How to BUY Cheaper HASBRO Board GAMES

One of the most important brands in the world of toys for children and adults is Hasbro. Founded more than 80 years ago in the USA, it is known for games that we all know and that have accompanied us since childhood: Monopoly, Play-Doh, Cluedo, Taboo by Hasbro. Today we tell you how to find your toys even cheaper and with national shipping from EE.UU in your official store on AliExpress.

Hasbro Board Games: updated classics and fun new additions

But the best thing is that we will find classic games that will be renewed and updated with fashion trends, and we will also find very fun news, especially for the little ones at home. So if you’re looking for kids’ toys of all ages, read on because Hasbro’s news will surprise you. If you don’t want to wait and see them all, all you have to do is click here to access their official shop.

Classic Adult Games

In recent years, classic games have become fashionable, it is also always good to have a game at home to have fun with our family or friends, and with the latest updates, these games bring us new challenges and more fun. And if you’re thinking of buying classic games, you’re in luck, as some of the most popular ones are from Hasbro.

For example a game that we all know Trivial pursuitwhere we have to answer questions from different categories to win. It’s a really fun game, but your 30 year old Trivial Pursuit may have questions that you can’t answer, so it’s time for an update. In the official Hasbro store we found 2 different trivials: the Trivial Pursuit family and a Trivial Pursuit Star Wars, which can also be a good gift for lovers of this movie saga.

Another well-known classic board game is Scattergories. To win, you must say the greatest number of words related to the category and starting with the chosen letter in a time determined by the hourglass. It’s a great game to develop our imaginations and vocabulary so not just for adults, you can play as a family too.

If you want a little more action, we recommend you play a classic and very fun game like Cluedo. In this detective game we have to find out the details of the murder by asking questions to the other players. The game takes place on a board on which we find the nine rooms of the house in which the murder took place. Sounds like fun right? Well, in this link you have the kids and travel version of this popular mystery game.

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But if you want a game of war and strategy, Risk It is one of the most famous and popular and you can find it at the best price by clicking here. It’s about conquering the territory of the enemies thanks to an army, fighting in battles and moving the troops. It is a long game to win, we have to face our friends and use strategies to achieve as many conquests as possible. However, it is very entertaining.

One of my favorite Hasbro games is monopoly, a game where we have to play with our money so that it grows and has all the properties of the board. It’s great fun and easy to understand so you can play with kids too. The best thing is that Hasbro has released several editions of this classic game in recent years: Liar Monopoly, Fortnite, World Edition or Barcelona are some of the new versions of this renewed classic that are even more fun.

Another ideal game for the family is this Jenga, which is quite old, but has become more and more popular in recent years. This game of skill consists in making a wooden tower as high as possible and then removing the blocks without it collapsing. It’s simple and there’s no limit to the number of players, so it’s perfect as a tabletop game. You can find it here in its classic version, or in the pass version, which consists in alternately passing the tower and removing blocks at the same time, doubling the level of difficulty.

These are just a few of Hasbro’s iconic classic games, but you can find other great games to play with family and friends of all ages on its official AliExpress Store, such as Pictureka, Tabu or PayDay. If you want to find more fun board games for all ages, we recommend you check out this section of the official shop.

New games for adults and children from Hasbro Gaming

But if you want to discover new board games, Hasbro Gaming brings out very interesting news every year. The best thing about Hasbro Gaming is that the games are recommended for adults and children ages 8 and up, so it’s great to play with the family. Some Hasbro games that you may not be familiar with are Thumbs out, don’t lose your nerve or hear things.

They all consist of tests with very simple rules. In the first, you have to choose a card that indicates a test that you must pass without using your thumbs: drawing, shaping the player who first passes 3 tests wins. The game Don’t lose your temper will put your patience to the test: one player has to put on the tension meter while the others throw the darts to make him lose his nerve. Finally, in Hearing Things, you need to understand what your opponent is saying while wearing soundproof helmets. Would you like to see this and much more news from Hasbro Gaming?

Funny Games for children

My favorite Hasbro games are kids. They are very fun and inexpensive, and many can be played in pairs, so it’s a great way to play with the little ones or have a fun chat with their friends.

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One of the most famous is the Spray face. It’s very simple: you have to put your face in a mask and wait for the limb pop out and give us a slap in the face. To add to the fun, we need to put whipped cream in hand. There are 3 versions of this game: single, for couples or the strong splash face, in which the players test their powers while the opponent gets a cream puff.

But even the little ones in the house will find the funniest toy classics in this brand, which you will surely remember with great fondness: If you liked them, then certainly too. In contrast to many current games, these mostly have an educational component. A good example is the game of operation where you need to carefully remove our patient’s body parts with the tweezers as the metal will weigh down when you touch the metal and you will lose your pull. This game develops skill and skills so that it is a fun and educational game.

You can also find the classic Simon, a game with lights and sounds in which the players repeat the sequences and have to pass up to 16 different levels. Although very simple, this game develops visual and tactile skills. The best part is that you can play alone or with friends.

And if you want to buy a board game in a kid’s version, it’s best to bet on the most classic games in the junior version, with age-adapted challenges and a more fun design. You can find games like Cluedo, Monopoly or Game of Life in the junior version.

Hasbro Dolls: Baby Alive, superheroes and Disney princesses

Although Hasbro is best known for its board games, it also offers other toys for children. For example your wrist Baby alive It is becoming more and more popular as this doll needs care, nourishment or pampering depending on the theme chosen, at a very good price. It is an ideal toy for boys and girls, the doll contains up to 80 realistic sounds, movements and expressions.


If your kids are into more superheroes, you’re in luck because Hasbro also has a section where you can find the Captain America, Deadpool and Hulk figures or Iron Man masks. Look here to see toys from the most popular superheroes at the best price.

Hasbro also has some of the Disney Princesses more adventurous like Tiana or Mulán as you can see in this section of their AliExpress store. You can even find a pack of 6 Disney dolls with all sorts of details and some pretty clothes with removable accessories. They are classic and fun toys at the best price.

Play-Doh: clay toys for the little ones

Even the little ones have their place in the Hasbro brand, as the popular Play Doh brand It’s from Hasbro and in this section of their store on AliExpress you can buy the most popular Plastelin toys at the best price. You can find from packs of 20 clay cans to games on a variety of themes: create ice cream, design an under the sea wedding with The Little Mermaid, or decorate My Little Pony. Children will enjoy safely developing their skills and creativity.

Nerf Guns: fun guaranteed

the Nerf guns they are synonymous with guaranteed fun. These rubber-winged pistols are great for playing with friends on the go in the spring or summer, but due to the nature of the pistols, this game is only recommended for children aged 14 and over. But the best part is that there are several Nerf Guns out there, some like the Nerf Rival Apollo include a mask, cloth badge, and a blaster. This rifle fires from 7-round magazines containing round foam bullets.

One of my favorite Nerf weapons is the Nerf Surgefire, an automatic weapon with a rotating barrel that fires up to 15 foam arrows and can fire up to 5 arrows per second. But there are many more types of Nerf Guns. Here you can find Nerf Guns and their ammunition at the best price.