LIST Inexpensive Professional PHOTO Accessories

Whether you are a professional photographer or you are just getting started in the world of photography, there are many very useful accessories out there to enhance the quality of your photos. Acquiring a complete set of equipment can be very expensive, but today there are sites like AliExpress where you can get very cheap accessories.

How to find Photo Accessories on AliExpress  2023 

In fact, this website even has a category for products for your photo studio that you can access from here. Next, we’ll show you everything you can find and our favorite photography accessories in  2023 .

Tuition Fees

Photo backgrounds are essential when you have a studio. They allow you to post your photos and are widely used when we take photos of people, whether they are photos for a professional, wedding, family or communion book. You can also use them for photos of food or products. Use this link to find backgrounds for photography, chroma, or background support systems.

Product Light Boxes

The boxes or light cubes are used to evenly illuminate the objects or products that we put inside and to avoid shadows and reflections. There are different styles, some are just a white cloth box that we need to light with spotlights, and others have LED lights inside. On AliExpress you can find both models at very affordable prices and in different sizes.

Professional tripods

Professional tripods must be made of durable materials to support the weight of a professional camera, aluminum or carbon are best. At AliExpress there is a large selection, both tripods and monipies.

Light reflectors

In photo or video sessions, reflectors are essential as they allow us to reflect natural light or from spotlights to illuminate our scene more or to reduce the light intensity. There are different colors with different functions: silver, gold and white to reflect the light with different intensities, or black to prevent the light from penetrating. The best sellers are the 5 in 1 that contain all of these colors and a translucent color for diffused light.


Photography Umbrella

Umbrellas are an ideal tool to enhance and experiment with lighting as they create a very soft light that is ideal for portraits. They are available in different versions: translucent, silver or white / translucent and in different sizes, each gives your photographs a different effect. They are easy to use as all you have to do is open them.

Light diffusers for lightning

Diffusers are mainly used in flash units and help to make the light more diffuse and softer. They are a widely used and easy to find supplement. There are several styles, some are attached to the lightning bolt and others cover it completely.

Dimmable studio lights

To complete your studies, you will also need these dimmable photo lights. Today they are made with LEDs to make them last longer. The most common are ring-shaped because they provide a strong and even light.

Light stand

All of these reflectors, diffusers and lighting accessories for your studio can be delivered unsupported, so we recommend that you take a close look at the product description and if they do not have any assistance.

Photo filters

Filters are placed in front of the lens to control light and improve results, but they can also add gradient effects or textures to your images. They are perfect for experimenting with your photos for very little money.

Remote shutter release

Remote releases are very cheap and useful accessories, ideal for long exposures and other photo techniques. They can be wireless, wired, or with a built-in interval meter. Almost all SLR or Evil cameras accept these types of accessories, but it is best to check that your camera has a connection for this device or that it has a wireless connection.

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View monitors

The external monitors are perfect for setting all recording parameters more easily or when the focus is right. They make our work easier and although they are quite expensive, we found these monitors for DSLR cameras with a good price-performance ratio at AliExpress.

External Microphones for Cameras

Professional cameras are usually a good option for taking photos and videos, but their weak point is the sound, as the built-in microphones tend not to give the expected result. This can easily be fixed with an external microphone. Fortunately, it is now easier to find cheap microphones because, as you can see here, there are models for just over 10 $ with very good features.

Camera Flashes

In order to be able to take good pictures, a working flash is essential. At AliExpress we have found many brands that offer flashes with good value for money, we even have a buying guide for SLR camera flashes where you can see their properties and make an easier decision.

Articulated arm

Often times, you’ll need to add these microphones or other accessories with an external mount. The articulated arms are very useful as you can anchor them to your camera and position them however you want. They are also very cheap, on AliExpress they can be found from 5 dollars.

Camera support

If you need to record video with your professional camera outdoors, one of these U-shaped mounts is very useful as it allows you to add a point of light, an external microphone and easily grasp it at the same time. Ideal if you plan to record professionally.

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But you can also find many more image stabilizers for professional cameras, the vertical handles are perfect for capturing yourself in the purest Youtuber style.

Sliding bracket

If you want to record a video where you have to move the camera in the same plane and without a lot of equipment, you can find these kind of motorized slide mounts on AliExpress that are easy to move with a remote control and that are inexpensive. You can also opt for rail systems, which are much more complete and which will ensure that you follow a fixed route without detours.

Complete photography kits

As you can see, there are plenty of accessories out there to set up your own photo studio at home. If you need to buy multiple accessories it may be worth buying one of these cheap photo kits from AliExpress. They start at 20 euros, depending on the accessories you include, and it’s the best way to have everything you need without buying from multiple vendors.

Camera backpacks

After all, every good photographer needs a camera to transport his camera safely. There are backpacks that have been specially developed to transport your camera and all of its accessories well protected. In our guide to the best DSLR backpacks, we tell you which are our favorites.