How to Find Cheap BIKE PARTS on AliExpress

When it comes to buying replacement parts, a good option is to search for them on shipping online sales sites from China. One of the providers with the greatest variety of products is AliExpress, it has also become one of the most reliable shopping platforms, we could say that it is the Chinese Amazon. Today we will tell you how to find spare parts for your bike (be it a fixie, a folding bike, a mountain bike, a racing bike …) at the best price on AliExpress. Not only can you find all kinds of spare parts, there are even specialist bike shops with a wide range of products, we will talk about them at the end of the article, don’t miss out!

How to find Spare Parts for any Bike on AliExpress

Finding spare parts for your bike (whatever it is) on AliExpress is very easy and cheap: you just have to click here to enter the specific category of spare parts and filter on the left for what you are looking for. But so you don’t go crazy, we’ll show you our best tricks to find the part you want without wasting time.

Bicycle frame

Whether fixie or Mountain Bike, at AliExpress you will find affordable bike frames for every budget. Buying your own frame is the best way to build a Bike the way you want: you can choose all the components that best suit your needs. You can find carbon, aluminum, steel, titanium frames.


The handlebars are one of the points where our weight is distributed, they are also the main actor when it comes to steering our bike. This is why it is important to have a handlebar with the right width and reach. At AliExpress we found all types of handlebars for your bike.


When your bike’s brakes are worn out, it’s time to look for replacement parts: remember, brakes are essential to be able to ride two wheels safely. There are no more excuses for very little money.


Although the tires (also called covers) don’t seem to suffer over time and we often don’t give them the importance they deserve, they are responsible for protecting the tube the same week and we see that the drawing is smooth.



The fork is the part that connects the frame to the front wheel, on classic or fixie bikes it is a simple part, but on enduro or MTB bikes it is very complex, and on racing bikes it has to be strong and light. If you are looking for a new fork for your bike, you can find it in this section of AliExpress. The most popular are the carbon fiber for the mountain due to its low price and lightness, but you can also find MTB suspension.


How many hours do you sit on your bike? A saddle is essential to be able to use your bike for hours without discomfort. It carries most of our weight and is an essential part of our comfort. So if you are looking for a new saddle or want to buy a padded cover for yours.

Seat posts

The seat post is a part that connects the saddle to the frame. It’s a simple part but the important thing is that it is the right size, it’s usually a cheap part and even more so on AliExpress.


Are your old pedals damaged? Or do you just want to give your old bike a change in the wallpaper? Well, it’s worth checking out the pedals that you can find on AliExpress, for all types of bikes: Mountain, Classic, Fixies, Road, you can buy all types of pedals for very little money.

Cassettes and pinions

The cassette is the group of sprockets that are located on the rear wheel hub and are responsible for changing gears. Therefore it is very important to have a cassette in good condition in order to ride our bike comfortably and without problems. There are a wide variety of cartridges available on AliExpress as you can see in this filtered search. Remember that it is important that it is compatible with your axle and type of bike.

Chainrings and cranks

When changing the entire transmission assembly on your bike, you can’t miss out on a new set of chainring and cranks, which are essential to properly transferring power from the pedals to the chainrings and from the chainrings to the wheels (usually the rear). Here you can find very cheap chainring and cranksets.



If you’re one of those people who break the chain every two by three, why don’t you have several left at home? At AliExpress we found cheap chains and also Shimano at a great price with hundreds of sales and positive comments.


Whether you have bearing or ball bushings or want to switch from one system to another, at AliExpress we have found a large selection of cheap bushings.

Gear shift

The gear change, also known as «derailleur» in French, allows you to choose the size of the sprocket. If yours is no longer working properly, you have found everything from Chinese white label rear derailleurs to the most popular Shimano brands in this search on AliExpress.


The stems are responsible for the correct connection of handlebars and fork. It is very important to choose a stem with the correct spacing (which can vary between 60 and 140mm) that will allow us to achieve a comfortable posture on our back. The best are the 31.8 mm stems.

Find Bicycle Parts shipped

If you live in EE.UU you now have more advantages when buying on AliExpress as there are many sellers with national warehouses so you can receive your order in less than 5 working days with no customs fees. Although we haven’t found many bicycle parts with national shipping (as you can see here), if there are many products and cycling equipment with express shipping from EE.UU, you can find them all filter the search as you see below. You’ll still save money, but you’ll receive your order in record time.

Best Bicycle parts stores on AliExpress

Although we have left you links to the best selling and respected products from this famous online sales platform of Chinese origin, you might still want to take a look at these stores that sell high quality bicycle parts at a good price:

  • Thrust Sporting Goods Store – This store is labeled “Top Brand”, a seal that AliExpress gives to stores with exceptional customer service, with positive bots every month as a result of the good quality of their products. Here you will find all kinds of spare parts for racing bikes, from frames to rims to wheels.
  • BXT Official Store – It is also a top brand like the previous one, but in this case you will find a wider range of frames (for mountain bikes or MTB) and all kinds of spare parts: handlebars, wheels, saddles, forks …
  • LEADNOVO Official Store – This White Label is the third with the best score and diversity after the previous ones, specializing in spare parts for racing bikes.
  • Airwolf Official Store – If you are looking for a store with a good selection of private label products we recommend you look here as you can find frames, forks, stems, seat posts, anything you need in one place.
  • ZTTOBIKE Store – If mountain biking is your thing, we recommend you look here, you will find all kinds of accessories: forks, cassettes, chains … They are one of the best sellers on AliExpress because of their low price and good quality.
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How to Identify Reliable Sellers on AliExpress

Now that you know how to find cheap bike parts and which are the most reliable stores on AliExpress to buy them. However, if you’ve found a part that interests you in another store, we recommend that you conduct a thorough analysis of the seller before buying to avoid problems with your order. If you need our best tips and tricks on how to shop safely and get coupons, we recommend checking out our tutorial section. And you? Have you already bought spare parts for your bike from AliExpress?