HOW to CANCEL an Order in SHEIN?

Often times we regret buying something in Shein just minutes after clicking the confirm purchase button. At this very moment, doubts arise as to whether we will get the money back. What happens after the termination? Do I get my points and coupons back? How is the refund process? And what if the order that I want to cancel has already been sent? Today we are going to answer all of these questions.

When can I Cancel Orders with Shein?

You need to access Shein, go to the My Orders section and click on the order you want to cancel to access the details. Take a look at the Order Status section: If you encounter any of the following situations, it’s safe to cancel them.

Orders with the Status “In process”

This status appears when the order has already been approved and is being prepared by the seller. This period, when your order has not yet been dispatched, is ideal for canceling it. There is no set time frame in which the product will be processed, it depends on the seller: many ship their products the same day, others the next day or two, so it’s a matter of luck.

Orders with the Status “Unpaid”

This is the easiest way to cancel orders. These are purchases for which you have chosen bank transfer as the payment method or other purchases that take a certain amount of time to complete. You usually have 24 hours to make the payment, so you have this deadline to cancel the order and thus cancel the payment order. Here you don’t have to wait for a refund as the payment was never made. The points and discount coupons that you used for your order will be refunded within 24 hours.
If you fail to pay during this period, the order will be automatically canceled, but it is convenient that you can do so from Shein so you can easily get your points and coupons back.

How can I cancel orders that have already been sent?

If your order is already in “Warehouse Out” or “Sent” status, you cannot cancel it because it has already been shipped. Don’t worry, here you have the option of returning the goods for a refund. The first thing you should do is wait for the product to arrive at your home. From that moment on, you have 45 days to make the return.

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You need to complete the process on the Shein page or app. Go to “My Orders“, find the order and click on “Return“. You will receive a label that you stick on the package and take to the collection point you have specified.

Some aspects to consider:

  • To return a product, it must be in perfect condition.
  • Refunds can be made in whatever payment method you choose or in the form of a Shein credit. The Shein credit is refunded very quickly, otherwise the duration is approx. One month.
  • Products in the following categories cannot be returned: lingerie and underwear, bikinis, swimsuits, costume jewelry, bodysuits and accessories.
  • The first return label is free. In the event that additional costs are required to complete the return, you will be charged 4.50 $ which will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.

Aside from the fact that in this case you will have to return the product and wait for your refund, it is not a major complication process, you just have to be patient. Shein is a reliable company so don’t worry as you will receive your refund.