How to BUY Cheap FPV GOGGLES on AliExpress

Drones are versatile, although their buyers mainly want to take aerial photos or have fun as if they were a remote-controlled toy. Today we will focus on the seconds: we will explain what FPV Glasses are made of, a very fun way to use our drone that gives us a new flying experience: we will be able to see in real time what the camera in our drone, That makes us fly with our feet on the ground.

However, it is a complex system and you need to know exactly how it works in order to choose the best option and that we will not be disappointed when we get home. That is why today we are going to explain how to buy your FPV goggles at the best price on AliExpress, these are the best models and everything you need to consider so that you can shop safely.

Functions of the FPV Glasses

Before knowing the characteristics of these glasses you must know that In order to be able to use our FPV glasses, we also need a camera, a signal transmitter and a video receiver.. All of these devices are related, for example when the camera is low quality, no matter how good the resolution of our glasses, the video is low resolution and the video transmitter has to operate at the same frequency as the video receiver (the most commonly used frequency is 5.8 GHz).

But not all glasses are created equal. So before we buy the first model that we see on AliExpress, we need to know what makes some models different from others in order to choose the one that best suits us:

  • Glasses shape: There are 2 types of FPV goggles, some more compact that we will hardly notice when we put them on and that are made up of 2 small screens, and others that are box-shaped (in the same style as virtual reality goggles) that only have 1 liquid crystal screen . The latter, although larger, have a larger field of view than the former.
  • Video receiver: In order to be able to see the images from the camera in our glasses, it is necessary that they have a video receiver. This receiver can be built into the glasses or we can buy it separately. In this case we need to buy a receiver with the same frequency as the video transmitter, which usually broadcasts at 5.8 GHz (like a small TV transmitter).
  • Glasses resolution: There are glasses with different video resolutions, but as mentioned above, we will not use them if the camera has a lower resolution.
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There are other more technical details like the interpupillary distance, the field of view … But from my point of view it is something that does not affect the choice of glasses that much, in general the manufacturers already take these parameters into account and unless if you have something very specific all the glasses we are going to show you are a great option.

The 5 Best FPV Glasses on AliExpress

This website is one of the best to buy technology at the best price as we can find white brands of Chinese origin for very little money. By purchasing directly in the country of origin, we avoid middlemen, as many of these glasses are then sold in local shops for double the price. We even find fpv glasses from brands like DJI, fatshark, skyzone, JJRC very cheap. We’re going to analyze the 5 best FPV goggles on AliExpress, but if you want to see them all.

1. Eachine Goggles Two FPV Goggles: the best sellers

Each company is one of the brands of Chinese origin that offers drones and quadcopters at a very attractive price. But they also have several models of FPV goggles that you can find in this section of their official AliExpress store. The bestseller is the Eachine Goggles Two glasses. They are very light box-shaped glasses with a weight of only 350 grams thanks to their polyfoam production, which can be easily adjusted to our head thanks to their side and top straps.

It has a 5 inch IPS screen with a maximum resolution of 1920 × 1020 (Full HD) from which we can adjust brightness, saturation, contrast. It includes a receiver with two 5.8GHz antennas that work at the same time for better results. It offers 40 channels that can be selected manually or automatically so that you never run out of signal with your drone.

On its side we find a mini HDMI input that allows us to connect the glasses to any device with an HDMI output: computer, tablet, mobile phone, TV box … In addition to an analog video input for connecting an external video receiver and a video output audio. In short, high-quality glasses with good resolution and a very stable video signal for just over 130 dollars.

2. DJI FPV Glasses: a quality brand

DJI is one of the most famous brands when it comes to drones. His FPV glasses, although box-style, contain two screens with a Full HD resolution that can be used at either 720p / 60fps or 1080p / 30fps. They are high-performance glasses with an autonomy of up to 6 hours that can be connected to up to 4 devices at the same time.

They have a field of view of up to 85º per eye, but the most noticeable thing is their head tracking system: as you move them the drone will follow their direction and we can also change the tilt of the camera. The control panel is on the side of the glasses and allows you to turn them on, adjust the settings of the glasses, and change modes.


After all, these are absolutely ergonomic glasses that are very comfortable to wear thanks to their padded surfaces and can also be used with glasses. They have several inputs (micro USB, HDMI), audio output and the option to save our video on the micro SD card. It is worth buying them on AliExpress as they cost around 100 dollars less than their official shop.

3. GoolRC VR HD01 glasses: ideal for beginners

If you want to experiment with cheap FPV goggles, we recommend checking out these goggles. Within the low-end FPV goggles (under 50 euros) they are the most popular and sold, with very good reviews from AliExpress buyers.

It is a pair of glasses very similar to the first ones we analyzed: they work on the 5.8 GHz frequency with 40 channels of reception, 2 antennas so that the signal never goes out, they come with an upper strap and 2 adjusted on the sides, but still the resolution of the screen is much lower, it only reaches 480 x 272 px (hence the price difference). In short, they are ideal glasses if we only use them sporadically or do not want to spend a lot of money.

4. Aomway Commander v1 glasses: compact and light

If you find the boxing glasses very large and uncomfortable, we recommend you check out these compact glasses from the Aomway brand, cheaper price, as you can see in this link where they can be found for less than 300 dollars.

They have a resolution that, thanks to its LCD screen with 32-degree FOV, reaches a resolution of 854 × 480 (WVGA). It can be displayed in 16: 9 or 4: 3 format and they work at a frequency of 5.8 GHz with 40 channels. Together with the diversity antenna, we get a good connection with our drone.

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They are also glasses with features that make them very complete: compatible with Drooptry, a high-speed fan installed to prevent fogging, a built-in head tracking system to follow the movements of our head and get a better feeling of immersion , adjustable pupil distance. , Possibility of integrating a TF card of up to 32GB to record our flights. In short, some very interesting Chinese brand white compact glasses.

5. Skyzone compact FPV Glasses: quality you can touch

At AliExpress we also find glasses from the SkyZone brand, especially their best-selling model: the SKY02S V, an update of its predecessor, the SkyZone 3D. In terms of properties, they are similar to the previous ones.

Its screen with a resolution of 854 × 480 (WVGA), with two independent screen modules, is ideal for use in 3D mode. It has two antenna connections and two receiver modules that work at 5.8 GHz and, together with their 40 channels, these glasses promise us a stable image signal. In addition, they have a practical front camera that allows us to see what is in front of us without taking off our glasses.

Finally, you have the option to add a micro SD card of up to 32GB and record our flights to see later. In short, there are hardly any differences to the previous model: its price (slightly lower), the colors (available in black and white) and the front antennas, much more integrated into the design. They can be found here for just over 200 euros.

How to buy these Glasses safely on AliExpress

Above we have left you links so that you can find your FPV Goggles at the best price on AliExpress. However, as you can see, there are many stores that sell them. It is best to analyze the seller’s rating and the comments of other buyers to see if they can be trusted. At AliexBA we have a tutorials section where we explain our tips and tricks to save money and shop safely on this famous website. And you? What do you think of these AliExpress FPV goggles?