How to Find the Best MEN´S BESPOKE SUITS on AliExpress

The online sales platform AliExpress is known for its large selection of inexpensive clothing. But the wide range of sellers also means we can find cheap Bespoke Clothing. This time we’re going to talk about how to find bespoke suits for men. A made-to-measure suit is a basic item in every wardrobe, as it allows us to dress appropriately for social occasions, family celebrations or as a suit for everyday work.

Usually these suits can cost a fortune, but today we’re going to explain how to find cheap bespoke suits on AliExpress. The best part is that this page is sent to every location in the world. So, if you live in a country where a bespoke suit is quite expensive, read on to find out how to get a quality Bespoke Suit.

Here’s how to Find the best Men’s Bespoke Suits Sellers on AliExpress

Finding Bespoke Suits on AliExpress is easier than it seems, there are stores that specialize in men’s suits and those with higher quality always use a section to tailor your suit. The providers and shops that we show you below will please you, regardless of whether you are looking for a suit that fits you perfectly or just looking for men’s suits in your size.

Bespoke suit shop

We start our selection with one of the best stores to buy your bespoke suit as this store has more than 5 years of experience. Thanks to its good reviews and great attention, it has been classified as a “Top Brand”, a seal that AliExpress awards to those sellers who receive positive votes each month.

There are currently only 16 suits, with plaid, herringbone or wool fabrics, which vary depending on the season. You can choose different sizes of pants and jackets or request a custom made by providing our measurements to the seller. Their fabrics are of high quality and all buyers emphasize the details of how their suits are finished.

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SaraWan made to measure

An exceptional business that, after more than 5 years of selling on AliExpress, has received 99% positive votes for its high quality and attention. She not only makes bespoke suits, but also shirts, hats, coats. Accessories such as bow ties, ties or pocket squares round off your look. As for their bespoke suits, the most popular tuxedos are for any event or wedding.

You can find a wide variety of fabrics, from houndstooth to plaid, so you can choose the fabric that best suits your style. It has an interesting section with high quality suits with better fabrics like linen for a very small price difference.

Shop for men’s suits from Foviva

If you are looking for a high-quality tailor-made suit but have a tight budget, the Foviva shop offers three-piece suits with bow ties or ties from 75$, see for yourself at this link. It has a standard size chart, but they can fit your suit if you provide your measurements. You have a large selection of suits with printed fabrics, velvet, colored, linen as well as tailcoats or summer suits.

Men’s suits shop

But the good thing about AliExpress is that we can find suits for all tastes and budgets. The Gentlemens Suit Store offers 2-piece suits for just over 50$ in a wide variety of colors. The fabric is actually much better for its price than you might expect for its price, the best part is that by facilitating your measurements they are able to customize it to fit you perfectly.

Tian Qiong store

If you do not know exactly which suit to choose, but you are looking for a seller with a lot of variety and good quality, this store has more than 500 products and its specialty is made-to-measure suits, the best thing is that they have some very original and different Fabrics so that you can dress in your own style, but with a high quality fabric that gives you a comfortable feeling.


There are also other suits with sizes where you can find 2 or 3 piece suits for a more customized price. While he doesn’t have that many years of experience, his good comments and wide variety are good reasons to check out all that he has to offer.

Anne Fashion’s Store

This is one of the stores with several years of experience selling bespoke suits, but you can also find high quality accessories such as cashmere coats, bespoke shirts, ties, bow ties everything you need to complete your look.

Their suits use high quality materials such as pure wool or linen, and in their store you can see all the processing details of the suits, as well as a variety of colors, shapes, cuffs and necklines.

Official PYJTRL shop

But the best thing about AliExpress is that we can find clothes in many styles without spending a lot of money. If you like different costumes with original and different fabrics, the PYJTRL shop is your best option. Their suits will not leave anyone indifferent, you can find patterned suits with sequins and eye-catching colors. If you want to differentiate yourself from the rest, don’t hesitate and enter this link to see all of their suits.


Tips on buying a Bespoke Suit on AliExpress

Even if you may never have thought of buying a suit online, there are currently many sites on the internet that sell bespoke suits for men. This is a great way to save money, the supplier can save costs by not having a physical store, and we can use it to get a suit that looks good without spending a lot of money. If you choose AliExpress, we’ll save even more. Many sites that offer bespoke suits are really intermediaries that order suits in China. This way we skip an intermediary.

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To get it right, it is important to read the product description carefully and meet the dimensions given by the seller. If necessary, we can send you photos or a diagram to clarify (Guide to Finding Our Size on AliExpress). Most of the sellers work in centimeters, and if you are between two numbers it is better to choose the upper one rather than the lower one, as we cannot add more fabric. In addition to measurements, some sellers also ask us about our weight, height, body scheme … It is also important to see if the seller has different collar shapes and designs to choose from and make it clear which is our choice.

We would also like to highlight the delivery time. If we want to save some money on buying a made-to-measure suit, this has to be done in good time, as sellers can take between 1 and 2 weeks, the shipping time can vary depending on the method used and the country of destination, it is best to order with a good time frame.