How to Find Cheap AKRAPOVIC Exhaust PIPES

China seller of AliExpress They offer customers Akrapovic exhaust Pipes at very affordable prices when we compare them to physical stores or other online platforms like Amazon, eBay. In addition, on this Chinese platform you can also find exhausts from other brands such as Yoshimura, Termignoni, Arrow, Mivv, Yasuni, at really affordable prices. In this article, you will see some tricks to buy (and find) them very cheaply.

In case you don’t know (certainly if you have a passion for the motor world), Akrapovic is number one in the sales of exhaust pipes for motorcycles, scooters / mopeds and exhaust pipes for cars, both for everyday use and for competition. This brand, founded in 1990 by the pilot Igor Akrapovic, develops its product through the experience of optimizing the two wheels. They became famous in the motorcycle world because they revolutionized the market by using a material like titanium instead of carbon.

Almost 60% of the products are made from this metal. According to experts, its main advantage is that it is 45% less heavy than stainless steel, for example. In addition, thanks to the alloy with aluminum, it is as durable as steel. To do this, greater resistance must be added in the event of an accident. Other advantages: the repair is faster and the production costs are lower.

How to Find Cheap Akrapovic Exhaust Pipes on AliExpress

Since we know that many users do not know whether to buy a used or a new Akrapovic, we will try to show you some advantages of buying a new one, as on AliExpress the prices for brand new exhausts are practically the same (even lower) than the ones that they can offer you on used platforms with the handicap of previous use that the first buyer gave them.

Under the following link you can see the large selection of existing tubes of this brand. Click here and we will lead you to the catalog of the various Akrapovic references, especially for your motorcycle. but there are also other brands if maybe this is what you are looking for and you don’t want to decide on one or the other. And of course there are Akrapovic replicas, but the price difference is barely noticeable, so in this case we do not recommend that you buy them. Another thing is that if you are looking for custom made exhaust pipes, AliExpress is not the place. However, if you do reach out to a seller, they may be able to make one for you (just ask).


Here are two more acronyms / searches that will take you to Akrapovic products by simply clicking on them.

Akrapovic exhaust pipes for honda, ktm, kawasaki, bmw, yamaha, suzuki ...

Aliexba tip: If you are looking for an exhaust for your motorcycle model (Yamaha, Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM, BMW, Husqvarna), in addition to your motorcycle model, we recommend that you do this search: Motorcycle exhaust + model. (Here you can get both Akrapovic motorcycle exhausts and other brands like Yoshimura, Termignoni, Ixil, Leo Vince, Arrow etc)

Other Recommendations

For example, if you are looking for a muffler exhaust for a scooter, This product is booming. In addition, the users rate it well: For 37 dollars (plus shipping, approx. 18), i.e. a total of 55 dollars, they bring you this Akrapovic exhaust for your motorcycle home in just 15 days.

And if you have a four-stroke motorcycle, up to 600 cubic centimeters, this universal Akrapovic (valid for most of the brands) 51mm is also very much appreciated and has sold very well in the history of AliExpress. It costs 65 dollars. Including free shipping. And if you are looking for a slightly smaller diameter, we recommend this 38 millimeter modelthat sells like foam. Available for 53$ and free shipping to EE.UU.

Why on AliExpress?

At all times we have described the prices for new exhausts. Cheap, isn’t it? You can see firsthand the inflated prices of this product by taking a tour of the Google search engine or other platforms. In any case, we are talking about three-digit numbers (200,300,400 dollars depending on the model), while AliExpress provides you with exhaust pipes for motorbikes for less than second-hand ones, where sellers want to get rid of them at very high numbers.

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Best Akrapovic exhaust stores on AliExpress

Based on the evaluation criteria of previous users, we select the bestsellers for you who have this product in stock. Hurry or you will run out. And you know that if in doubt, you can write to the stores directly. They will provide you with photos or necessary information about the item in question. They are specialists in this field. Clicking on each store takes you to their entire catalog available. We particularly recommend the latter as it is the one with the most references and almost always brings offers on the product, saving you a few bucks if you choose this tube.

Are you in a hurry and want your exhaust as soon as possible? Amazon or eBay is the solution

In this case, AliExpress has only one disadvantage, namely the delivery time. If you need your tailpipe ASAP, Amazon and eBay are worth a look. However, prices are skyrocketing, so you might want to wait the 15 days it takes to ship from AliExpress. Of course, when you choose to buy through Amazon, you know that shipping is fast and the customer service is exceptional. If you have a problem, they will solve it for you. Check out the Akrapovic tubes on Amazon.

Tip: Amazon offers FREE SHIPPING in less than 24 hours. To promote Amazon Premium, they are giving away free shipping under 24 hours to everyone who subscribes to the service. If you want to shop on Amazon, we recommend that you log in to benefit from the promotion and log out after receiving the product. It is very important to remember that if you do not unsubscribe, Amazon will bill you for the service after the month of free trial.

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Exhaust Pipes on eBay – Things change on eBay and you can find reasonably priced tailpipes (a little more expensive than AliExpress). This is where you need to be careful as you will get both used and new results. Because of this, it is important that you filter your search results. In the Aliexba we recommend filtering for “New” (you can find this in the options menu on the left) if you do not want to see any used exhaust pipes.

cheap exhaust pipes for scooters, motorcycles, tuning cars on aliexpress ebay and amazon

One thing to consider when buying on eBay is that it depends on who you are buying from. It takes the same delivery time as when you purchased the product on AliExpress. A trend among some eBay sellers is dropshipping. This is the case when you buy from a seller who is out of stock, he calls another store that has one, pays for the product, and tells him to ship it to your address. This business model isn’t bad, but be careful that you are buying from someone in EE.UU who has a distributor in China. In this case, it is better to switch vendors or buy directly from AliExpress.

Where do I buy my exhaust pipe?

So where do you buy the best value for money exhaust pipe? As we taught you in this article, you have several options to choose from. Actually, the decision is better that you make it, as one or the other platform will be more convenient for you depending on urgency and purchasing power. One thing is clear, all of these online stores have good reputations and good customer service. Regardless of which one you choose, rest assured that quality products will arrive at your home.