Questions about Tous Brand on Aliexpress:

  1. Yes, you can buy original Tous perfumes in AliExpress. Today, however, they are hardly sold because they are no cheaper than in any physical perfumery.
  2. noThere are no accessories, bags, jewelery etc, original Tous. I recommend the Tous Store on Amazon, which usually has good offers
  3. Yes, on AliExpress there are some clones of Tous products (here) like the ones in the picture below

Finding cheap Tous-style Bear Jewelry and accessories on AliExpress is easy

Fortunately, Tous-inspired jewelry and accessories are very easy to find on AliExpress. To search for them I recommend that you use terms in English as the translation system is not perfect and more than once I have seen them translate “mark” with “scores” 🙂 🙂.

In this case, if you want Bear jewelry inspired by the Tous concept, I recommend you look for it. In the link I’ve already included the filtered search that I do the first thing I do as soon as I search for something on AliExpress, because after so many years in this store, I’ve come to the conclusion that the chances of finding a bargain are too Big accounts for me are very small, and that collective wisdom is much more effective.

How to find the bestsellers of Jewelry, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets …

If you hit search you will see a lot of results but you need to know (if you are new to AliExpress) that this website is not an online store. It’s not a store with its own warehouse like El Corte Inglés or Fnac, but a platform on which thousands of Chinese manufacturers sell their products. A bit like a more professional eBay because they aren’t individuals, they are professionals.

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Either way, the eBay example is useful because I recommend that you follow the same criteria: check the reputation of whoever is going to sell you the product before making the purchase. And if you don’t really understand how seller rating works on AliExpress, I recommend reading our article on How to Identify a Reliable AliExpress Seller. However, don’t rely solely on a seller’s overall rating before purchasing any particular product.

Instead, you need to pay close attention to the feedback that buyers have provided on that particular product. And the more reviews you have, the more reliable the average rating is and the more likely you are to find a great product. That is why we always recommend clicking on “Sale” when searching to first see the products with the most orders and thus the ratings.

And then you can look at the individual rating of the product or be the stars. Remember, the stars are a simplified score to see the exact percentage you need to put in the product file. For example, look at the rating of this product:

Rating Seller Tous

79% of buyers are happy with the product, which is not a high number. This type of rating is usually due to two things: either the product is taking a long time to arrive, or the quality is not good. And for the avoidance of doubt, the best thing to do is to click on the stars to go to «Reviews», where you will find comments from buyers of the product and even real photos.

Fortunately, there are many English buyers on AliExpress, so it shouldn’t cost us anything to find reviews in our language.

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Tous style Teddy Bear bags on AliExpress

If we said before that it is very easy to find high quality Tous bear jewelry on AliExpress, the truth is that there is a lot less for handbags. To search for them we follow the same ritual as always, that is, enter this version of AliExpress and try combinations between the above keywords + “bag” or “woman’s bag” or “shoulder bag”: “Bear Women Bag” “off”, etc. It’s just a question of taking a moment to see which Tous bags really are and which aren’t.