How to Find Cheaper LOL DOLLS

From time to time new children’s fashion pops up that the little ones can’t stop (and fortunately for us easy to find on sites like AliExpress). The LOL surprise dolls! They are the latest trend and although they have been very popular for a while, they seem to have grown even more in the last year and now their products can be seen in almost all toy stores.

The most striking thing about these dolls is their packaging. They are in a ball so you cannot know which doll is inside until you have opened it and removed all 7 layers protecting the doll. If you remove each one, we discover a doll accessory:

  1. Secret message with reference to the club the doll belongs to
  2. Stickers to collect
  3. Feeding bottle
  4. Doll shoes
  5. Clothing
  6. Exclusive accessory
  7. Wrist

Dolls and Accessories LOL Surprise! on AliExpress

These only 4.5 cm tall dolls have become so famous for their exclusivity, among other things, they sell out quickly and cost between 5 and 160 dollars. There are more than 40 different models, all of which are different. If you like them, you surely want more than one. That is why on this Chinese origin sales page we explain how to find the brand’s dolls and other accessories to save money.

LOL Surprise Doll Balls

Finding LOL Surprise doll balls is very easy. In this link you can find balls from different houses and models of these famous dolls: Confetti Pop, Little Sister, Hair Goals, Under Wraps … As there are sellers who change the name of these famous dolls, we also recommend that you take a look Here to find more LOL Balls Surprise.

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Eaki: the Chinese dolls after LOL surprise

These famous dolls served as inspiration for the Chinese brand Eaki where we can find surprise balls of very kawaii dolls and pets which are great if we like surprise dolls. Besides the doll we find 5 accessories.

LOL doll accessories

One of the advantages of the LOL Surprise dolls is that, despite their small size, they can be customized as there are a lot of accessories. At AliExpress we found a large number of cheap accessories: clothing, headbands, accessories.

LOL surprise sticker

If kids like a character, don’t hesitate to personalize all of their belongings with stickers of their favorite drawings. For this reason, these LOL Surprise sticker packs are well worth it, as you can get around 50 stickers for less than 3 euros.

LOL Caps: Protect yourself fashionably

Hats are great for protecting yourself from the sun, and that’s why you’ll love to know that AliExpress has LOL Surprise caps. They are very original and full of color and glitter so the little ones can be protected and fashionable.

Original LOL Surprise children’s watches

If you want to make an original and inexpensive gift, do not hesitate, a LOL Surprise watch like this one will surprise every child. The clock is hidden under the LOL Surprise’s wrist and on the side is a projector that displays up to 24 different graphics of different dolls.

LOL backpacks: fun and original

If you are looking for a new backpack and you want a unique style, these LOL Surprise backpacks are so original and fun that you can’t resist. Plus, as you can see here, they are very cheap as you can find backpacks for less than 10 euros.


LOL clothes and accessories

It is very easy to find all kinds of cheap clothes for children on this Chinese origin website. If we also buy clothes with your favorite drawings, it will be a complete success. So don’t miss out on these Lol Surprise patterned clothing sets, some of which include matching hats or bags.

LOL surprise scarves

If you want your kids to go to the beach with a towel that their friends will envy them for, don’t hesitate and take a look at these LOL Surprise towels, available in different models and very cheap on AliExpress.

The Best Stores for LOL Surprise products

As you can see, there is a wide range of LOL Surprise products to choose from, but there are some specialty stores where we can find more reliable products. So if you want more, don’t hesitate and check out the following stores:

  • Scarecrow Devil Store – The best store to get a LOL Surprise bag of accessories to play with the dolls like caravans, cars, planes, playgrounds …
  • Toy Store – You can find very cheap LOL surprise balls in this store.
  • XC Stationery Store – children’s stationery store where you can find packs of pencils, rulers and other stationery items. There are several child characters, including LOL Surprise.
  • Stor Store – AliExpress Plaza Store specializing in children’s products from Disney characters, Pokemon, Star Wars, Spiderman, where you can find very original LOL Surprise products.
  • Varlo Store – AliExpress Plaza Store with LOL Surprise towels with shipping from Spain.
  • Shop5074269 Store – Shop with lots of LOL Surprise items: dolls, bags, balls, backpacks and even stationery for back to school.
  • Shop5129020 Store – This store is pretty new but has a lot of LOL Surprise products so well worth a look.
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