While it may seem incredible, it is possible to get free clothes in Shein: there are hundreds of people getting them every week. To do this, all you need to do is access the Shein test center. Would you like to know how to increase your chances of winning? Read on because we will reveal the best tricks for you.

What is the Shein Test Center

It is an area on the Shein platform where we can request free products to express our opinion. It’s only available to registered users. New products are published weekly in the test center. We can request up to three free trials per week. We can always see how many people have requested the same test and how many items of clothing are available.

This is How the Free Test center works in 2023 

First we have to enter the test center area. From your computer you can click here or access your account and click on “Free Trial Center”.

Once we have entered the test center, all we have to do is select which clothes we want to try and hit the “Free Trial” button.

Then they will ask us to select the size and delivery address. If we win we will not be able to change this information, so it is important to be attentive when making the request. We can also see the reviews of other buyers who have already received their proof, check whether we have won a free product or learn more about the terms and conditions of the Shein test center.

We must carry out our verification within a maximum of 10 days after receiving the evidence. By evaluating and passing the quality control, we get 20 points. If it is marked as a quality report, we will receive 100 points.


Hacks to get Free Stuff

Upon request, the Shein selection system will decide on the winners, all conditions of the test center can be found under this link. But then we’ll give you our best tips to help you have a better chance of winning.

1. Be patient and always apply

The system takes into account the level of activity you had on the site in previous tests and in general. So the more active you are both in the test center and all over Shein, the better your chances of winning.

2. Choose accessible clothing

You have a better chance of winning if you order a lot of clothes with few inquiries. Of course, without forgetting that you must like the garment you received.

3. Make the request at the end of the week

As mentioned earlier, the free trials update on Mondays so requesting them on the last day is no problem. That way you can see how many people have requested this free trial and calculate which version is easier to win.

4. Create quality reports and comment on your purchases

Creating a quality report not only gives us more points, but also more chances of winning in the future, as the quality level of previous reports is taken into account. Commenting on your received purchases also increases the chances of winning free trials, as the level of activity also earns us more points when it comes to winning them.

5. Buy from Shein regularly. one

Your level of activity within the site is also taken into account when making the selection, so the system rewards those who buy regularly or have been on the site for a long time to prevent people with wrong accounts or people on the page from being in Shein for a short time.


How to Create a Quality Inspection report in 2023 

By producing a high quality review, you can earn up to 100 extra points and also have a better chance of winning more free trials. So let’s go over what you need to do to get the best report possible. Once we have added our comment, it will go through a quality control to verify that it meets these criteria. If you don’t collect them, you can submit a new report.

Type of content

The comment should include the pros and cons of the article. You shouldn’t intersect yourself in explaining the negative parts, but don’t forget about the good either. Try to explain in detail the materials, product quality, colors and other important details of the garment.

Tips on photos

We need to take some photos for our test, we cannot use photos from other sites or customers. Try to get the details of the product so that other buyers can rate it. It is recommended that you take four photos in bright light:

  • One or more full body photos.
  • One or more detailed photos of the garment.
  • One or more photos showing how to combine the garment or with what we like best.

Images must be at least 500 x 680 pixels for the report to be uploaded. If you can’t load it or get an error message, please contact [email protected] earlier.

Other Frequently asked Questions about the test center

If you have any further questions, there is more information in the Shein test center support center, which you can access from here. But we will resolve other common doubts.

It is save? Could it win?

With persistence and following the previous steps, it is possible to win products in the test center. All you have to do is look at the reviews of other winners. And once you’ve won and uploaded a full and detailed report, it’s easier to win again.

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How do I know if I won a free trial?

If you have won the selected item, it will appear as an “Approved Revision” and the shipment will be automatically managed. You will also receive an email notifying you that you have been selected.

Do I have to pay Shipping Costs?

No, the shipping costs are borne by Shein, all you have to do is receive the product in less than 10 days of receipt and make your assessment.

If it’s arrested by Customs, who pays?

Although your free trial package will go through most of the world’s customs areas without any problems, it is important to know that customs charges are paid by the buyer.

Can I Change the size or Delivery address?

The size and address must be provided when requesting the free trial. Once you have won your free product, you cannot exchange it as it will be sent automatically.

I’m having a Problem with my Free Trial

If you are unable to upload your test report, if your test has a quality issue or any other issue, you can contact Shein via. They usually reply within one working day.