How to Change The ADDRESS on AliExpress

We’re going to explain what to do if you Discover that the Shipping Address was incorrect after making a purchase on AliExpress. And in the second part we will tell you how to easily add or change your AliExpress addresses to avoid these kind of mistakes.

I Placed an Order at the Wrong Address, What can I do?

First of all, you need to know that AliExpress does not allow you to change a shipping address after you confirm your purchase. But don’t worry, there are four things you can do (sorted from best to worst):

Contact the seller immediately

The best solution is to explain to the seller that you got the delivery address wrong and want to change it. If he’s a serious seller and tells you right away that changing it is no problem, then you can rest easy. If you find that it is taking time to respond, especially if the seller is from a seller who doesn’t have a lot of sales, we encourage you to abandon the purchase. Now let’s explain how to do it right.
(Remember, you can only cancel before you get the “Order Shipped” status, so you need to hurry.)

Cancel Order

In the article on how to cancel an AliExpress order, we already told you that the seller may not accept the cancellation and claims that they have already shipped the product.

There is no point in opening a dispute here as AliExpress will not accept it, so you’ll have to rush all options for the seller to accept the cancellation request. We recommend that you: Even if he didn’t answer you the last time (when you asked him to change your address), write to him again.

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This time explain that you will cancel the order because you entered a wrong address and that you will buy it again with the correct address. If the seller knows that you want to cancel a new purchase, they will be more likely to accept the cancellation. If you don’t accept the cancellation or if you arrived late and don’t have time, we’ll go to the next box.

Try to contact the courier

If it is a normal shipment, as the postman puts in the mailbox without your signature, you do not have to do anything: the order will be accepted by the person who lives at the address you specified. Depending on how much you care about the order, maybe you can go to his house and ask him to give it to you.

However, if it is a certified order (you need to sign to receive it) then you can keep an eye out for tracking and try to contact the post office or courier company when the order arrives near you. Since it is in your name, you may be able to pick it up at the office. And if they ignore you, there is one last option.

Negotiate a partial refund

If the shipment is certified and no one signs for the pick-up at the address you provided (“no one with that name lives here”), the order will be returned to China for sure. You can recognize it by the fact that the status of the order says “back to sender”, “in process” or “back to sender”.

At this point, you can negotiate with the seller: tell them again what happened, ask for a partial refund, and tell them to buy it again. He’s under no obligation to return your money, but who knows, maybe he’ll feel sorry for you.

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How to Add, Change or Delete a new address

Let’s see how to add and change an address through the application and the AliExpress website. You can go directly to “My Shipping Address” by clicking here, but if the link doesn’t work for you, we’ll explain how to get there.

Via the AliExpress app

First log in, go to “My Account” (bottom right), scroll down and you will see “Shipping Address“. Click on it and the “Add New Address” option will appear. When writing your address, make sure everything is correct and don’t forget to include your mobile phone. This is very important as the courier company can contact you there quickly.

Save multiple addresses in the app

You can add any addresses you want (e.g. home, work, a relative’s address), but only the first one that appears in the list is the one you have saved by default. This means that it will be sent to this address when purchasing. To change the default address to a different one that you have saved, click “Set as Default”.

Changing the address is very easy: all you have to do is click “Edit” where you want to correct and save the changes.

From the AliExpress website

If not, you can do it in a very similar way as in the app: Enter “My Account” (top right) and click on “My Orders”.

Within my orders you will see a list with several options on the left:

  • Select “My delivery address”
  • Select “Add my delivery address”
  • Fill out all fields.

Store multiple addresses on the web

If you have saved several addresses and want to change them to a different one, enter “Change” (in the field of the address you want to change to) and check the box “Save as default” (“Save default”)

If you want to edit a saved address, click “Change” and save the changes. Remember, it is better to delete any addresses that you no longer want to use to avoid confusion. It is not the same thing that you make a mistake sending an order to your old address as it is to a friend or relative’s house (where you could find the package if you make a mistake). If in doubt what address you have on file by default, better double-check it before placing your order. This way you will avoid a lot of headaches.