Shein is one of the Virtual Fashion Stores that has the most savings for its customers, but getting free shipping is not always easy. So read on, because today we’re going to show you different ways to save on shipping costs.

How Does the Free Shipping work?

It depends on how you did it. Sometimes this will be applied automatically (e.g. if you exceed a minimum purchase amount) and in others you will need a promotional code. Also, remember that you can combine your free shipping with other offers and promotions. Here are some options for free shipping in Shein.

Free shipping on your first purchase

This is a promotion for new Shein users only. To access this free shipping, all you need to do is create an account and start shopping. At the top of the page you will find a banner that contains the information about this option or with the following coupon field: Here we recommend that you collect them all, and then add those that interest you to the cart. Remember, you can only use them on your first purchase from Shein.

Subscribe to the newsletter

We recommend that you sign up for the Shein newsletter. This way you will receive offers that will allow you to save even more on the site.
Also among them are coupons from time to time to help you access free shipping and other promotions. In this case, you should be vigilant as coupons usually have an expiration date. You can subscribe to the newsletter in the lower area of ​​the Shein main page. Or when the following window appears at the top.



Wednesday Live

Every Wednesday (afternoon / evening) Shein and her staff broadcast a live broadcast of trends, lifestyle and news from the site.
During these meetings, you can also get various benefits such as: B. In-store free shipping codes. It expires at midnight, so be sure to use it quickly. In order to be able to redeem the coupon, you need to purchase a minimum amount that differs from country to country, in the case of EE.UU this amount is 29 $.

Free Shipping Sunday

It happens that this option is activated every Sunday at certain times on the website and in the app. We recommend that you pay attention to the Shein homepage, as this is where you will be notified when the action is activated.

This free shipping is automatically applied if you exceed a lower minimum than usual (in EE.UU 19 $ instead of 29 $). You do not have to enter a code in the shopping cart. It’s a great opportunity to redeem another discount coupon and maximize the savings on your purchase. Remember, it only works on Sundays. So if you want to buy something, you can have it ready in your shopping cart. Then all you have to do is make the purchase.

Shein Games

They are ways to access advantages in business. The most popular is roulette, where you get: free shipping, discount percentages, and other perks when you buy. You have to keep in mind that these games are not always available but are activated sporadically. Most often, they appear on special dates like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.


Free Shipping Coupons in Store

The shop has its own selection of coupons that are displayed on the home page. You may find a voucher for free shipping there. We recommend that you check both the version of Shein for computer and the mobile application as they are usually not the same.

Coupons from other sites

One way is to simply google “coupons are free shipping“. There are many sites out there with fake coupons, but with patience you can find a real one. Remember that you don’t need to provide any of your details to receive a coupon, just copy or remember the name and then add it to your shopping cart.

Shop with someone else

As you’ve seen, all of these forms of free shipping require a minimum order value. If you are new to shopping in Shein and want to try something not that expensive, or just see that you will not reach that amount, there is a chance you can meet up with someone you know and shop together.