How to REQUEST an INVOICE on Aliexpress

You may need Get your invoice on AliExpress for customs or to justify an expense to your company or the state treasury. Today we explain step by step how to do it.

VAT on AliExpress: What is it and who Pays it?

Before talking about how to get the invoice, you need to understand that sometimes AliExpress charges VAT and sometimes it doesn’t, and only in the first case can you download the invoice directly from your order window.

Exports from China and any other country are always declared without VAT, and the buyer must pay VAT on the product they buy abroad if their country’s regulations so require. In Canada, UK and Europe, for example, it is imperative that the marketplace located abroad pay the VAT right before the product is shipped.

In this case, as you can see below, AliExpress will charge sales tax and charge us tax before you place the order.

This is called IOSS: Large online commerce platforms such as AliExpress charge VAT to European buyers if the purchase costs less than 150 dollars, and the package will go through customs more quickly.

In these cases, we will be billed in light of possible problems with our country’s customs regulations. To download it we just have to access the list of orders and look for the «Download Invoice» option.

An invoice will appear with the address it was sent to, the invoice number, Alibaba details, the name of the store, among other things. The VAT varies depending on the country of destination, in Spain it is 21%.

For orders over € 150, AliExpress cannot pay VAT for us, nor will it issue us an invoice.. We need to manage the package with customs, provide the necessary documentation, and contact the seller to invoice us (more on this below).

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Please see our customs article when purchasing on AliExpress for more information.

AliExpress Plaza and National Stores Invoice: How do I get it?

When you need yours AliExpress invoice in Spain? You may be interested to know that the AliExpress Plaza Platform has official stores for nationally and internationally recognized brands. They should provide the invoice to you upon request as they must have a Spanish NIF to register with AliExpress Plaza.

Even so, it is best to speak to the AliExpress Plaza seller to confirm they can provide the invoice to us. Usually you send it to us via our message on AliExpress as most marketplace stores these days do not include delivery notes or invoices in the package.

How to request an invoice when I can’t download it

If you read us from outside Europe or bought something over $ 150 there is only one plan B to get the invoice: by contacting the seller, as you can see here.

Remember that AliExpress cannot provide the bill to us as it is only responsible for protecting the data and managing the platform. The seller is responsible for completing the purchase and is therefore the only one who can invoice you for your purchase. Please see our tutorial on Contacting Sellers on Aliexpress for more information on how to easily contact the seller.

Often times, when it comes to customs, you don’t need an invoice, instead you get a screenshot or document justifying your purchase and the value of the items. For this reason we will explain some alternatives below.

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Is it possible to Download an Invoice from AliExpress in 2023 ?

The seller is responsible for the transaction, so AliExpress cannot provide you with the invoice. It can only be downloaded directly from AliExpress in those cases where we pay the VAT together with the amount of our order. If you have already contacted the seller and they do not provide you with the invoice, we will offer you another alternative.

What can I do to get the customs bill?

As I said before, in many countries, if you need it for customs, a screenshot of the purchase and proof of payment will be sufficient for your purchase on AliExpress. Please see our article on How to Avoid Customs When Purchasing on AliExpress for more information.

If you still need an invoice, there are applications on the Internet that allow you to create an invoice by entering the purchase details. In this case, we advise you to check the opinions of the application as some may get private information from your account. Unless absolutely necessary, don’t use them.

What should the Invoice Contain?

If you received the invoice from the seller, or are planning to use one of these applications to generate the invoice for you, it is important to double-check that the information on the invoice is correct. The following information should appear on an AliExpress invoice:

  • Bill number.
  • Date of issue of the invoice.
  • Information from the seller.
  • Description of the purchase.
  • Total cost of purchase, including shipping.
  • Sales tax or taxes which must be equal to 0 (unless paid when ordering).
  • Tracking number.
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Is the seller obliged to provide me with the invoice in 2023 ?

The purpose of the invoice is to justify the sale of a product, but just as we hand out a sales receipt rather than an invoice in a store, the seller may not issue us a full invoice. Especially in countries like China which may have different regulations as thousands of sellers export very cheap products all over the world.

Because of this, sellers are not required to provide you with the invoice, although there are more and more sellers who issue it, knowing that it is an important document for customs clearance.

Requesting a Business Invoice: is it possible?

AliExpress is an excellent platform to buy goods for resale or even professional machinery. In fact, there are more and more companies using the dropshipping system through AliExpress. But if you want to pass the bills on for accounting, this is something to consider.

If you want to buy goods on AliExpress for your business, it is best to check with the seller to see if they can invoice you before making your purchase. As mentioned earlier, the seller does not charge you VAT. However, keep in mind that AliExpress is focused on selling to individuals. You may want to know about Alibaba wholesale platform which is ideal for doing business.