If you have the ID of a SHEIN Product and you don’t know how to find it on the Shein website or app, today we have the solution.

We just created this Chrome extension that does two things:

  • Search for picture in Shein
  • Search for code in Shein

It’s very easy and completely free. Now we are going to tell you how to install it and how it works.

How to install it in your pc

You can install it completely free of charge by clicking here. All you have to do is click “Add to Chrome“: You can only use it in the Google Chrome browser on your computer.

Doesn’t it work on the phone?

You can’t use it on mobile devices, but if you’re using the Chrome app, you can install it so it’ll show up on your computer later. Click “Add to Computer” and if you have the same Google Account open on both devices, the extension will sync with your computer.
We also recommend setting the extension in the browser by clicking on the puzzle piece symbol and then on the pin symbol:

Here’s how you can easily access the extension:

But let’s get to the essentials: In the following we will tell you exactly how it works.

How to Search for a Product by ID on Shein

Suppose you saw on Instagram that this Zara shirt is available in Shein (and significantly cheaper) under the ID 1435253:


To find this product all you have to do is click on the expansion icon, hit “By ID”, enter the code and hit “Find on Shein”:

The extension immediately takes you to the product page:

Extra: Search by Picture

However, the most useful thing about the extension is its other functionality: finding images. Just right click on an image you find online (on AliExpress, Zara …) and click on «Search on Shein»: And a box opens with the most similar Shein products:

If the picture you are interested in is not on a website (for example, if a friend sent it to you), you can download it to your computer and upload the file by clicking “Upload picture” :

We hope you find this little tool useful!