The Nillkin brand has grown to be one of the best companies when it comes to protecting your smartphone. It focuses on the design and sale of cell phone cases and screen protectors for various brands of cell phones. Over the past year, it has become a very popular brand thanks to its quality and guarantee of mobile protection.

Nowadays, and more with the latest fashion in frameless screens, it is very important to have the right accessories so that your phone will not suffer any damage in the event of a fall or bump. For this reason, it is better to look for covers and protectors based on the reputation of a brand like Nillkin than to buy a cover. Not all cell phone cases or screen protectors offer us the same level of security as those from the Nillkin brand. So today we wanted to talk to you about some of the most standout models and how you can get accessories depending on the brand of cell phone you have. Here we go.

Moving envelope

Nillkin has a countless list of cell phone cases in all possible designs and materials for all types of cell phones. They are available from the lightest to the thickest cases, with and without cases, with original designs or with high-quality materials to protect your phone.

How to Find Phone cases on AliExpress

You can find all of them at much lower prices in the Nillkin shop on AliExpress. On this platform, the company has an official page with all of its products. But in addition to their official website, you can also get them from other buyers who may have more interesting offers.

To do this, you can conduct various searches: from a general search, by simply entering the word “Nillkin” and searching for reviews, price, number of sales or whatever seems most relevant to you; You can also choose the category on the left that interests you most within the brand – screen protectors, chargers, phone cases, etc .; Another option is to search directly for the make and model of your phone so that it will reveal the cases designed for it. For example, if you type “Nillkin Samsung” you will get the following results:

As you can see, on the left you can choose the model, it will also suggest other phone brands and features that interest you in the case or screen protector you are looking for. The more precise you are in your search, the less time you will lose looking for your case.


It is also interesting that before you buy, you should look at the number of stars on the product, what other buyers have said, and what the seller’s rating is. These three points are important to know whether this seller or product is a problem or, on the contrary, it is a good, high quality product. Unless you trust to buy from a seller other than the brand itself, all you can do is look at the store and its products at a time. Since there are hundreds of results on a search of this type, we wanted to bring you a selection of the best covers and reviews that we found.

Phone cases for Samsung

If you want to see all of this brand’s cases for Samsung, you can view them by clicking the links below:

Nillkin nature

If you are looking for a new case for your cell phone that doesn’t make your phone bigger or heavier, the Nillkin Nature is an interesting alternative if you want to protect it by adding a minimal thickness. It’s a pretty thin case as it’s 0.6mm thick. This does not mean that it is less resistant than other covers as it is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). Of course, the thickness affects the protection, but this material withstands bumps, scratches or scrapes very well without changing the aesthetics or thickness of the phone.

It is available for the following models: the Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / S6 Edge + series, the Galaxy A3 and A5 from 2017 or the Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge. And of course also for the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Premium hybrid armor

On the opposite side of nature, we find this thicker model so it can become a great ally against blows. It’s a bit bigger than other cases for more protection, but considering the Galaxy is quite thin, we probably won’t mind putting it in our pockets that much. In addition, it is available in several colors: black, orange, red and green.

It is a silicone case with reinforcements on the most sensitive areas of our Samsung. Ideal for everyone who has their mobile phone on the ground more often than in their hand.

Simple flip cover

Another interesting model from this brand is the Samsung Flip Cover. It is a case made of leather and covered with silicone and cardboard that protects a lot. In addition, the design allows us to see the time and notifications of the phone without opening it thanks to the small window in the center of the screen.

It is a case with an original design that also allows us to place a sling horizontally to view the contents of the phone without holding it or playing games, and it also protects the entire phone.


Phone cases for Meizu

If you want to see all of the cases Nillkin has for the Meizu brand, you can do so by clicking here.

Sparkle viewing window

The most interesting model that we found for Meizu is this case with a front cover and a magnetic closure, which, like the model for Samsung, also has a window to display the phone’s information. With the Sparkle View Window, you can easily lock and unlock the terminal and protect the screen. To make calling with this case easier, there is a small hole on the front that fits the earpiece of the phone. That way, the lid won’t bother us in any way. The phone fits snugly in the tray and all ports and buttons are properly aligned.

Phone cases for Xiaomi

If you want to see all the phone cases for Xiaomi you can visit the links below:

Nillkin custody

This is a cover with a lid that protects the front. It has a very simple but beautiful design, in different colors, all pastel colors, and is made of very good materials. It fits perfectly on any Xiaomi (this model is available for almost all of the company’s models).

The coating is both non-slip and dirt-repellent because no dust sticks to the phone. This is one of the great benefits of coverage. There is a window on the front to see the screen and a small hole to take calls without removing the cover. There is a compartment on the inside that can be used to store some things like money or cards.

iPhone cases

You can see the covers of all iPhone models from the Nillkin brand under the following links:

Englon design leather bag

For fans of vintage and retro fashion, this case is yours. It is characterized by the fact that it is made of very resistant materials that simulate the texture and appearance of leather. It has a hole on the back so that the Apple logo is always visible, as well as inputs for the connections and the main camera. In addition, it has a false seam in the middle part of the cover, which gives it a completely different touch than the rest of the covers.

Nillkin Ice Series Flip Case

As we’ve already seen, the models with a cover are perfect for protecting the computer screen to keep it safe from stains, dust particles and scratches. For these reasons, this case from the Nillkin brand is ideal for protecting the screen and always keeping it in optimal condition. In addition, its cover adjusts as a convenient support to support the phone on flat surfaces.



In addition to the cases, Nillkin is also known for its screen protectors. Quality and protection are the two characteristics of these glasses, which are mostly made of tempered glass. The quality of screen protectors is simply based on the material they are made from.

There are also thicker protectors and other thinner ones. The thickness generally does not indicate which quality is better or worse. For example, Nillkin has a 0.4 millimeter and 0.2 millimeter shield, and the only difference between the two is how well we see the screen.

Usually the best choice for protectors is tempered glass, these tend to protect much more than other plastics, glass or other materials.

How to find screen protectors on AliExpress

If we want to search for Nillkin brand screen protectors, we just have to type them into the AliExpress search engine. If you click on this link you will see that this search covers all types of models. You have two options, write down the model of your smartphone or look for it on the left side of the screen where some available models will appear.

To know what type of protector you are looking at or what material it is made of, all you have to do is click on the product that attracts your attention and in the description part you can see it.


In this example, it is an ultra-thin screen protector made of glass. There are different types, when they say “film” or something similar, it means they are made of plastic or derived materials. For those made of tempered glass, “front foils” or “tempered glass” will appear.

Here we leave you different screen protectors depending on the phone brand:

Nillkin H + Pro

This screen protector is made of tempered glass and protects against scratches. It’s also a glass that insulates the phone from moisture so it won’t be damaged, and it’s anti-explosion. This model costs around 8 euros and is available for almost all phone models.

Nillkin 9h

It is a tempered glass protector from the Nillkin brand and one of its most interesting properties is that it is resistant to fingerprints. So the screen never gets dirty and makes us look like a new phone.