HOW you Get Products 99% DISCOUNT in AliExpress

Can you imagine buying AliExpress products for less than $ 1? Well, with the game “Slash it” (“Slash it”, in English) you can get it with the help of your friends. All you have to do is click here to access the game and follow the steps we explain below.

What is the game «Lower it up» or «Slash It»

For a few years now, AliExpress has incorporated games to receive freebies, coins or coupons, and even an affiliate system to reward its most loyal buyers. With the new “cut it down” game, you will receive greatly reduced products by sharing the product links with your friends.

Every day, AliExpress selects products for this promotion: toys, clothing, smartwatches, small appliances, electronics … They are only available for 24 hours at this link, also stocks are limited and you compete with people from all over the world. So you have to be quick.

Before choosing the products to be discounted, it is important to carefully check the features and description to avoid misunderstandings. The promotion is available to users all over the world (except in some countries such as Russia, Turkey, America, Ukraine, Indonesia …).

This is How you Get Products with a 99% Discount

Too simple. Access AliExpress from the mobile application and go to your account. Look for the Share More And Save section which is where you can find other games and promotions. Here you can see which products AliExpress has selected and reduce them to the limit. You only have one day to get help so don’t take it too easy!


Click the product (or products) you want to discount and share the link with your friends. When your friends click the link, your progress bar will increase to 99%. The more they help you, the more you save, but keep that in mind too simple products sell out very quickly. Follow these tips that we are going to give you below

1. Calculate how many friends you need and how often they can help you

Each person can help up to three different friends each day. But help cannot be repeated, so each friend can only give you one help.

Even if your friends aren’t registered with AliExpress, your bar will move up faster. If your friends access your link they’ll see it in the AliExpress app, until they hit “Help your friend get the price down” you will not get any help. According to our calculations each friend helps to advance between 0.1 and 98% depending on the level of difficultyas you can see, getting a 99% discount on the simplest products is not that difficult.

You can check who helped you, you just have to access the product details and below you can see who clicked the link, but for privacy reasons, their names are partially hidden.

2. Choose simple products over medium-sized products.

As you will see, each product is marked with different levels of difficulty: easy and medium. Those on the easy level can be reached more quickly, as each already registered friend can account for around 98%, while on the medium level it only adds 0.1%.


AliexBA tip: If you have a few friends who can help you, you can get easy level items every day.

3. Focus on less popular products (limited stock)

At the moment there is no product limit, although you only have 24 hours to complete the bar and receive a discount. Every time you choose one, the progress bar will appear at the bottom to share with your friends. But as I said, the stocks of the products are limited. That is why it is better to focus on a single product in order to complete the discount bar as soon as possible.

Listen, as I explain this to you, one of the products I wanted is sold out.

Tricks to reduce them to the maximum

To get the products from “Slash it” or “Lower it to the top” you need to have a good strategy. It’s best to share it with your WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram contacts.

Some social networks also have groups where you can share links for help. Remember that any user can help three others. Therefore, it can be a good idea to have a group of friends among whom you can help each other out. We also noticed that you have some specific questions about this game so we’re going to solve them.

For security reasons I get an error message, what can I do?

Some users receive a security error: “For security reasons, please log in from another device.” This usually happens when you have multiple AliExpress accounts on the same device or VPN.

The solution is to open the account on a different device. It’ll work again in a couple of hours. Keep in mind that using multiple accounts on the same device can be a sanctioning reason for your AliExpress account. You can even close your account.

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Do I have to pay customs duties?

In general, customs are almost never paid when buying on AliExpress if the package is not bulky and weighs little. Almost all products in this promotion meet both conditions. We better explain it in our guide with tips on how to avoid customs on AliExpress. However, sometimes you can get lucky and get products of a certain size like robotic vacuums. If these are intercepted at customs, it is sufficient to present the proof of payment and the screenshot of the purchase to release you from payment.

Even so, there are many countries where customs can rate the product according to their own tables, especially if the price of the product does not suit them. However, with a 99% discount, the product is almost a gift and it is certainly worth getting on the market even if you have to pay some customs for it later.