Every year there are a Number of Toys that become Star Gifts, making them a coveted and hard-to-find toy. This is the case with the Beyblade tops, which come from a Japanese series. They have become one of the most requested toys, but the price of the official one is made by Hasbro (international distributor) or Takara Tommy (original creator of Japan), with prices ranging from 25 to 50 dollars depending on the model. Today we’re going to explain how to find these cheaper tops on AliExpress.

Beyblade Spinning top on AliExpress

Beyblade tops are inspired by traditional Japanese tops. In the series, characters compete to be the best by performing tricks with their tops. Beyblades consist of 3 parts and there are four types of tops with different properties: resistance, attack, balance and defense.

In addition, they can be modified and enhanced with spearheads and layers of energy, the thrower and the battlefield are also important. As you can see, the possibilities are endless and that is why they have become very collectable. We’ll show you our favorites, but you can find them all by clicking here.

Custom Beyblade Spinning Top

The bestsellers are the Beyblade Tops, which are available in single format because they are very cheap and offer a great variety with more than 35 different models. Each costs less than 3 euros, but they come with no box and no launcher, they are still a good option for this price, very similar to the Takara Tommy, although a bit bigger. It comes with stickers that we need to place ourselves, and the launcher that can be bought with the tops doesn’t get stuck and works well.


However, you can find practically all Beyblade Tops, whether it’s Burst, Evolution or Turbo. All you have to do is click here and enter the name of the gyro you are looking for in the search to find it. If you are looking for a Beyblade top that is different and fun, we recommend these from the golden series, which are very successful due to their attractive color.

Beyblade Spinning Top with Double Launcher

If you want to practice fighting or play alone, now you can too thanks to the double launchers that allow you to launch two gyroscopes at the same time. Ideal for spotting the differences between gyroscopes and staying ahead of your opponents, or just having a good time playing without having to compete with friends. You can find them by clicking here.

Beyblade Spinning Top Takara Tomy Japan

But if you are looking for original Takara Tomy Beyblade Tops that are only sold in Japan and through online sites. There are sellers on AliExpress who sell them. Their price is much more expensive than the previous ones, but cheaper than other collectible sites. Not all models can be found, but the most important ones, with box and launcher, also some limited editions that are difficult to find.

Beyblade Single Stages

But in addition to the tops and the respective launchers, you also need individual stadiums in which you can play with your tops. These stages are used to start the tops and see who is the winner. There are different types of stages, it is very important to pay attention to the size, if it is big, you can play with multiple beyblades, if it is smaller, it is more suitable to play with two spinning tops in intense fights.

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Beyblade Spinning Top and Battlefield Kits

If you are looking for a Beyblade kit, AliExpress is a great option because not only can you buy all of the tops and accessories individually, but also in such kits. There are several types of kits available, the most popular ones being those that contain multiple tops and a launcher in one convenient box that you can easily take with you wherever you go.

You can also find kits that include Tops, Launcher, and Battlefield by clicking here. They’re a little more expensive because the battlefields are already an item worth more than just the box, but with this type of kit we already have everything we need to play with our tops so it’s the perfect gift for those who want to start playing.

Beyblade Spinning Top Customization Accessories

For Beyblade experts looking to customize their tops, there are sellers on AliExpress selling stocks, tips, and other accessories to upgrade your Beyblade tops with.

Beyblade organization and Storage Boxes

Finally, if you have several Beyblade Tops and want to properly store them so that they look like they did on the first day, you can purchase empty cardboard boxes prepared for these types of tops. You can find them by clicking here.

The best Beyblade product Stores and how to shop safely on AliExpress

As you can see, finding products and accessories for these famous tops is very easy on this online sales platform. We encourage you to carefully study the product description and comments from other buyers to know exactly what we are receiving prior to purchase. Here are some AliExpress stores that specialize in Beyblade spinning tops.

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