How to BUY on AliExpress with the MACH CARD

As you already know, AliExpress has several payment methods, the most popular being card payment (either debit or credit card). So if you don’t want to or can’t get one, it is more difficult to buy from this well-known online sales platform. Today we are going to talk about the Mach card, one of the best alternatives to your State Bank RUT account that you can buy on AliExpress and other online stores.

What is the MACH Card?

It’s a virtual card that works just like a debit card. Therefore, we can buy from any online shop both in EE.UU and anywhere in the world. The best part is that this card is total for free, has no commissions or maintenance costs.

The MACH card is really a Visa card, and although it has become popular because of its “digital” version, they recently launched a prepaid physical card that you can also use to make purchases in physical stores in your country . Even so, today we’re focusing on the virtual version of the card, which is very easy to get and can be used to purchase on AliExpress.

The advantages of the MACH card

But why buy a MACH card? Paying with a card at AliExpress is very easy, as the confirmation of the payment is almost instant, we can pay from the comfort of our home and if you have to reimburse us for one of our purchases, we will receive the money in our MACH card balance. In addition, since it is a prepaid card, we can only use the balance that we have on our card, so we cannot go into debt and it is a safe card for online purchases.

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How to get the MACH card for purchase on AliExpress

Getting your MACH card is very easy. All you need to register is your ID card and a telephone number. You can do this through the MACH application which is available for iOS and Android. Then all we have to do is activate the card by verifying our identity through a selfie or through your bank account.

If we want to do this through our bank account, we need to enter his details and MACH will make a deposit between $ 1 and $ 1000. When it arrives at your bank, you will need to enter this amount into MACH to confirm our identity. Here we answer some frequently asked questions.

How can I top up my card balance?

This MACH card is prepaid and virtual so that we have all the data in the mobile application and can only spend what we have in credit. To top up our card, we can do this by bank transfer or with your usual credit card.

How can I pay in US dollars on AliExpress?

When we shop on AliExpress, the card itself is converted from US dollars to pesos using the currency exchange in effect on the day of purchase in VISA. No exchange fees, which makes this card even more interesting.

What should I choose when paying on AliExpress?

Simply select “Card” and provide all of your card details that can be found through your MACH application. You will need to provide the card numbers, owner name, year and month of expiry and CVV security code.

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Can I pay in installments with this card? can I pay cash?

The MACH card is virtual and prepaid, which means that you can only pay with the money you have previously paid in. Therefore, you cannot pay in installments. You can’t pay with cash because you need a bank account or debit card to transfer money.

How do I get a refund on my MACH account?

If your AliExpress order didn’t arrive or you have a problem, you must first open a dispute to get your money back. When the dispute is resolved, the money will be deposited into your MACH account and added to your account. Since this is a dollar refund, currency exchange will be made with the value of the day at the time of payment.

Is it safe to use my MACH card to pay at AliExpress?

This online sales platform of Chinese origin is one of the most popular in the world and has security protocols in its payment systems, so thanks to the ESCROW system that AliExpress uses to save your money and deliver it to the seller, the seller will never receive your bank details until you confirm that everything arrived safely. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to pay with a virtual and prepaid card in online shops, as we cannot spend more than the balance on the card.

Our Review on the MACH card and other tricks for buying on AliExpress

As you can see, the MACH card is a great option to use when you read us from USA to make your purchases on AliExpress. It is very easy to use and thus it makes it easier for you to shop on this online sales platform of Chinese origin that can save you a lot of money on your purchases.

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If you want to learn more about the best products and brands to buy on AliExpress, we’ll bring you the latest news on our blog. And if you want to know how to shop safely, we recommend our tutorial section for the best tips and tricks for buying safely. If you don’t know where to start, we recommend checking out our Definitive Guide to AliExpress, where we explain everything you need to know before you start shopping. And you? Do you already have your MACH card?