether it uses AliExpress or Chinese brands, you get three from China for the price of European ones.

Find Original Brand Football Boots in  2023 

If you are looking for original soccer cleats, it may be more convenient to buy from Amazon than from AliExpress. Also in the sports shop next to your house. There are a couple of important reasons:

  1. The prices of the original football boots on AliExpress are not too cheap
  2. Incredible, they are harder to find than replicas…
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To distinguish between a real product and a replica seller, compare prices. Be wary of “brand name” football boots that cost 20 $. You are probably wrong. The only boots that can cost this price are private labels from China. Whenever you are looking at the results entered by Nike, Adidas, Puma, Joma or the brand in question, it is very important that you look at the guaranteed authenticity logo. If you have it, the product is original.
ATTENTION!! This symbol is used by sellers to show consumers that they are 100% sure that this is an original product. What if not? Well, AliExpress is giving back double the amount you paid for the football boots and will punish the seller harshly. In most cases the store closes. Oh, and in many cases, if the product has already been sent to you, you can keep it 🙂

How to find a good Football Boot Seller on AliExpress in  2023 

Finding a good seller is always important. Before you can find it, however, it is important to know how to find the product on AliExpress as it can be a daunting task. We are giving you a few keywords to help you find the best results on white label football boots. Unfortunately, and as mentioned earlier, it is very difficult to find originals on these lists.

If you are not looking for a specific brand of soccer cleats, then you could use any of the keywords soccer / football boots below. This serves as a basis, if you are looking for futsal or artificial turf shoes, for example, add the basic keywords “indoor” – indoor soccer shoes. By the way, to find cheap soccer shoes for kids / kids use these: soccer shoes kids.

Tricks to identify original football boots in AliExpress:

  1. Check the price: let’s face it, there are no very cheap original football boots. At least 70-80 $. From down there, if you see a Nike, be suspicious.
  2. Track feedback from buyers on brand and product originality.
  3. Look in the product description for the seal of guaranteed authenticity.
  4. Ask the seller via chat or email with any doubts you have and request more photos (e.g. the logo) if necessary.


For some time now, we have also been able to buy football boots from various original brands on AliExpress. To this day I have found this: Although the truth is that there aren’t many models and they don’t go under $ 70. In this case, frankly, the savings aren’t all that big: they are available in virtually all online stores for a similar price.

Take a good look at the size

If you don’t buy any of these four brands (original size does not change, Nike sizes are the same all over the world) you will need to convert your size to the American one that is normally used by AliExpress sellers.

Size like

To resolve this little problem, sellers usually put a table of exact size under the product. Just compare your foot measurements and choose the appropriate size.

Amazon, a huge bazaar from Nike, Adidas, Puma, Lotto

The range is increased when we look at Amazon, a real outlet for football boots where you can buy Messi Adidas, Nike Superfly, Hypervenom, Magistax or CR7 shoes. There are more than 10,000 different brand new couples stocking the platform itself and outside sellers.

Football Amazon

This is where the Amazon brand distinguishes itself through its free shipping in 24 hours. AliExpress also offers free shipping, but generally it takes between 15 and 20 days to order. If you’re in a hurry, buying football boots from Amazon may be your best option.

These two platforms also differ in one other thing. On AliExpress, these are all external sellers, while on Amazon there are products from the company itself and from other third-party providers that are identified in the details of the shoes

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In this case, for example, the product is sold and shipped by ‘Galaxy Sports’. For more detailed information about the seller, click on it and see the score it gets on the 5 star rating on the web. Detailed information includes shipping costs, procedures, and other frequently asked questions a buyer may ask prior to making a purchase.

Remember to include your height. If you’d like to leave a comment to the seller, please contact them or Amazon Customer Service if you have any problems or major issues.

The price difference between Amazon and AliExpress football boots

There is no way to reach definitive conclusions about the perfect business to buy cheap football boots online. A platform has its specific advantages, but some weigh no more than others. In this case, I’m looking for a specific model. If you’re on multiple sites, pick the cheapest one as long as you can find some good reviews or hundreds of sales. I also use these tips to buy white label football boots.

There is so much competition that original brands find competitors everywhere, both in the world of imitation and the world of unknown brands making similar models without ever breaking the copyright line. It is clear that there is a high probability that we will pay between 20 $ and 120 $ for football boots, depending on whether they are originals or replicas.

And as a last resort, you can go to eBay which also has a used market and damaged shoes (outlet) but be very careful because there are many sellers who limit themselves to reselling AliExpress replicas.