My SHEIN Order is NOT arriving, HOW can I complain?

First of all, you should know that shopping at Shein is a guarantee of peace of mind: one of the great advantages of this store is that it resolves with great efficiency any inconvenience that may arise while shopping.

That is why today we are explaining to you what to do if the deadline for receiving your order from Shein has expired and it has not yet arrived.

How to check the Tracking

When we shop at Shein, we are given an approximate delivery date, but this can be delayed for various reasons. These are the usual delivery times depending on the shipping method:

  • Economical shipping: approx. 30 days (tracking will not be postponed in some countries).
  • Pick up point: approx. 20 days (not available in all countries).
  • Standard shipping: about 20 days (have tracking information).

We always receive a tracking number when you shop at Shein. So, if you find that your order is taking a long time with Shein, the first thing to do is to check the information that is shown in the order tracking. Remember, however, that this will only show activity on standard shipments as Economy Shipping will only show movement if they are in China and at the time of delivery.

We can check the tracking information through Shein’s own app or by copying the tracking number and looking for it on a website or app like 17track, Postal Ninja, Parcels, Aftership. In any of these services, it is easy to check where the order is going.

When can I make a complaint?

According to the Shein customer service page (which you can check here) if the order has passed the delivery date but has not passed the week, they ask us to wait a few more days. If it has been more than a week since the estimated delivery date, it is time to contact a Shein agent to request a refund of our money.


Why is the order taking so long?

If your order takes a long time but cannot be complained about yet, depending on the message that appears in the follow-up, we can first contact the transport company and, if there is no solution, wait until we can contact Shein.

It is important to note that sometimes orders travel faster through China than within our country. As soon as a message appears that you have left the country of origin, it takes a few days before a new message appears that you have arrived in the country of destination. It is also common for tracking updates to take longer once the order is placed in our own country. And on certain busy times in transport companies like Christmas, the delivery of packages can take a little longer.

My order was stopped at customs

Each country has its own customs policy which we recommend you to do before buying. All packages go through customs twice: in the country of origin to determine that they do not contain any dangerous substances, and in the country of destination, where they check whether they comply with import regulations.

Most customs authorities only stop the heaviest and bulky packages, but some countries may require you to pay or provide additional documents. If this does not happen, the package will stay for a while and will eventually be sent back to the seller. If you have any questions about the process, it is best to contact Shein. And if you had to manage customs, keep in mind that the platform can compensate you with a proportional refund to offset the cost of customs.


My order appears to have been delivered, but I haven’t received it

If, upon checking the tracking information, the order appears to have been delivered but nothing has reached us, there is no doubt that there is an error. In this case, we recommend that you contact the company that manages the delivery to confirm that the shipment was not delivered to a neighbor or that it is a bug from the same company. If the carrier cannot solve the problem, then you need to contact Shein.

How to contact Shein

If the order has been frozen and the tracking has been checked, the next step is to contact Shein. You can use these contact methods (they may vary depending on the country you are in):

  • ONE Chat, available Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Send a Embassy with an answer in 24 hours.
  • Through a phone call, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Over social networks like Facebook.

We will go through a short questionnaire first and Shein will provide us with a solution based on her FAQ. If you are not convinced, you can send a message to the Shein Customer Service Center with your problem.

A Shein agent will help us personally. In some cases you can ask us to wait a few more days if you find that the order is still within the allotted delivery time. However, if the order does not arrive or has some of the problems already mentioned (stopped at customs or delivered to someone else) it indicates that we are entitled to a refund.


How to request a refund

After requesting a refund from Shein, we need to tell customer service where we would like the money back to go:

  • Shein Portfolio: It reaches us faster and we can use it for other purchases.
  • Original payment method: It can take several days depending on the card, PayPal.
  • Gift card: only if we have used a gift card as a means of payment.

After you’ve requested a refund, our order will appear under “Returns”. When we access the order details, we can see the status of the refund. They also return the points used.

Shipping guarantee, is that really necessary?

When we pay for an order, Shein offers us a delivery guarantee for an additional charge. When we pay for it, the platform undertakes to resend us our purchase in case the goods are damaged or lost during shipping.

Even if you haven’t paid for the shipping guarantee, your money is protected: you can still request a refund if your order doesn’t arrive or doesn’t match the description. Therefore, in our opinion, this additional guarantee is often not worthwhile, especially on low-value orders where the guarantee can be more expensive than the product itself.