There is no doubt that the balance between design and value for money has made Shein one of the shops of today. But what if we told you you can save even more on your Shein purchases? With Letyshop’s Cashback it is possible and today we explain how.

What is Letyshops

Letyshops is an online cashback platform that works with almost four thousand different stores, including some as well-known as AliExpress, Booking, Wish or Shein. The operation is very simple: you make your purchase through Letyshops and they then give back a fixed percentage of the money you have spent.

To do this, it is important that you are clear about the concept of “activated cashback”: they will only refund you money if you first enter Shein from the Letyshops website or app and follow all the steps we explain below execute correctly. As soon as your cashback is verified, the money will accumulate in your Letyshops account in the form of a credit that you can then transfer to your bank account.

How much money does Letyshops give me back for shopping at Shein?

Letyshops always gives back 5% of your purchase and from time to time also offers very juicy promotions where this cashback is increased to 20-25% or even 30%. These special offers are usually located on Letyshops main cover and are limited to a single purchase, with a maximum amount of money that can be returned and a maximum number of users who can use it.

Even so, discounts are very worthwhile and if you still have purchases, do not hesitate to take advantage of them before they sell out.

How to use Letyshops in Shein

Sign up for Letyshops

First you have to register in Letyshops (from here) with your data and email or directly with your Facebook or Google account. Of course, you must also be registered on the Shein website.


If you are surfing from your computer: Install the Letyshops extension

If you are shopping from your computer, it is recommended that you install the Letyshops browser extension (here). Of course, note that it’s only available for Chrome and Opera.

With the extension you can be 100% sure that your cashback is always active and that you don’t have to go to the Letyshops page every time to activate the cashback. But remember, this is only the case if you are buying from the computer.

How do you know whether the cashback is activated with the extension?

Look at the color of the icon: you normally see it in its original color (yellow and black), but when you shop at Letyshops and access any of its brands’ websites, it turns green.

When you visit the Shein website via Letyshops, a small window will appear in the upper right part of Letyshops with the notice that your cashback will be activated and the icon will be displayed in green.

Be careful because when the icon is red it means your cashback is not activated. So click on it and follow the instructions to activate it.

Installing the extension in your browser is very convenient when you do your shopping from your computer, as Letyshops warns you when you enter a shop with a cashback offer, so you don’t have to be aware of the shop every time affiliated or not. Letyshops.

Attention: If you use the Letyshops app to make your purchases, you don’t have to. It is important that you first enter the application that will redirect you to the store. There you will see the green icon at the top.

Find Shein’s Store in Letyshops

After registration, you can search the catalog for the brand you are interested in on the main cover of the page or enter it directly in the search bar above.

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One of Shein’s purchasing conditions is that cashback is not valid on purchases of gift cards or purchases made with a gift card.

Another important point is that if you make the purchase directly from the Shein app, the Shein cashback will not be validated: first you need to go to the Letyshop application and from there be redirected to the mobile version of Shein (in this case yes what is valid).

Important: Do not put your purchase in the shopping cart until your cashback is activated, ie as soon as the Letyshops symbol appears green. After you have made your purchase in Shein as usual, you can now close both sides. Remember that the credit you have just accumulated will not immediately appear in Letyshops. Usually it will not show up in your Letyshops profile until a few hours or a day after purchase and this will be shown as “pending” credit.

Here you can check your credit balance directly. This “pending” balance has yet to be deposited by Letyshops in order to become a real balance in your account. The average waiting time for the cashback specified on the page is 60 days, with a maximum of 120 days. This is because you have to wait for your shein to arrive home and confirm it without incident (e.g. a possible refund) so that Letyshops can pay the balance.
Try not to be very impatient because it usually doesn’t take more than a month and while the process may seem a bit tedious, sooner or later it always comes.

How to Withdraw money

If you already have your confirmed balance, you can withdraw your funds by clicking here and clicking “Withdraw Money” as long as your balance to be transferred is at least 1$.


You have two options for doing this: by Paypal or by bank transfer. In both cases you have to fill out the form with your details and confirm “Withdraw money“. And that’s it: you will receive your money in your bank account within 1 to 3 working days.

What you should consider in order not to lose your Shein Cashback

Sometimes it happens that you don’t return your cashback and you don’t understand what could have happened or what you did wrong, so here are a few tips to prevent this from happening to you:

  • It is recommended that you make your purchases from your computer. If you want to do them from your phone, it is very important that you first go to the Letyshops app and that will open the web-mobile version of Shein (which is very similar to the Shein app). Remember that there is NO cashback when buying through the Shein app.
  • Install the Letyshops extension to ensure 100% that your cashback is not lost.
  • Add your purchase to the shopping cart and only make the payment if the cashback is activated (green symbol).
  • Log into Shein first and then go to the Letyshops page to re-enter Shein from there. Always make sure that you have marked the extension in green so that the cashback is processed correctly.
  • It is better that you already think about your purchase and im Wish list from Shein and then just add it to the shopping cart and pay.