For some time now, AliExpress has focused on partnering with reputable brands to bring original products for sale and to avoid and punish the sale of counterfeit products. One of the most sought after products on this famous website are soft toys and dolls so we are happy to announce that You can now find official Disney merchandise and gifts (not replicas) on AliExpress through authorized sellers.

In order to make all available Disney original products known, this new advertising campaign has been started in which we can find our favorite characters with up to 20% discount. Do not hesitate and take this opportunity to get hold of the brand’s soft toys and toys at a price you will never find in Disney stores, famous for their high prices.

What to find in this New Disney x AliExpress promotion

The discount campaign is packed with merchandising offers from your favorite characters. You can find from the most famous Disney superheroes to the brand’s classics. With us you will not only find dolls and action figures, but also classic merchandise items from Disney stores such as hats and clothing. We will show you the most interesting ones, but you can find all the products of this promotion.

The best known are the products of The Lion King, one of those characters we all remember from our childhood and who, thanks to its new version, is once again one of the all-time favorites. Also, their merchandising is the most fun: stuffed animals, backpacks, hats, t-shirts … And as you can see, the prices are much lower than in Disney stores.


If you’re looking for gifts from the most popular superheroes, you’ll be delighted to find products from. Find Spiderman, Hulk, Batman, Superman, Captain America and many more, as Marvel is part of the Disney brand. Although we mostly find stuffed animals, backpacks, and clothing with an emphasis on children, you can also find action figures.

One of the films that we all remember is Toy story, and with his fourth film, the little ones will have fun with these funny characters too. Now it is easier than ever to find cheap products from this film and you will find all the protagonists: Buzz Lightyear, Sheriff Woody, Slinky the Dog, Rex the Dino. Especially cuddly toys and characters, but also very funny pajamas and puzzles.

The latest Disney films, for example, have also triumphed Frozen, the movie Coco or the new pop dolls have become the benchmark and their products are sold worldwide. Fortunately, it’s now easier to find merchandise for these movies as this promotion includes merchandise for the latest news.

But Disney classics in particular continue to triumph Mickey and Minnie, the company’s favorite characters. So it is not difficult to find products from them on AliExpress as they are in great demand: soft toys, dresses, backpacks they are so adorable that it is hard to resist buying just one product! For example, these soft toys that you see below cost less than 2 dollars.

The Best Stores to Buy and Sell Original Disney Products on AliExpress

While the promotion includes the best-selling products, it is a small selection of anything found in official stores or authorized Disney product distributors on AliExpress. For this reason, if you are looking for products and gifts from other characters of this famous animation company and its subsidiaries, we recommend that you visit these stores. They are trusted top brand sellers for their great customer service and ratings. on your products month after month.

  • Official Hasbro Store – Find official merchandise from Marvel, Transformers, My Little Pony and all classic Hasbro games here. In our analysis of the Hasbro Official Store, we explain everything that can be found.
  • Susan Toy Universe – It is one of the authorized stores for Marvel products, but you can also get anime characters like Dragon Ball, Naruto, Sailor Moon …
  • Color Toy Store – Authorized Disney Store where you can find headbands, backpacks, shoes and toys, especially those made by Mickey, Minnie and their friends.
  • Childhood Dream Work – If you are looking for products from the movie Cars this is your business. You can also find merchandise from Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney classics.
  • MicroPlushToys Store – Specializing in My Little Pony products, it also offers Marvel, Cars and Star Wars products, among others.
  • Quality Baby Store – This store has very interesting Disney products for babies: bibs, soft toys, tote bags, pacifiers especially brand classics like Mickey and Minnie.
  • BackToTheFuture Store – If you are looking for Disney character figures, we recommend you to enter this store, which offers many different and inexpensive models, most of which are around 5$.
  • Walking Freely Store – This is where you can find a wide range of Disney products, especially the backpacks and purses from Frozen, the latest fashion movie.
  • Shop5023098 Store – What we like best about this store is the cheap Disney clothes for the little ones at home: towels, flip flops, hats.