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GPS was one of the first globally popular car gadgets. Over time, they were able to perfectly adapt to the tastes and preferences of the driver. Today, for example, they not only guide us, they also work hands-free, integrate parking cameras and can even play music or surf the Internet.

In the following article we analyze the best-selling GPS from the Chinese brand Junsun, one of the best alternatives to expensive brands like TomTom, Garmin, Kdx …

The Best GPS from Junsun in 2023 

Junsun has more than 130 different products. Although this brand mainly focuses on car navigation systems, it also makes other products such as hands-free kits, car DVDs, radar detectors, rearview mirrors with Android system … that is, they always try to integrate them with GPS technology. That is why we show you the most interesting products in this shop, separated by categories. If you want to see all of the products, just click here to see them all.

DVR cameras: protect your car

The latest technology in the automotive industry is to build cameras into the car, either to protect it from possible theft, to help us park or to have footage for the insurer in the event of an accident. The Junsun brand offers both systems at very low prices. In fact, these devices are some of the best sellers in their business, you have them all at this link.

Among all its cameras, we recommend the Junsun H7 ADAS model. With it you can not only record everything that happens in the front part, it also has a reversing camera with parking aid system. The main camera has full HD quality with 30 fps, while the rear camera is VGA.

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Thanks to its wide-angle lens with 170 ° field of view in the front camera and its 12 megapixels, we don’t lose a single detail, which makes it ideal as a surveillance camera in the event of an accident. It has a scratch resistant 4 inch IPS LCD screen on which we can control the cameras and play the recorded videos. Finally, this system includes an ADAS sensor system that can warn us if we skip a continuous line or if we are too close to the front of the car.

Rearview mirror with Android system – all in one

The rearview mirror of our car is very useful, but it occupies a very privileged position on our windshield. Because of this, these products have become very fashionable in recent years. In fact, we recently explained what the Android mirrors are on AliExpress and how they work. At Junsun you have the best selling mirrors on AliExpress available in this section of the official shop.

Among its best-selling models there are two highlights that differ fundamentally in their connectivity: 3G or 4G. However, the bestseller is the first for its best value for money. This mirror has a 7 inch screen and is designed to replace your current mirror. It has a camera with full HD quality, rear view camera with parking system, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth hands-free system, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. All the help you need in one place.

Car GPS: Excellent value for Money

Global positioning systems have been reinvented and now come with many more features, making them a true personal assistant (and in your pocket when you buy the Junsun brand). If you are looking for your perfect GPS, we encourage you to stop by to see all of the models from this brand.

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The bestseller is the one we’re showing you below, although they all have very similar characteristics. In this case, the GPS has a 7-inch capacitive-quality HD screen, 8 GB of internal storage, 3D navigation maps, free map updates, hands-free calling and allows music and videos to be played in various formats.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System: Maximum safety on the Bike

This system, also called TPMS, allows us to control and monitor the pressure of our tires, it is a great way to increase the safety of our vehicles. European cars have had this system since 2004 thanks to a law that obliges all manufacturers to fit it, but if your car doesn’t have it, this system will warn you if the wheels are not under enough pressure.

However, while most cars include a system that only warns if you notice a general lack of pressure, Junsun branded cars are very complete. You have them all in this link. One of the bestsellers is the one you can see below, it has information about the 4 wheels. Your monitor is charged with solar energy, but we can also charge it via the USB port. It has two sensors, one internal and one external, on each wheel as well as a sensor that is synchronized with the central control.

Navigator with DVD Screen for your Car

The truth is that when we think of “GPS Navigator” we think of an exclusive navigation device as we have just seen. Most modern cars have a modern multi-function DVD screen. Junsun offers several models of DVD screens with GPS that can be added to your dashboard for full integration.

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The most famous one is this browser, compatible with Volkswagen and Skoda vehicles, although here you will find universal and specific models for other brands (Toyota, Kia, Ford, Honda, Suzuki…) that interests you before you buy it. These systems are characterized by a large touchscreen, hands-free system, radio, music playback, DVD, CD, the option of integrating an SD card or even a reversing camera as a parking aid.

How to Buy a Junsun Brand GPS Safely in 2023 

The best way to buy your new Junsun branded GPS is through the AliExpress official store, accessed through this link. In addition, in his official store you can also find his products with national shipping through his warehouses in Germany or Russia. So if you live in these countries, you can benefit from deliveries with a delivery time between 1 and 5 working days with no customs issues.

And you? Have you bought a Junsun GPS on AliExpress? We’d love to hear your thoughts, don’t hesitate to tell us about your shopping experience below.