As a fan of Pastries (and Cooking in general), I really wanted to make an item like this one: I’m going to tell you what are the best cheap pastry accessories you can find on AliExpress. This Chinese origin website is the best for buying kitchen accessories in general. You can find almost everything you need at an unbeatable price. If, like me, you love to bake cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other pastry recipes, read on, you are sure to find something that you have been needing for a long time.

How to find the best PASTRY Accessories on AliExpress

As we said above, it’s very easy to find them. In fact, AliExpress has its own kitchenware category with a pastry accessories subcategory with more than 125,000 products. But since it can be crazy to see all of these products one by one, we’ll explain our favorites.

1. Piping Bag

An indispensable element for every pastry lover. At AliExpress you can find everything from such silicone sleeves to disposable piping bags-plastic bags, which you can find here. Some also include nozzles so you don’t need anything else to start decorating.

2. Nozzles for Piping Bags

Not all nozzles are created equal. So if you want incredible results from your Piping Bag, get yourself a nozzle kit like this one so you can get the perfect result.

3. Filler Neck

This nozzle is usually not supplied in sets, but it is very useful when we want to make fillings with cream, truffle or cream (e.g. when making profiteroles).

4. Nozzle Cleaner

In the pastry shop, it is important that our tools are clean. Cleaning the Nozzles can be an impossible task, but this tiny brush will get you into even the toughest corners.

5. Cookie Cutters

It is one of the best-selling and most diverse accessories on AliExpress: from cutters with classic geometric shapes (stars, hearts…) to cutters in the shape of a dinosaur, you can find everything here at an unbeatable price.

6. Cookie Press

This cookie press is great for making fun, funky shaped cookies with little effort. All you need to do is put the dough on top, choose a nozzle, put the gun on parchment paper and shoot.

7. Silicone Molds for Chocolates

Homemade pralines are a pleasure and very easy to prepare with these shapes. All you have to do is use your favorite recipes and let them cool down.

8. Macaron Shape

Macaron lovers are sure to love this silicone mat. It includes position markers and a boundary to make sure all macarons come out identically and it’s easy to clean too. In short, it’s an identical shape to that of the Lékué brand, but at a quarter of the price of that brand.


9. Molds for Fondant Decorations

When you decorate your cakes and baked goods with these molds, your pastries will be leveled with very little effort. On AliExpress, you can easily find all kinds of shapes for decorations.

10. Cupcake and Muffin Pans

Cupcakes and muffins are simple and tasty, but you will need paper capsules like these to place your batter in. At AliExpress you also have inexpensive silicone molds for cupcakes that you can reuse, pour the batter directly into or put in a capsule.

11. Syringe for Filling Cupcakes

If you want to fill your cupcakes quickly and easily, I recommend this little syringe. You just have to imagine and fill your favorite filling.

12. Brush for decorating cakes and pastries

This decorating brush is ideal to easily decorate your cakes. I have it and it’s perfect for making letters with chocolate without a piping bag. In addition, it is easy to clean and can be used with any type of finish.

13. Brush and Silicone Spatula

Every pastry lover (and cooking in general) needs a Brush and Silicone Spatula. If you don’t already have them or want to renew.

14. Cake Spatula and Flat Iron

These steel spatulas are ideal for filling your cakes or applying toppings easily and precisely. In this search you can find them in all possible sizes so you can choose the one that you like the most.

15. Fondant Straighteners

Fondant cakes are very popular, but you need certain tools to get good results. Throughout the article, we’re going to teach you key tools like this fondant straightener so that you can get the perfect coverage of your cake.

16. Fondant Edge Straightener

And with this edge straightener you won’t miss a thing. You can find 3 types of straightening irons for rounder or straighter surfaces.

17. Non-stick Coating with Geometries

This non-stick mat is very useful to knead on without staining the countertop, but its geometric markings (dimensions and circles) will also help you get more perfect results.

18. Silicone shell

This silicone sheet is not only very useful for baking without baking paper, it is also used for simply rolling up sponge cake bases and for making filled logs or gypsy arms. You can find it on AliExpress in this filtered search.

19. Lyre for cake

If you want to fill your cakes, you need to cut them into layers perfectly. One of the most popular ways to layer cakes is by using this cake cutter lyre. In addition, it has a double thread so you can cut two layers at the same time.

20. Cake cutting ring

But if you’ve used the lyre before and you’re not done yet (as in my case) I recommend this adjustable ring. All you have to do is put it around the cake and run a knife. The price is a little higher than the previous one, but the results are perfect.


21. Record player

When decorating cakes, the worst part is getting to all sides evenly. That is why this turntable is very practical for every pastry lover, and it is also very cheap.

22. Scraper for dough

If you enjoy working with dough, a scraper is highly recommended as it will allow you to collect the flour to join or cut the dough. At AliExpress, you can have them made of plastic or steel for very little money.

23. Dough bag

If you hate kneading for messing up the whole kitchen, this bag is perfect for you: all you have to do is add the ingredients and start kneading. Since it is silicone, the finished dough will not stick and you can correct the ingredients simply by inserting them.

24. Stainless steel cone

These tenons look like a pretty absurd accessory, but they are very practical. If we put dough around it, we can easily fill it with cream or cream.

25. Bud separator

Separating the yolks and whites is very useful for getting better results or for cooking egg whites stiff and adding a fluffier touch to our recipes, but sometimes it is difficult to separate them. So I recommend you buy this bud separator, it costs little money and saves you a lot of time.

26. Thermometer

Cooking is an exact science on many occasions. To do this, you need a kitchen thermometer in order to be able to prepare your desserts precisely. They can be found here very cheaply.

27. Molds for cakes and pies

The cakes are the basis of the confectionery, but often we need molds with different diameters or we just want to renew a silicone mold with other shapes. That is why I recommend you buy them on AliExpress, they are very cheap, of high quality and there are thousands of different models as you can see on Aliexpress.

28. Silicone wafer molds

The waffles are delicious and with these silicone molds you can make them at home without an iron. All you have to do is add the batter and put it in the oven.

29. Cake cutter

This cake cutter has always seemed like a great idea to me because you can cut and serve the cake alternately, with identical portions and without making too much mess.

30. Dough dispenser

Thanks to this dough dispenser, you can easily and neatly distribute the dough through the various shapes. You can find it here for very little money.

31. Roles

Although the rollers are used more for dough than for confectionery, there are some very useful rollers for desserts: fondant rollers. You can find them plain or patterned in this search.

32. Splash guard

Tired of staining the whole kitchen when you have to mix the batter? If so, then you need to buy this handy cap. Thanks to its central holes, you can use a spatula or electric batons to mix the batter without even a drop coming out.

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33. Reusable non-stick baking base

If you bake a lot you hate buying paper that often. That’s why I recommend you buy this reusable Teflon non-stick base, all you have to do is clean it and use it for your next recipe.

34. Sieve

Sifting the flour or other powdered ingredients such as yeast or cocoa is essential for a homogeneous and perfect dough. But sieving can be impossible with a colander so I recommend getting yourself a colander, they are very cheap on AliExpress so you don’t have any excuses.

35. Cake skewer

If you bake pastries frequently, you know that it is essential to pierce to check that the dough is well cooked through. That’s why these skewers are a great option to avoid spending so many wooden sticks. They are also very original.

36. Container for water bath

Chocolate is best melted in a double boiler, and with this container it is very easy to just place it on another pan in contact with hot water and wait for the chocolate to melt. You can buy it for little money here on AliExpress.

37. Rack for cooling pastries

These grids are ideal for baking. They are very useful for cooling biscuits and other desserts, but they can also be placed on the baking sheet to prevent the heat from touching our pastries directly.

38. Danish dough whisk

This curious whisk with concentric rings is ideal for whipping hard dough and removing bubbles from the dough. Helps mix the dough faster. It can be found here for very little money.

39. Dough cutter and hole punch

These rollers pierce and cut the dough, they are very useful for making original desserts with puff pastry, such as cakes. Plus, there is no longer an excuse to get them. they are very cheap.

40. Set the fondant tools

As you can see, fondant desserts require most of the tools, but they can produce impressive results. If you are already experienced, it may be time to get hold of a number of tools like this one.

41. Fondant gun

This fondant gun is great for decorating cakes and cupcakes, all you have to do is put the paste in it, choose the extrusion disc you like the most and shoot.