How to get AliExpress POINTS and UP your level

AliExpress has been trying for some time to retain its customers with a point system based on purchases. In the past this system left a lot to be desired, but now it has been modernized and is much more understandable.

Next, we’ll explain the benefits of being a member of AliExpress and how you can earn more points.

Membership Levels: Then and Now  2023 

AliExpress shoppers have long accumulated points for their purchases, giving them different levels. Previously, the number of points was divided into five levels according to the points collected:

The partner system now works with four point areas and is much easier to understand. The range extends from Silver members (between 1 and 100 points) to Diamond members (with more than 1500 points).

This way you don’t need as many points to reach the maximum membership level.

How to get AliExpress Points to level up your level

The score is based on the points we have accumulated over the past 12 months and it is updated every month end. So if we haven’t been active in the last month, chances are our scores will go down. Earning points is very simple and can be done in three ways.

Shopping points

You will earn points for purchases unless you return an item or the transaction is found to be misleading. You get 5 points for every order of $ 2 or more (maximum five points per day) and you even get extra points for buying items from different categories on the same day.

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Fan points

Being proactive on AliExpress has a reward, so the point system rewards you with 1 point for each review of your received products and 1 point for visiting this website every day (with a maximum of 10 points per month). When you publish in the AliExpress Club, you will also receive 2 points (maximum 10 per month).

Bonus points

They can be purchased at events and special promotions, so it will become more and more common that promotions are linked to this point system on 11/11, Christmas and other sales times.

Rewards of every level

With a good membership status, you have year-round access to benefits. Currently the rewards are:

  • Silver and Gold Members: Birthday gifts, anniversary vouchers, tiered vouchers and weekly top brands.
  • Platinum members: Birthday gifts, anniversary vouchers, tiered vouchers, weekly top brands, exclusive benefits at events and quick refunds.
  • Diamond members: Birthday gifts, anniversary vouchers, tiered vouchers, weekly top brands, exclusive benefits at events, quick refunds and limited day vouchers.

As you can see, they are very similar and the top two levels have more advantages. We’ll be reviewing each of these benefits so you know what to expect from them.

Birthday present

For your birthday, AliExpress will send you a personalized greeting message and offer you special discounts on items from top brands on its website. To do this, you need to update your date of birth in your AliExpress profile at least 2 days before your birthday.

Voucher for the anniversary

Every time it’s your “Registration Anniversary” (New Year from the date we registered with AliExpress) you will receive a personalized message and discount coupons.


It’s similar to birthday gifts and is available to all membership levels.

Top brands of the week

Members can find additional discounts on AliExpress’ favorite brands. Every week the platform picks a well-known brand and partners get more discounts than other users.

Level coupons  2023 

Each level has a defined discount on selected products, which you can find in the partner area. Silver members have 5% discount, gold members have 8% discount, platinum members have 10% discount and diamond members have 15% discount.

Exclusive discounts on events

Gold, platinum and diamond members receive exclusive discounts and coupons for promotions and sales on the platform. You can get exclusive prices on selected items.

This is very interesting, especially at big discount festivals like 11.11.

Fast refunds

This benefit is only available to Platinum and Diamond members who can request a faster refund on purchases of a certain value. Platinum members can request this quick return on purchases up to $ 25 and Diamond members on purchases up to $ 100.

How do I find out my Membership level

To find out if you are a Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond member, all you have to do is go to “My AliExpress” and access the “Affiliate Program” section where you can see all the benefits and benefits of the AliExpress Points program. When accessed through your mobile application, all you have to do is go to “My Account” and look for the first line that says “Affiliate Program”.

VIP Membership Benefits and Membership Reward Day

It seems that this points program is successful and the platform has seen a great way to reward the most frequent buyers. There are more and more advantages for members such as the Member Rewards Day, a discount campaign where we find exclusive discount products for members.

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There is also a VIP affiliate program that gives members of all categories additional discount coupons and fast shipping. The best thing to do is to keep an eye on the AliExpress homepage, and especially the affiliate section of your account, where you can always find the latest news.

Our review on the member club in  2023 

So far, the AliExpress affiliate program has not been very attractive, but it seems that they have now radically changed this system and it is starting to offer good benefits to buyers. Everything seems to indicate that AliExpress is increasingly rewarding the loyalty of its buyers, so it is now strongly recommended that you rate purchases in order to earn as many points as possible.