NAVIFORCE Watches alternative to Replicas

One of the watch brands that can best replace and fulfill the function of the most luxurious brands is Naviforce, an Asian manufacturer that has been able to adapt to sell a high quality and beautiful product at a glance at prices between 20 and 40 euros. Can you imagine buying a watch with great attention to detail for an average of 30 dollars? This is possible with Naviforce watches. On the other hand, they also make more expensive models of these accessories, and it happens that the more expensive models are the best sellers on the Internet.

Naviforce is a Japanese watch manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of pilot’s watches or pilot’s watches for land and sea air forces. Among its models we can find both men’s and women’s watches for aviation and military designs, reminiscent of shapes and colors that are reminiscent of everything to do with an army.

Although Naviforce is not from China but from Japan, AliExpress sellers have Naviforce watches in their virtual warehouse, so we’re going to give a small overview of some interesting models and prices available in this buying consortium. You also need to name some key Chinese businesses that are making your order more reliable and safe than ever.

How to buy Naviforce Watches on AliExpress

First of all, you should know that Naviforce is considered a growing brand due to the rise of platforms similar to AliExpress. Sales of watches in Asia are exploding as manufacturers have managed to provide the customer with a product at an almost ridiculous price if we compare it to brands like Tissot, Tag Heuer, Casio, Michael Kors or others multinational corporations come to mind.

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We spoke to you a few days ago about some Chinese watch brands, including Naviforce. In this case, the watch brand is Japanese, but we can add them to this list of upper mid-range watches at very affordable prices. How do you get it? It’s a very common question. You lower the production costs of the product and forget about middlemen who make the order quantity more expensive. In that case, they are selling to you directly. From your warehouse to your home. Maybe that’s why you can find Naviforce watches for less than 30 dollars.


Finding the best Naviforce watches on AliExpress is very easy as the brand is not blocked by copyright or similar obstacles that you may find with other brands. If so, just enter the name in the AliExpress search engine. After that, almost 2,000 different references appear. So your mission is to find the model that you like the most and that fits best in your pocket.

We have already talked about the price of some models. At a glance you can see that it is a very cheap product for the materials with which it was made. In addition to mid-range and cheap products, Naviforce also has other high-end collections on offer, which are around 150 euros. Among these models, the following stand out in the picture.


It just so happens that the most expensive models are also the most in demand. These four above mentioned Naviforce watches are the top 4 sellers of this brand on AliExpress. They have thousands of sales, opinions, and reviews so the best part is take a tour and check out what other users are commenting on. Certainly the comments on this product are positive because if you have sold that many units, maybe it is for something.


We also took a stroll around Amazon where the sale of this brand is very common. The prices are very similar.

Common features of Naviforce Watches

The first thing you need to know is that Naviforce watches are aimed directly at men’s fashion, although they have also prepared a little nod to women with aviator or pilot watch models. These are sports watches, but they are also valid for other occasions. They speak of miracles about the bracelet and the comfort that comes with it.

Some readers ask us if the watch delivered by AliExpress is new. Yes, of course. They all include the label and you will be the one to debut the accessory. What stands out most about the Naviforce is its water resistance of up to 30 meters. If you are a woman and want a Naviforce, don’t despair as there are some unisex models such as the Naviforce Nf9044M but we didn’t find it as such on AliExpress.

How to Find Reliable Naviforce Watch Sellers on AliExpress

The first thing you need to know is that there are dozens of watch and accessory sellers on AliExpress. Hence, we recommend that you follow these three tips and then refine your search based on your tastes, preferences, and the money you want to spend on these accessories.

  1. Reputation of the Seller: Finding a store with a medal is not the same as finding a store with diamonds or crowns. Track the market and see if a seller is rated well by various buyers. This can be a good indicator of your purchase, but do not forget that there are also recently arrived sellers who have not yet had a review because there was no time and they may be the same (or more reliable) than the usual.
  2. Number of Sales: To determine if a seller is completely trustworthy, review the previous sales they have made. The more turnover you have, the more security you convey to us.
  3. Comments, opinions and reviews from former buyers or AliExpress users: Another way to ensure the Chinese store you are shopping at is reliable, can be found by reading the opinions and reviews of previous buyers. Make sure the comments are positive and people are happy with the product and avoid last minute surprises.

And after these tips we have found some sellers who are in principle 100% sure. You can see his reputation in brackets. In addition, there are many different models to choose the most convenient one, which you can see simply by clicking on the name of each store.

From almost 80 competent shops that we have found, we have told you about the top 5 from AliexBA. Can you help us with other sellers? Do you have a Naviforce? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this matter.