How to Buy SMART BANDS on AliExpress

Activity wristbands have become one of the best-selling and most widely used “wearables“. All you have to do is look at the wrists of your co-workers or friends to spot them. If you still don’t have one or want to renew it, today we will explain how to get a high quality and affordable activity bracelet on AliExpress.

What are they and what are they used for?

If you don’t already have a smartband, it’s because you don’t know what all it can do for you. They have a lot of advantages, although it all depends on the model we bought and its characteristics. Most have a small monitor Pulse rate and a Pedometer, with which you can measure our daily physical activity: steps taken, calories burned … Quality of our sleep: how many hours of deep or light sleep we slept, total hours of sleep … For some, you can also create Notifications via mobile app to let us know when we sit for a long time or have an appointment. Finally, another one of its most interesting uses is Received messages, noticed when they call us or read WhatsApp messages, everything on our wrist.

Here is a summary of the functions most smartbands can perform:

  • Analyze our physical activity: calories, steps, training quality …
  • Analyze our dream
  • Create warnings and alarms
  • Receive notifications of calls, messages, SMS, WhatsApp …

In short, smartbands are very interesting and the best part is that you can find them very cheap on sites like AliExpress, so there are no more excuses to buy one. If you like smartbands but want to expand their functionality, we recommend that you opt for a smartwatch that allows you to wear mobile applications on your wrist. We have an article on the blog where we talk about the best smartwatch on AliExpress.

The Best AliExpress Smart Bands

AliExpress is a great option when it comes to buying technology because there is a huge variety in any product you want, and the same thing happens with smartbands. Next we analyze the best Brands and models of activity bracelets which you can find very cheap on AliExpress.

Xiaomi: Mi Band 2

This is without a doubt the AliExpress best-selling Smartband. It is an activity bracelet that you can use to do the Heart rate and sleep quality. Thanks to your OLED display At the push of a button we see the steps taken, the heart rate and the time. It connects via bluetooth 4.2, a faster and more stable connection. Through its application, we can configure it to vibrate when they call us or the bracelet recognizes that we have been sitting for a long time. It can be purchased for around $ 20-25.


Last but not least, you 70 mAh battery lasts 20 days This is important because not all of the models we’re showing you below have this much battery power (especially the models with a screen where you can receive SMS or WhatsApp notifications). Also the Mi Band is very customizable thanks to the wide variety of bracelets in different colors and materials.

Huawei: designer activity bracelet

Huawei is one of the brands of Chinese origin emerging in the international market making high quality products. How could it be otherwise, they have also released their own activity bracelet, which is cheaper to find on AliExpress.

It’s called Huawei TalkBand B3 and it has a beautiful design that is the result of a collaboration between industrial designer Tom Dixon and the fashion designer. Issey miyake. Your screen 0.7 inch AMOLED With Gorilla Corning Glass, it can be removed and used as a speakerphone as it includes a small earphone. On the screen we can see notifications, the time or messages. Its 91 mAh battery lasts up to 3-4 days (6 hours in conversation) and it has bluetooth 4.2. In short, a design quantitation bracelet, but at an inflated price if we don’t care about the design or use it as a speakerphone.

Honor: Huawei’s little sister and her SmartBand

Honor is the little sister of Huawei, a sub-brand that aims to create more affordable products for a young audience. Recently they announced their new SmartBand that is going to revolutionize the market, it is the new Honor Band 3 and yes the price is much cheaper than Huawei’s smartband.

It has 0.9 inch PMOLED screen, Heart rate sensor, accelerometer and IR sensor recognizes that when we put it on. It is connected to our mobile phone via Bluetooth 4.2. Finally, the most important thing is that, despite having a screen, this SmartBand has great autonomy that the 20 days without recharging thanks to the 105 mAh battery. It is compatible with Android and iOS and supports dives up to 5 meters deep. It can be found on AliExpress for less than $ 40.

Lemfo: the leading brand for AliExpress wearables

It’s the top-selling brand in the AliExpress smartwatch section, and we have an article where we talk about Lemfo and its best models on the blog. But it also has Cheap Smart Bracelets. It has several models that you can find in its official AliExpress store or here as well.

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Lemfo’s best-selling Smart Bracelet is the Lemfo S2 Smart Band. It has a heart rate sensor and a pedometer, allows us to monitor our sleep and, thanks to its OLED screen, to receive notifications from various applications: Facebook, WhatsApp, incoming call notifications. It is also waterproof and allows you to use the mobile Control the camera remotely with the wristband. In terms of autonomy, it has a 90 mAh battery that, according to the manufacturer, offers 10 days of autonomy (depending on usage).


This brand of Chinese origin is very popular, especially for its cheap and high quality computers. They also have their own line of smartphones. But when it came to smart bands, Lenovo’s strategy was very clear: to create a wearable that could withstand Xiaomi’s famous Mi Band 2.

The big difference to the first is that the Lenovo Smart Band is a 0.91 inch OLED screen which, in addition to displaying the time and heart rate, also enables us to receive calls, messages and notifications about sedentary activities control the music and the camera of our smartphone and of course it allows you to monitor the Sleep quality and physical activity thanks to its sensors. It has a nice minimalist design with a silicone strap in 2 colors (maroon or black) and its 85 mAh battery offers a range of up to 3 weeks without charging. It can be found here for around $ 20-25.

Zeblaze: Smartbands and Smartwatch for sports enthusiasts

Zeblaze is another of the AliExpress brands that specialize in high quality and affordable smartwatches and smartbands for athletes that you can find in their official AliExpress store. Its activity bracelet, the Zeband Plus, is very similar to some that we have shown you so far, but it has such good reviews and components that it is worth including in our article.

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Includes a screen 0.94 inch OLED of low consumption, where, in addition to physical activity data and heart rate, we can also read the messages from our mobile phone. Your battery from 90 mAh can take time up to 15 days. If we look at the comments of other buyers we can see that it is very high quality, some buyers highlight the quality of the sensors, the fast synchronization with the cell phone and the good visibility of the screen even outdoors.

IwownFit: Sports Smartbands

Iwownfit, whose name already recalls the famous FitBit brand, is a brand of Chinese origin that specializes in smartbands for sports activities. You can find all of their models in their official AliExpress store. In fact, this brand was the one I chose when buying a SmartBand after a promotion carried out on AliExpress where the price was very good.

The brand became famous with the i5 bracelet, and in 2016 the new model, the i6, was launched as an evolution of the first. There are several models within its i6 bracelets, the latest being the iwownfit i6 HR armband, the evolution of the i6 Pro armband that improves its weak points. The iwownfit i6 HR bracelet has a 0.96 inch PMOLED touch screen, has an autonomy of between 5 and 7 days, allows you to control the activity of up to 20 different sports, analyze your sleep, monitor your heart rate and receive WhatsApp messages, call notifications or set alarms. Another feature is that it ccontrol the camera of our cell phone. In short, it is a very complete bracelet that can be found here for a very good price.