How to BUY the ZXW DONGLE on AliExpress

As you know, at AliexBA we are talking about all kinds of quirky and very useful items that you can find on AliExpress. Today we’re talking about a product that you can find at AliExpress for a very good price that you may not have known about: a USB stick. But of course it’s not just any USB stick. It includes software called ZXW, short for Zillion x Work, that will make your life a lot easier if you are into micro-welding and repairing smartphones and tablets.

What is the Zillion x Work program for?

The aim of the Zillion x Work program is to offer you all the electronic diagrams of the motherboards of different models of smartphones and tablets, not only for Android, but also for Apple devices. This helps us to find and solve problems with the motherboard of any device more quickly.

I suppose you’re wondering … why not just download and use the program? Well, because in order to be able to access it we need this dongle, a USB device that is not suitable for storage but allows us to do some additional functions, such as: B. the provision of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for our PC. In our case, the dongle acts as a security key to unlock and use the ZXW software.

How does it work once I have received it?

It is very easy to use: we just have to connect it to a computer with Windows operating system (it won’t work in other operating systems) and install the dongle. Next we need to install the ZXW program, this can be done either by installing it from a CD (if the seller has supplied it with the USB stick) or by downloading it from the Internet.

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If we choose the second option, we recommend using a browser that includes a translation add-on, since the ZXW Tools website is only in Chinese, the Google Chrome browser will automatically translate the websites we crawled. Once installed, you can access all electronic diagrams.

The user interface is very simple. You will see that there is a column on the left that we can search for the mobile model we are interested in and the diagram will automatically appear. Thanks to the magnifying glass, you can also search for the components and see all the parts of the board that are connected to that component. Here is a video (but in English) that shows you how the program works.

Why buy the ZXW Work dongle and how you can find it very cheaply on AliExpress

There are many more programs that offer this type of scheme, some even for free, although they never offer as many or as up-to-date schemes. In addition, it is impossible to find a crack for the ZXW program or to use it for free, the dongle is essential to access it, but it is worth it because you get the most up-to-date schemes and it is also easier to use than others Programs.

If you search online you will find that there are many websites out there that offer the ZXW crack, but in reality they link you to a sales website and even some smartphone programs are circulating on the internet, but if you do it professionally you will will understand that all diagrams need to be updated and easily and safely accessible. Buying such software is therefore an investment, because the time saved will amortize the price in a very short time.


The ZXW dongle is available online for around 110 dollars, on AliExpress we can find it for between 70 and 80 dollars, depending on the seller. Finding it is very easy, we link you here to search. As you will see, there aren’t many ZXW dongles out there, but they all have some sales and very positive reviews from other users.

What is the Best Seller to buy the ZXW Dongle?

We always recommend that you buy from reliable sellers with many sales. We explain in our guide how to find reliable sellers on AliExpress. In the case of the ZXW dongle, we recommend that you look for a reliable seller (most have positive sales and good comments) and one who offers a good price. The easiest way to do this is to search by number of sales and see which one is offering you offers more competitive price, and then see if it has a good rating as a seller.